Monday, February 13, 2017


This morning I am going to Kindy a little bit early, so I can talk to the Head Teacher about Keera's injury.

Because I am a hot head when it comes to this sort of thing, I am hoping to keep my cool!

I want to know what happened/when/what was done about it/and WHY was I not informed and given the chance to have Keera seen by a Doctor?

Clearly she sustained a bad fall, and the location of the injury could have had dire consequences... and I knew NOTHING about it.

That was so damn WRONG.  I'm glad I've had a couple of days to 'cool down' about it to be truthful.

Cos if they had still been open on Friday when I first saw her bruise, I would have been down there ripping shreds off them right there and then.

So... I will be back later to let you know what they have to say for themselves.  Someone has to answer for this.

Oh and this is the UFO I got to 'almost finished' last night:

ABOVE:  Beach Babes... it's been on the go for years!  All I have to do now is hand sew on the binding... and it will be FINISHED.  Then I will have to find somewhere to hang it... this one I'm keeping.
(It's got pins all around the edge, hence it looks a bit wonky)


8.50 am:  and how did it go?  As I expected really.  The head teacher was most apologetic, and said she would do an 'investigation' into why Keera's accident was not reported.  She asked me to email her copies of the photos I took, so at least it will be on file.
So much for that.  Can't change what happened, just hope the next time a kid hurts themselves like that, it's actually reported.

I've now got a list of things to do, so best get on with it.

It's raining!  Actually raining properly for a change.  How typical, as I put the irrigation on last night too.  I'm over summer.  Bring on good old, honest cold!

And now... I've done me jobs, and can do some more sewing.  Yaaaa.


Well the headache didn't go, I never had a chance to sleep.  Damn phone kept ringing/texting!
So I got up and took myself off to Weight Watchers, then my Patchwork group meeting.

I'm sure it's the heat getting to me... it's been so humid today!

Winding down now... then off to bed.


  1. Good luck at the school.

  2. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Good Luck Ma...hope you get a good outcome, sound like we are both having the same kind of morning....both hot under the colar and yea!!!!

  3. It will be interesting to see what the outcome of the investigation is and whether she contact you or if you have to chase it up. How they handle the complaint from now is the big test.

    Love the UFO - very cute.

  4. I love that wall hanging. It makes me think of my long-time friends because I can see each of us in there. And there are 4 of us. :)

  5. I'm thinking I rember when u started the beach babes. Was it not long after the bloggers get together that was nearly 10 years ago. Wonder where some of those girls are now?
    Hope the kindy does follow up and let's u know what happened. Not good enough. God if she had gone to kindy with brushing like that you would have police on doorstep charging u with abuse but other way round oh we know nothing. Not good enough.

    1. No it wasn't that long ago! It was about 3? years ago from memory. Oh yes, if she had got that bruise at home the police would have been on my doorstep for sure! She got a graze on her forehead last year and the Kindy she was at reported US to CYFS!!!!! Fucking crazy shit going on nowdays.

    2. Anonymous12:59 PM

      exactly....this world is so fu*ked up man, some shit is so much more over seen that other stuff grrrrr

  6. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Hi was the head teacher aware of the incident and had it been documented at all ? I agree with Freedom's post.

    On a happier note your gardens look fantastic...


    1. No the head teacher said she has no idea either, and NO, it wasn't documented within the kindy either. I agree about the gardens... except for the dying grass :(

  7. Get better soon :-)

  8. That's really bad of the Kindy. I worked for quite a few years in nurseries and schools and we always documented anything like this. Now, yes, I'll admit there were slip ups sometimes (very few and far between) - if morning staff had documented it and things got a bit mixed up and the afternoon staff didn't end up reporting to the parent when they collected the child. But for there to be no record at all within the Kindy is really bad!

  9. That's a terrible bruise, and Freedom makes a good and valid point. A little scrape or bruise could be attributed to normal events in a school kids life, but that looks like on the borderline of serious injury. I think your thinking is sane and rational. In the schools defense however, perhaps it didn't seem as bad as the time. Bruises like that may take several hours to develop.

    I love the beach babes pic!!

  10. I love the beach babes. Which reminds me of my UFO's being Quilting Diva and the Quilters group you gave me.

  11. I saw those bruises in person glad you went and saw them... It was nice to see you all albeit a flying visit.


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