Thursday, December 13, 2007



Kids to school, go have another blood test.... ring Dr for ECG results.... do a bit of RETAIL THEREAPY.... then I really need to do some housework ! AND read about 200 blogs!

Stew has done a fantastic job of keeping things going at home, but I'm such a fussy tart ... I won't be happy until I've cleaned the house from top to bottom myself! I am my own worst enemy I know!

PLUS Izzy needs a walk, and I want to get some serious exercise in today too. AND work on eating right.... such a lot to achieve today....

STEVE.... if you are reading this... ya shit - bring back my bedroom laptop.... how the hell can I sit up in bed and do my morning update and sip me latte when you have nicked me bloody laptop !

Been out all morning, running around like a blue arse chook... got lots done though. It bloody hot and humid too, does not help one's mood at all. My blood test stung like mad today, but I was brave and only bitched for about 5 minutes! LOL
Got a few more Xmas presents sorted..... got heaps of salad shit to eat... going to make Tabouleh (sp?).... need to find some fresh mint now.
The internet keeps stopping here too, driving me nuts it is!

I just had a hissy fit at Telecom... our internet connection has been 100 times worse today! I am fuming... what the fuck am I paying for???? They are getting a technician "on to it" tomorrow! Friggin WONDERFUL.... in the meantime, I come and go....

I have been fantastic with my food so far today, using Diet Coke as a crutch, but hey, I ain't over eating! I'm starving, we are having steak and salad for dinner.... I will be having NO CARBS either. I had a sandwich for lunch and that is all... I am feeling quite proud of myself... I hope I can continue it tomorrow!

DINNER: Steak, lettuce salad, taboulie (sp?), Broccoli and feta salad with greek yogurt, an egg and some seeds. YUM. Doing good eh?

End of Day: I done good! Got lots accomplished, but still have not unpacked my bags! Can't take Izzy out walking either, she has decided now is a good time to have her "monthly"!

NSV: Lots today! Really chuffed with myself I am. nite nite.


  1. Mmmm, fussy tart! I love those things. Just warm them up in a taoster for a minute and... oh, wait, those are "Pop Tarts". My bad.

  2. Oh the life of the rich and famous..... haha lap top in every room....

  3. I can't imagine you being fussy.
    Ya'll seem to have quite the strong/respectful relationship. You seem to just help each other and pick up when the other needs some TLC. I think it's just GRAND. You're a lucky lady!!!

    Well, my cafe served us our Christmas lunch today...squash casserole, sweet potato soufle', turkey, dressing...YUM YUM YUM

  4. I have just taken a tour through the house in Conifer Grove, it's gorgeous chick!! Fingers crossed that all goes well.

    So you didn't really need my 58 emails about houses afterall?? Oh well, it was fun anyways.

  5. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Welcome home

    Im with u on the fussy cleaning side of things. Its easier if i just do it myself.

    Hope ur blood test shows a good result

  6. Sorry about your house sale falling through, it's a big worry I know.

    As fpr giving up on you - mo way mate! I think we all know what it's like to have our motivation come and go. You have done it before and you'll do it again.

  7. Hope you get anohter contract! You sound remarkably calm - well hope so anyway.

    Windows - Clearview - price? Not sure - they are sending an account - last year was around $70 from memory - our place is smaller than yours though and single storey.

  8. Hope your ECG results are all clear.

    I have missed some posts, I think. I thought your house had sold, and then I read the comments and apparently it's fallen through. Sorry to read that.

  9. Hope alls good with your blood test.... am sure tomorrow will be just as good as today .....:)

  10. Aren't you a good chickey?? Being so stressed and not over eating!! Well done mate!

  11. Yum! That dinner is making me hungry!

    Going low-carb has always helped me with weight-loss. But I DO end up awfully cranky after a few days, so I've started to limit carbs at dinner-time only.

  12. Well done for keeping the food right when things are stressful hun that is fantastic.... wooohoo you be proud.

    Looks yummy too.


  13. Yay, your back!!! and busy too!
    That dinner looked yummo!!!

  14. ohhh dinner looked yum...
    I had party food... yummooooooo

  15. Good luck with the blood tests. Kid's gots some nerve pinching your laptop. Hope your internet gets fix asap. Have a wonderful day in that warm weather of yours.


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