Friday, December 07, 2007


My poor man is up in Auckland, slaving away at a new very stressful job, and what am I doing? Text'ing him threatening to throw out his youngest son! I mean, what can he do from up there? Not a lot! So, he's coming home to War on the Homefront.... but at least I can get away for a few days and leave them to it...

Bit sad really, he's only going to be home for one night and I'm buggering off....AND he will have to do all the work on sunday to get the house ready for another OPEN HOME! Oh well, that's life.

I am still seething about Mike, so might be just as well he's off to work today...less I see of him the better. Today: kids to school, walk Izzy, home to do some housework, sort out a nice dinner for


  1. I know exactly what you are talking about with regard to the unappreciative teens. Meltdown is not the word.....I'm having a meltin. Wish I could give them what for.

    Thank goodness you are getting away for a few days. Hope you find something you like.

    Loved all your purchases. The boat was adorable. Have a safe trip. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Sorry for your Drama with the son.
    I deal with 11,12 year olds all day 100 of them. Lord help me at moments....

    Good that you get a quick break with the home. You have worked pretty hard on it.

    I hope his job gets better and that everything works out well!

  3. Teenagers God I don't envy u that-won't say I'll swap ya cause i wouldnt wish my hubby onto ya but when ya work out a way to finish him off with out being detected will ya let me into the secret.

    No more sleeps and Stew be home that good positive thing to think while u r wringing Mike's neck.

    Try and have a good Friday-yes I looked at the computer clock to check its Friday.

  4. Kids! I remember feeling exactly like you - don't envy you at all!!

    Try and have a nice weekend despite feeling like you do!

  5. Hello neighbour... well, once a neighbour... I am an Aussie living in the US and stumbled across your site... you would be surprised just how many people ask me where in NZ I am from... ok then... Well, nice to bump into your site... take care...

  6. How about a ticket on a slow boat to China for Mike...LOL Boy am I glad the teenage years are past!!!!! Can so relate to how you feel.
    Enjoy your nice dinner and time with Stew. Good thoughts too for finding a nice house that you will soon turn into a home :)

  7. I think us mothers are all the same when it comes to teenagers, mine is only 13 and I think Im gonna have a nervous breakdown just with him!!! I have NO patience and a very short fuse..

    ps. I would never delete you missy, I was yapping on about the weight watchers site...


  8. Well, hopefully the break away will do you the world of good.

    Let your other half take on the wayward teen, LOL.

    LL x

  9. Anonymous12:45 PM

    I agree there is nothing like shopping and eating a few carbs to help lift the mood. Looks like you got some gorgeous summer stuff today.

    And Stew is home tonight, im sure u are so excited.

    I hope the quote for relocation is reasonable.

    Have a great afternoon

  10. Good for you a little bit of retail therapy always helps. Ditto everyone's comments about teenagers - the nice thing is that they do usually grow out of it. Hope you have a great time in Auckland - a wee break is probably just what you need right now and let you just recharge our batteries. Back in Oz - finally got home (flight from Brisbane to Rockhampton was delayed for a couple of hours) so it was afater 11pm when we finally got here. Tired little vegemites I can tell you. Thanks again for a lovely time. Z xx

  11. I am completely not prepared to deal with the teen years! NOT. AT. ALL!

    That is pretty impressive about the must be a celebrity! :)

  12. I am still reeling in shock at the cost of $25,000 to move. When I moved to Auckland I sold my lounge suite and dining table but did bring everything else (I did pack and unpack) and it was the princely sum of $700!! I must travel light.

  13. You sound like my wife. She loves shopping and has a million reasons why she has to go shopping...again.

  14. Shopping cures most of my problems. =P

  15. Yes, I have a 16 year old who thinks manual labour is a mexican. When I ask her to do the washing up (maybe once a week) you'd think I'd ask her to donate me one of her kidneys! lol!

    have a nice break

  16. Glad it was a better day.

  17. Are'nt us Brits just lovely?

    That was nice of our UK company to get in touch with the NZ company.

    Hugs to you

  18. Glad you are getting all sorted... imm pissed again.. but fkn happy girl...;o)

  19. Retail therapy works wonders. Yikes 25 thousand, maybe you should just sell everything and start anew. Just bring the things you really treasure. Easier said then done I presume. Have a great weekend. Glad to see your spirits are picking up.

  20. Wow! I don't know where to begin! First off, hope you're staying relaxed with all the packing, moving and family drama! Although, it was nice for Mike to make dinner!

    And the Fruit Flakes? I can't believe that company did that for you. How nice of them!

  21. It's crazy how things are made in one place but not sold there and just shipped across the world!


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