Thursday, December 27, 2007


Today's activities will consist of :

- Go to Ezibuy Sale

- Buy Steven's car some tyres (his are BALD!)

- Put the christmas tree and decorations away

- Clean up the panty and throwing out all and any evil foods not likely to be eaten

- vacum the entire house (shit havn't done it for over a week!)

- Wash all the floors

- Clean all the bathrooms and loos (oh joy)

- Getting all the toys BACK in the bedrooms

- Sorting through all Stew's work clothes and tossing out all 'manky' shirts etc

- Take Izzy for a nice big walk then give her a bath

- Have a Granny nap!

How's that for a 'to do' list then? Think we are going to be busy.

But for now.... I'm still in bed waiting for me Latte, and Griffin has already had a mini bitch about Brylee giving him a headache! Is this the start of the holiday squabbling already? Gawd I hope not.


  1. Sounds like a good list... I need to pull my head out of my ass and make a list like that too... and not just make the list but do all the bloody things on it! haha. I need to get organised!!! Hope you had a lovely XMAS! :)

  2. Yep-sounds like a busy day-but a great way to burn calories LOL! Bet you'll enjoy that nap though!

  3. Yep dontcha just love the clean up after Xmas!! I put the decos away Christmas arvo!!! Was sick of them, I have all the house to do today to now...yuk

    Enjoy your day:)

  4. Chris, Dont you have teenagers who coulds do the cleaning???? AHAHAH yeah right!

    Have a great day!

  5. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Phew! I should stay in bed with *that* "To do" list, LOL...

    LL x

  6. What a list! I think I have it much easier sitting here at the office :-P

    I 'went' to the Ezibuy sale as well. Consisted of me getting up from my bed and walking three metres to my computer. Now THAT is how shopping should be :-D

  7. Anonymous12:11 PM

    You can definately going to be a busy bee today. Hope you get some help with that list of things to do

  8. Ohhh I need a list to.... but my list needs to be
    1: dont eat crap....
    2: No scotch....
    3: drink water...
    4: eat salad...
    5: lose the three kilos gained in the last two weeks.. boohooo

  9. I did my cleaning up yesterday, today i'm doing washing and not much else cos Lachie and I are both sick with summer colds! Bah. Plus my bum is sore from riding my bike yesterday. That's what I get for leaving it 20 years between bike rides!! hahaha

  10. Wow. I have missed ALOT. I haven't been blogging in a few days, but scrolling through yours, I feel as if I have missed a month!

    Your hair picture---you looked SASSY!
    Your newest ring looked CLASSY!
    Your house and treats looked tasty!

    Your list of things to do....I feel nappy!

  11. We got a wii....its a blast! You might want to consider this for you on it:

    play the video.

    Hey, that list looks alot shy of getting anything done! You're slacking....

    She looks cute...

  12. Your holiday sounds a bit like mine. Kids playing Wii and my son got the same boat/shark thing that Griffin did and he's loving it. Happy holidays to you.

  13. Wow what a busy little beaver you are.

    She looks sooo cute hun...


  14. good list glad your working through it once your done you can come to my house :) heheheh

    Glad you had a good xmas... hae an awesome new years


  15. Send me some energy. Here's what I did today:
    blew my nose
    worked a little
    blew my nose
    took cough medicine
    went to starbucks
    blew my nose

  16. Shopping after Christmas? Putting away the tree already? You are a very active lady!

  17. All done!!
    Well done you!

  18. Lol - i'm a list junkie too and have a big "to do" list for the holidays, but to my husbands disgust I have his name next to more jobs than mine!

    So I wasn't the only one cleaning out the pantry today - makes a HUGE difference doesn't it.

    As hot as it was here I took both our dogs for a walk, with DH and the baby too and managed 40 minutes, not too bad for someone who hasn't done much exercise recently.

  19. Just think of all the bonus points earned with the cleaning and shopping...FAB!!

    I have to say that once I get into a good cleaning session I quite enjoy it and that feeling of the house being clean and tidy just feels so good.

    Hugs to ya xx


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