Friday, September 30, 2016


We now have a 'sin bin'.

Where naughty dogs get put.

Well I should say DOG. Singular.  Only one dog has to go in it.


She is getting right up my nose now.

The kids took both dogs for a walk yesterday, in the rain even.  You know, so they wouldn't get bored.

But when they got home they both had dirty, wet paws.  So I confined them to the garage and outside...  and well... Tallulah decided she wasn't happy about that.

So she did this:

ABOVE:  This is the THIRD time in as many weeks that she has done this... and if we are not careful she is going to escape!

So.  I locked her in JUST THE GARAGE, thinking she would be ok in there.   Then I re-thought that pretty quick.   Out came the vacum cleaner... cos I don't want that chewed up.
Then I just said, stuff it, she can go in a crate.


ABOVE:  She went into the big crate.  And she can't do ANY damage to anything while in there.  And her paws can dry out and then she can come back inside the house.

SORTED.  It makes me so crabby when she's like this.  Coco is perfectly content no matter where she is, or what she's doing.  Or not doing.  

Both dogs are going to the groomers today.  Trying out the groomer(s) at Animates on Te Rapa Road now.  Not happy with the groomer at the other Animates in Hamilton.  Not sure if I told you but I witnessed her PUNCHING a dog she was grooming!!!

Like hell is she ever getting her hands on my dogs ever again.

While the dogs are at the groomers, the kids and I will go to The Base for lunch and a wander around.

And that is all for now.  Catch ya later.


Well... back from the groomers.

The dogs look awesome.

Oh and while I'm fucking pissed as... ANON... you can go fuck yourself.  What I do with my dogs is MY FUCKING BUSINESS.  

What do ya do when you are that angry and frustrated?  React.  So.  I reacted. 

I'm coming up to the 10th Anniversary of this blog (14th October).  I'm considering (VERY SERIOUSLY) making my last blog post on that anniversary.


Because of the haters.

Because of family not liking me blogging.
Because sometimes it's all just too hard to carry on with it.  
Because I'm heading for another downward spiral too I think.  No idea why.
I just feel down more days than not right now.

 EDIT:  I reacted TO YOUR COMMENT ANON.... I was NOT talking about my dog.  And stop wasting your time leaving more dumb arse comments, they will just get deleted.

Right, it's been a funny old day, so I am going to sign off for the day.  

Thank you for the positive comments girls.


  1. Dogs! Just like little children lol.

  2. They are both So pretty. Hope you have better luck with the new groomer - I CERTAINLY would not allow the groomer you saw punch a pup touch my pups either! I groomed for a few years too and I saw a few good groomers and ONE Evil groomer who almost killed a poodle one time. People like that should not work with animals - animals who cannot put in a grievance on them! Shame on them - just think if the hair salons were allowed to do that???

  3. I've only heard good things about the te rapa groomer... so good luck...

  4. Oh god pleae don't stop blogging. How would I keep up with all your family. I seen the commevt and thought wat a gutless bitch anonymous don't like reading what is happening in Chris house piss off and fix your own. I suppose u one of these dog owners and parents fr that matter that let your dogs and kids run the streets without any disapline.

  5. Oh no....i understand you have got to what makes you happy...but..but myself and so many readers will be gutted if you stopped blogging I know there are so many trolls out there but sooooo many people love reading your blog! Please think about it a bit longer xxx

  6. Containing her int he case for short periods is perfectly acceptable. Don''t let ignorant po faced cows tell you you are doing stuff wrong - everyone knows how much you love those puppies and how well they are looked after. Don't feed the trolls.

