Thursday, December 06, 2007


I am feeling really positive about today, I will get it right... I will do my last day at the Hospice Shop, maybe I will buy something, maybe not....

Only *1* more sleep till Stew comes home, and I am going to turn right around and bugger off to Auckland myself!!! How sad is that? But, it is for a good reason, we do not want to get caught out with our home sold and nowhere to go!

My Aunty knows Auckland very well and can steer us in the right areas.... she lives in the general area where we want to be too, so it's great. For you Aucklanders and others who worry about us living in South Auckland, we are looking in The Gardens area and similar areas like that, not the 'grotty' areas!

Here is Griffin, his Teddies and our CHRISTMAS TREE ! Isn't it pretty? ha ha ha. No clutter!

Today's purchases: Another tray, a cute skirt and two nice shirts....and..

HOW could I resist!!! It's a boat, a wooden funky wee boat.... and I love it! Buggered if I know where I will put it, but I just couldn't leave it there could I? More useless clutter I know, I know.

I might just be chuckking Mike out of this house tonight...he is a lazy inconsiderate little bastard... and that is all there is to it. I HAVE HAD IT WITH USELESS BLOODY TEENAGERS WHO TAKE EVERYTHING FOR GRANTED.

I think I'm having a mini meltdown, my temper is rising, my wick is getting short... don't think I am coping well with all this shit.

I have Screamed at him, slammed a door, huffed and puffed, demanded he leave my house..... and the little shit hasn't left! He's upstairs playing on his computer with his friend Ben ! NOW WHAT?

End of Day: it's been good, it's been bad... kinda normal for here eh?
NSV: well I have been on track if nothing else! Could go a whole block of chocolate right now though! nite nite


  1. Good luck with the house hunting! Quite exciting having a new house to look forward to - you just have to find it first!

  2. Look at your darling, little tree! Hope it doesn't get in the way! Ha!

    Good luck house-hunting. I'll be glad for you when it's all over!

    Fingers crossed you have success!

  3. Hey Chris H

    Just sent you an email to your hotmail account.


  4. I havent got any decorations up yet.. not enough hours in my day at the moment.. I am definitely burning the candle at both ends!!!

  5. I can confirm that there are good parts of South Auckland. In fact there are some downright posh parts now! Just go far enough south...

  6. I hope the search goes well for you. I iwsh you lots of luck in finding something just perfect!

    Cute pic~

  7. Hope your house hunting goes well. I love your tree.........really must get ours up....*sigh!!!! otherwise Christmas will be over and I will still be thinking about it..LOL
    Must catch up before too long :)

  8. LMAO! Love your tree and I do love that boat. it has character, will look nice in your beach house.

  9. i can see y u would buy this little boat...its cute.

  10. Babe.. don't fear about South Auckland I lived there for 21 years of my life and you have met me he he he. Just be careful where you chose but your Aunt will tell where not to buy etc hun.

    The places you have chosen are nice enough areas (the ones I saw online that time) You will know what you are comfortable with hun and the area you are in at the moment you chose and things are good there... faith in yourself is the main thing aye.

    Love Chubbymum

  11. Anonymous6:59 PM

    sorry ur day has turned yucky

    perhaps u could withhold food. Then he has to leave to get some


    u could turn the power out but then u have to suffer as well.

    Gotta love teenagers NOT

  12. Well when you find the answer to teenagers please let me know..I have one living and breathing in my house...she lies around all day eating and eating and socialising and thats about where it ends...makes no attempt to find a job but thinks I should hand out the money and when there is no money its holes in the walls what do you do with them?????
    Anyway hope you are having a good day/night we have had a very hot day not hat I am complaining :)

  13. Good luck house hunting! Hope you get to look at lots of them. Cute pic of Griffin and your tree.

  14. Yes where are you going to put the boat?!

  15. Is it really worth getting steamed up at him... ignore him and hit him where it hurts..dont feed him and dont wake him and dont wash his scooter usage etc....dont look at him and dont speak to him.... ohh now I sounds like a bitchy school girl.. YEAH!!!!

  16. Ooo, cute purchases!

    As for the teen troubles, mmm, I certainly don't envy you there!

    Still, chin up chuck. Tomorrow can only get better. Surely? ;-)

    LL x


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