Sunday, December 30, 2007


I'm starting to freak out! My hubby is moving hundreds of kilometres away from us in just a week! How the hell am I going to cope with that??? I feel sad already.

Today: no shopping, I promise. I have given up on finding anything I really really want or need. Like, I don't need anything!

May go into town and meet up with a couple of friends for morning tea though, just cos I can! Other than that, no plans today...

I might sit down and draw up a weight loss chart to put on my wall, I did that last time and it was a great motivator, watching the line go down.... I work best with visual incentives/reminders. AND I am going to throw out the last of the evil food left in the panty, the kids certainly don't need all those lollies! What else? Oh an exercise plan too.... I need to get disciplined again... follow a set routine, not just a hit and miss one.

Now that my iron levels are coming up there are no more excuses eh? So, lots of positive stuff today.

Well I met Janene and Chris D for morning tea... I'm quiety minding my own business and Janene grabs my phone and takes this photo!!! It's to prove I ate well I suppose? Fruit salad and BLOODY WATER... cos they had no Diet Coke! I wasn't that impressed with having to drink water I can tell you! But, it was a nice morning.

I'm now working on my new weight loss chart...

Right, that's done... there is a little red dot up the top .. that's the start weight.... got 20 kilos to lose this coming year. I will take a photo of this bloody chart every Saturday morning... watch the red dot go down! I need to lose 384 grms a week to achieve this... totally DOABLE people!

I bought something today! Some new bras and knickers. So there! And did you notice, I'm kinda SMILING in that photo, eyes are a bit screwed up cos of the sun though! *snigger*

End of Day: started grumpy, ended happy. So in all, a good day!

NSV: totally on track today, no slip ups at all! Ya hoooooo. nite nite.


  1. Oh! I can imagine you will be sad about Stew moving away but you never know, you could be joining him sooner then you think.
    Try not to think about Stew moving away yet, just enjoy the next week together.

    Hey! It is your gorgeous Stews birthday the same day as mine isn't it? 8th January AND the same day as the gorgeous Elvis Presley.

    Well done for doing weight loss charts, great motivator.

    Enjoy your day hun

    Lots of huge hugs to ya xx

  2. Oh mate, let's just hope you sell the house soon so that you can go join him. I don't envy you at all, it's hard enough to cope with one kid and a small house on your own.

  3. A chart is a great idea!

  4. Good luck with the new program!

  5. I know it will be hard on you without Mr Chris, but you can throw yourself into you new plans!! Love the idea of a chart, I keep one in my food/journal book as a graph, very motivating!!

    And good thinking to get rid of all the evil food too...

    Have a good day!!

  6. Sorry to hear you man will be leaving soon. I hope you can sell that house soon in January and get up there with him!
    Hope you are having a nice holiday season. Bummer about the wt gain but december is always a hard one.

  7. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Hopefully you get your house sold soon and then you get to follow Stew.

    Great ideas on the plans to get ready for losing the weight u want to. You are so positive and determined, you can do this and we are all 100% behind you.

  8. You go girl... we can do it... damage control.....
    Oh and as for Stu...of course you can manage...
    Just think yourself lucky you dont work full time as well..arghhhh I am sooooo enjoying my holidays....

  9. ROFL!!!! Water! That's too funny-only because of yesterday's tit for tat...Had to laugh-gotta' laugh right?!

  10. I really need to pull my finger out... I think that the chart is a good idea... only 20 days until I am heading home to good ole Australia... cannot wait...

  11. hmmm cool chart Chris... lets se that red line moving down the chart....

  12. Fingers crossed that you will be joining Stew early in the New Year. Well done on the chart - I too like visual reminders.

    And imagine someone not having diet coke? It's an outrage!

  13. Ohhh I am glad I dont have to try and deal with your budgeting..haha..
    you are terrible lady....

  14. Great chart. :)))
    Can't wait to hit 2008 with you.

  15. You'll be sweet Chris, you are one toughy, you'll be together again soon in a new house with new adventures to share together.

    PS< re your comment on Mellissa's blog, you get to meet me in May if you are around, Blair and I are coming up to Auckland for the Foo Fighters concert 6th of May so want to try and meet all you tarts then.

  16. You look just gorgeous! I'm shivering down here in my basement office, wondering why it's so damn cold in here, and you look all toasty warm!

    Glad to hear you had a good day!

  17. Well done on doing so well today and am glad you ended the day feeling happy! You can do it. GEt yourself feeling good about how you look (though I think you look fine now!) and time will fly by and before you know it 2008 will be your year - new house, new you and all that. It will happen XXCAthy


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