  7. dear annon, I don't no what you said but at the end of the day, have you lived with said puppy, do you live with said puppy and put up with her maybe next time you make whatever comment on a subject you actually don't no much or anything about....stop and think about don't live with or have to put up with it so kindly FUCK OFF.
    Kind regards Miss Bitch 😊

  8. Why not have a short break until after the wedding so you are mentally able to enjoy it.
    I understand the spiral and not knowing why. Take time out but promise you will come back because although imdontncomment often I read every day. Lacy you and your siblings are wonderful so loyal and true. Go Girl.x

  9. Anonymous5:31 PM

    I'm sorry another shitty anonymous rude person left a nasty comment. I didn't see what it was but if it is about the doggy then they don't know you. You would have to be one of the kindest and devoted pet lovers and one that only does what is in the best interest of the dogs. I will really miss you if you stop blogging. I love reading several times a day what you're up to. You motivate so many of us with your inspiring creativity and energy. We love that you share your beautiful home and family with us. Thank you. Go Lacy I love the way you defend your mum the love shines through as it does when Steve and Kelly do to.

  10. No mum you can't stop its the first thing I read in the morning and the last thing I read at night... don't let one silly bitch upset your day... keep smiling and do what you do best.... living your life.

  11. Maybe blog a little less? It must take you ages to put up the photos and all the updates. Maybe just blog in the evening or morning and leave it at that... or every other day?

    I've been blogging now for 13 years but only blog about twice a week - easy to do and my family don't read so no pressure there :)

  12. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Im with Kelly F$&@% EM I read your blog before i go to work and before i go to bed. Very rarely do i comment and have been reading it for many years, some people need to pull their heads in and worry about their own backyard before they judge others keep doing what your doing Chris reading your blog over the years i have found you an amazing woman with alot of talent and a wonderful Mother Grandmother and Wife.hugs Robyn from Aussie :)

  13. See mum there are soon many ladies that just love reading my your blog everyday.. it's like a every day thing we all must do...

    Get up have coffe... READ THE BLOG.. go to work...

    Come home. Eat tv shower READ THE BLOG....

    1. I read the blog before I get up!

  14. Normal people react to feelings whether they be anger,frustration, pain,joy etc.....anon you are obviously not normal...or you just enjoy troublemaking....there was absolutely no wrong doing in Chris' treatment of her dog....I hope you noted just how clean,safe and well equiped the cage was....our dogs have been cage trained and they take themselves in there all the's their safe haven, so anon you obviously know nothing about animal training Chris...TAKE NO NOTICE...we love you XXXXX

  15. Anonymous11:39 PM

    Yep I do too. Read in the morning and at night. Please dont stop blogging! Just delete nasty comments straight up and forget about the pathetic people who write them. They arent worth it!

  16. Wish I had a crate to put my little monster into occasionally!! Your blog is a breath of fresh air... don't stop!! x

  17. Me too. Love your blog and feel like I know you. You remind me do much of my mum (you are not old enough to be!) and your posts always brighten my day.

  18. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Hey you and Stew have worked DAMNED hard to provide for your family and a dog that is now destroying your new home ( I not what I would do and it would involve doggy adopt to another family) I am hoping her behaviour through the behaviour training will improve but friends of mine who just spent $80,000 on renovations to an older house there new cat pissed marked scratched the new couches curtains ruined it CAT went to another family it is disheartening ( well for them ) after all their hardwork! It's me Blondie

  19. Crate training is actually very good for the dogs, It keeps the dog safe and secure and it keeps everything and everyone in the household safe and secure. She can be out when you can watch her, that is actually what most dog trainers recommend. So - if she went in a crate one time to dry off.... I am laughing that anyone could get upset about that. Would they prefer her to escape the fence and face the world on her own? Idiots. You are doing the right thing! Often people put dogs in crates while they are sleeping all night , at work all day, cooking, ect.... And look at her crate! It looks like the Doggy 4 star hotel. I am sure she survived!

  20. Long term reader, first (or second!) time commenter. I'm another who would miss your blog! Late to the party as I read it on feedly. I love all the stories about your family & dogs - other people who want to say nasty things can just bugger off!! You and your family are really entertaining to read about - your kids are a credit to you and Stew!
    Melissa in Australia


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