Saturday, December 01, 2007


I can't imagine much! Yesterday was such a happening day, hopefully today is nice and quiet.

Girls are here for morning tea, then we will have to go to town so that Griffin can spend his "Tooth Fairy" money, a whole $2 !! Two Dollar Shop here we come I suppose!

Even though we have a contract on the house, that does not mean the end of Open Homes ... as the sale COULD fall over... so I will still be madly cleaning, tidying etc ready for tomorrow. OH JOY.

And also tomorrow, at the SAME time as our Open Home, we have to be at Waitarere Beach (40 minutes away) for Stew's Farewell and End of Year Xmas Function.... that should be fun.


  1. I'm pleased to read that you are having some luck with the house sale.

    I only ever just put the Christmas tree up, I don't usually bother with anything else. When we were kids that is all my mother put up (before her JW days) and that is if we were lucky and that is probably why I don't bother with many Christmas decorations now.
    I have been thinking of maybe draping a tad of tinsel over the top of my livingroom mirror or up the stairs also......ummm pondering on that one, I don't want to over do it....teehee

    Have a great day toots

    Hugs to ya xx

  2. Oh I should have ended that previous post with
    Hugs to ya xx from the PAIN IN THE BUTT.....TEEHEE

  3. Great news for you on the house front....fingers you the christmas spirit has arrived and I am off to hunt out the decorations and blast the christmas music ahhh I love christmas..have a great hard!

  4. Fingers crossed it goes through for ya!!

  5. Once the weekend is out of the way then I'll be putting up my tree too. Me thinks it's a good idea as will have Steph to help decorate it....LOL
    Have a great weekend.:) Isn't the weather glorious :)

  6. Oh my heck..
    I love that dog....

    Wow.. it's the 1st over there...
    it's still the 30th here.

  7. Bah, it's cold and raining here today, makes a nice change though.
    I put my tree up today with the help of Lachlan and his step sister!! Pics on my blog soon.

  8. Oh bloody hell... doesnt feel like long since I packed the friggin thing up!!!

  9. Awwwwww how cute about Izzy.... is he a cat or a dog he he he....

    Wohooo on the contract on the house... I am sure it will be fine and things will go through hun... woohooo if they do.

    Love Chubbymum

  10. awwwww....that is one cuuuuuute doggy!!


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