Saturday, February 04, 2017


Ya gotta love all these things you can get off the net eh?  I'm on a roll!

Today, Steve and Bex are due back for the weekend.
Steve is working at a friend's home again this weekend, building a fence.  I might take a before and after photo for ya.

Once this job of Steve's is done, we will probably have to visit them up in Auckland next!

They sure seem to have been here a lot lately!
Not that we mind, it's lovely to know they want to be here!

Kelly and her partner are up in Whitianga this weekend, they went on his motorbike!  Eeeeek!  I hope they travel safely, there's so many people on the road this weekend.  

I almost miss Whitianga, but not enough to go back.  Too many memories, mostly really good ones.  But the last one?  Nah.  The place just makes me sad now.  Maybe one day in the future I will go back and see how it feels?
Enough of that... started to wander off track there!

So... once I've done the washing, I would like to get some sewing done.  Funny how I've said that for what? 2-3 days now, and I've still not got back to it!
Let's see how it goes today!


ABOVE: This is DIESEL... he is one of Coco's puppies from her second litter.

Diesel got very sick last week. The Vet thought he had pancreitis, but after an ultrasound, he was found to have an 11cm long kebab stick in his stomach! He had surgery yesterday, and last I heard he was doing fairly well.

His family are fundraising to help cover the costs of his treatments... I will post the link here:

Any small amount will help Diesel's family through this tough time. Thank you if you can help our grandpuppy.  If you know anything about Vet bills, they are HUGE!  

ABOVE: I have the BEST husband ever.  Flowers to brighten my day.

 ABOVE:  One happy kid.

ABOVE:  One garden finished.  I went down to the shop and got more edging, so maybe by end of day Stew will have got it all done!   He doesn't want to edge the 'back' garden... cos there's not much bark on it anyway.  We will see. 
I might like it the way it is by the end of the day... or not. If NOT, we can always add more edging later on.  This has been a rather expensive exercise in keeping the bark ON the garden.  Chickens.  Grrrrrr.

So, with Steve's help, Stew got all the edging installed.  It looks neat!
I will show you tomorrow.

We had a nice evening, of course Coronation Street was on, so I was happy.



  1. Poor Diesel, thank goodness they discovered the problem and now he is on the mend.

  2. I know lots of good chicken recipes....

  3. Anonymous4:17 PM

    oh check out that gorgeous happy kid :) xx

  4. Hope diesel comes right. I was in bunnings this morning looking at edging soon changed my mind not got anywhere near the am out of gardens as you have. I've had tyres up until now but had to move them all because house is being painted next week. Tyres it will be again I'm thinking


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