Friday, December 14, 2007


There is only so much a person can take without bursting a Fu Fu Valve eh? Well last night I lost it over a teenager again.... ended up taking myself off to Janene's for a while to cool down. Thank god for friends is all I can say!

Am still stewing over last night's issue, but will not go into details cos I am too upset really. Suffice to say it was the final straw for me, with all that is going on right now I did not need any more upsets.

Telecom are coming today to try and find out why our internet connection keeps cutting out... god help them if they piss me off cos I'm likely, in my present mood, to throttle the technician ! LOL.

Another good thing, I have lost my appetite... shit hot.

- telecom guy has been at our house for 2 hours, can't find the fault yet
- I am at Starbucks using a Telecom Hotspot
- I almost packed up Brylee and Griffin today and left Stew
- Being told by Stew that he would leave me if I kicked Mike out did not go down too well.
Things are very tense at the moment, don't know what will happen. STESS LEVELS ARE GOING OUT THE WINDOW.

So, Mike is now not going to do the Physiotherapy course in Auckland, he is not going to Auckland at all.... he's staying here in Palmerston North.... this was told to Stew yesterday, 1 day before we paid the $7,000 to the University in Auckland for his accommodation! I WAS SO PROUD of him, now I am just guttered. And trust Stew to 'side' with one of his kids.... never mind that in 5 years I just know Mike is going to regret this decision

This really doesn't describe my mood.. should be "FUCK FUCK FCUK" but I couldn't find it. WE finally have internet again, took 8 hours .... it did not help today to be locked out of the internet~!
Food has been spot on, had a salad sandwich for lunch, but actually felt ill afterwards, I think my stress levels are too high.
My doctor rang, my iron levels are coming up and my ECG was fine, so one bit of good news today.
End of Day: food excellent, mood foul, not much resolved except the kid has caused a huge rift between Stew and I at the moment. I cannot get over him saying he would leave me. Still not talking about it either.... I am just not in the mood to forgive him right now.
NSV: Foul mood = no appetite. nite nite.


  1. Deep breathe, strong drink, you'll be right!!

  2. watch that fufu valve hun this time of year stress levels are high enough as it is without all u have to deal with at present with house hunting etc

    We luv ya even if u feel a bit 'used' by teenage family members bot much consolation I bet but big hugs all the same


  3. watch that fufu valve hun this time of year stress levels are high enough as it is without all u have to deal with at present with house hunting etc

    We luv ya even if u feel a bit 'used' by teenage family members bot much consolation I bet but big hugs all the same


  4. I did a similar thing yesterday in a moment of tears, ran away for a coffee with a friend. Worked perfectly!! Aren't friends great?? As are coffee granuals!!

    Sheesh I feel sorry for that telecom guy and he hasn't even arrived yet!!! lol

    Hope your day today is better chickey!!

  5. hey
    Hope your internet gets fixed. we have been having problems with ours for months!
    Hope the teenagers behaves!

  6. Sweetie, with teenagers there is just one thing to remember. It's not you, it's them. I hope you are feeling better today.

    Now, I have one important question for you...

    Are you SURE your cat doesn't have my socks? Because it's the first firm clue I've got toward solving the mystery.

  7. Count to 10!! My 13yo is driving me insane and the whole family for that matter. I guess it doesn't get better?
    I hope you feel better about it all soon

  8. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Hope it all works out for u guys

  9. Sending a emi hug....hope things work out remember what doesnt break you only makes you stronger your HERCULES :) XX

  10. Anonymous2:11 PM

    The thing about teens is that they live for the moment, he wont be thinking about the future, and certainly he wont be thinking how fortunate he is to get onto physio, here in the STH Island they have to go to Otago and only a small % make it into physio, and thats after doing 1st year health.

    Ride the storm.... it will fix itself hopefully, dont make rash decisions, just I guess hope for the best.. Anyway, sending you good wishes, take care of yourself


  11. Sorry to hear things are not going well in your household! Can't believe Mike deciding against the course! You are right - he will regreat it.

  12. OK, deep breaths. Is Mike not doing the course because he is not sure that is REALLY what he wants to do or is is because he does not want to leave the girlfriend?

    I understand you are angry but at the end of the day, he has to make his decision & if he regrets it in 2 years or 5 years then he has to accept the consequences of that decision.

    Good luck, you are under SO much stress as it is at the moment with trying to sell, trying to buy, having to shift cities & oh yeah, Christmas. I am sure all will work out in the end.

  13. Well hun I know just as well as you how teenagers can bring you up one moment and kick you in the arse next and be totally oblivious and inconsiderate of the chaos and pain they cause.

    I wish I had the answer but I don't. I will be sending big hugs and best wishes for you tho.

    One thing I do know tho is that you don't let what any kids do get between you and Stew. You have to stand strong together. So it might take a lot of deep breaths, some time out and even a few rums, but get you two right. An awful lot of things are said in the heat of the moment that aren't true.

    HUGS, HUGS, HUGS, HUGS ............

  14. Sorry about your stresses, and yes I think he will regret it, but you know you can't force them to do things only guide them. Parenting sometimes feels like banging the shit out of your head and still getting nowhere!

  15. Kids certainly test you.... but they have to make their own mistakes, no matter how convinced we are that we know better.

    Can he defer the course for a year? At least then if he changes his mind, he won't have burnt his bridges.

  16. Walk away, count to 10 slowly... whatever it takes to cope. Kids don't always do what we want and they have to live with their own decisions, all you can do is guide them. If this is not the path Mike wants to take then maybe its because there is a better one. He must be happy with his choice.

    I can remember many a stressful parenting day when my kids were this age :)

  17. Count to ten and all that C....!

  18. I second what Jules said. I hope by now you have had a drink and calmed down. You sounded like you were going to explode at the start, by the end you just seemed sad. Bloody men can say the dumbest things, I really don't know if they realise the effect of what they say.

    I hope you patch things up soon0 make sure you make him work for it though... :-)

  19. Breath girl breath... you know we all go thru this shit...
    ;o) we all say some pretty fkn aweful things when we are upset...
    This is obviously something Stew feels strongly about... A bit rough.. but hey ... time to talk girl..

  20. Yikes!! It sounds like some of the stuff going on there is the mirror-image of what's happening here.

    Hubby has just about had it with Big Kid---he's tremendously stressed out with work and the holidays and the kid has been stomping on his last nerve---so I keep waiting for some kind of ultimatum.

    Had to do the big talk with the kid last night of "You need to figure out where you want to be and the steps it's going to take to get you there and get off your butt". argh.

    Hang in there. It's a really stressful time of year, so take time to baby yourself.


  21. Oh man... The stress of moving, of kids, of marital rifts... HANG IN THERE CHRIS!!! Surely Mike will regret this decision, but I know how I was at his age, and I thought I knew what was best for me too. Teenagers just won't listen and have to make their own mistakes. Anyway, keep on truckin'!

  22. Kids are touch, right? I hope I don't have to deal with that when my kids get older but I have a feeling I will.


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