Thursday, February 23, 2017


After last night's fiasco with some crappy, thin felt, which fell to bits once I'd sewn it on the giraffe... I'm thinking of alternatives.

Like making the mane out of fabric?  It can be done, just might be fiddly.  Or polar fleece?  But I ain't got any suitable polar fleece.  *sigh*

So, I will try with fabric first I suppose.  No way am I going into Hamilton for just a tiny bit of felt or fleece.

 ABOVE: We have horns and ears!  At least they came out right!

 ABOVE:  It's going to be a decent sized giraffe once it's finished.  Sure doesn't look like one right now though.

ABOVE:  What I'm having to use while my big Brother (Mc Dreamy) is in getting serviced!  It's like sewing with a toy machine!  So small and lightweight.
I had to read the bloody manual to remember how to use it!  Derrr.

I've decided to go to Aqua Fit again this morning.  I might just go to morning tea at Mrs X's house yet!  WELL ... she DID give me her address.  ha ha ah! 

OK... I'm off.  Catch ya later.


ABOVE:  Today's pick from the tomato patch.  I won't run out of sweet cherry tomatoes in a hurry.

And... I'm not going out.  I've got too much to do here.  *sigh*

So I'm sitting here, minding me own business, when I feel this 'THING' crawling along me arm.

I let out a shriek!  Thinking, it's bound to be a bloody cockroach, there's heaps around here... but NO.

ABOVE:  A caterpillar.  Lucky I didn't swat it without looking!  He would have made an ikky mess on me arm for sure.  *screwing up me face* 😥
So, he got dispatched out the door quick smart.

And now.. on to jobs.

One of my jobs for today was to go through the suitcases of clothes I've got in my wardrobe.  Clothes that are either too small or too big or the wrong season... stuff that's been in storage for YEARS!

ABOVE:  It was a good thing to do!  I ended up with this big pile of clothes to get rid of!  So I text Kelly and asked her to come look at them, there were a few things I thought she might like.

Sorry Lacy, NOTHING in that pile would fit you at all!

ABOVE:  Kelly found half a dozen items that she liked and took home.  I'm crabby about that multi coloured dress, I love it!  But, it's never going to fit me.  

AND if it ever did, I can always borrow it back.  *smiles*

I spent the afternoon hemming some new trousers of Stew's.  MEGA HATE hemming trousers.

Then I did another pair after dinner.  Cranky as hell now.

And it's so bloody hot it made me even crabbier.  30 degrees in my lounge, so we turned the air con on.  It took 3 hours to drop to 25 degrees!

And that is all I have for today.


  1. I might have some dyed wool blanket you can have, I'll fish some out and bring it tomorrow, It'll be much stringer that shitty, shitty, crap felt :D

  2. Anonymous4:31 PM

    biartch....down size Brylee clothes lol, nah I have enough clothes, and next time you want to do a clothes shuffle, dosnt matter we are not the same size I no how to modify clothes to make them work �� xx

    1. Lol better luck next time sis.

  3. Kelly is so like you, I thought it was you at first! I love your cherry tomatoes, I can eat them like peanuts-'til they're gone! Hope Sue has the right felt for you, have fun tomorrow.

  4. I really envy you the way you can "fit" pieces of fabric together so perfectly. The giraffe is going to be SO cute and I LOVE that multicolored dress on you! Has a bright and cheerful look what is so youthful on you.

  5. Ohhhh I wish I could rummage through your wardrobe (clothes envy) ha that giraffe head is cool love the colours. Forgot to say your garden Gege is looking fab result.


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