Thursday, September 29, 2016


Today's JOB:  Shorten my Mother Of The Groom dress.
It could be tricky.
It's a mesh type fabric.  And I haven't given it much thought on how I can shorten it yet.

I'm hoping it's a simple, straight forward fix.

If not... I will have to figure it out... obviously!


I have decided to make a table cloth for the BBQ table in the same fabric as the squab cover.  Matchy-matchy!  lol  It will tie it into the other seating eh?

After that, there's quite a bit of housework to get done.

I swear, Tallulah makes more mess than everyone else in this house!
She chews up and spits out her plastic toys ALL over the bloody house. 

And it friggin well hurts when you walk on a chunky piece of chewed up plastic in the dark.

So, time to get moving.  I've got quite a few things lined up to do.


2.34 pm: And the dress is done.  It was way easier than I thought... though it was with some trepidation that I cut off the excess!  It's ready now, so that's one big job off my mind.

 ABOVE: The girls in bed ... it's a wet day again... so I asked the kids to take them for a walk, they needed to get outside even though it's drizzling.

ABOVE:  working on the placement of the blocks for the table cloth.  It's not as easy as ya think getting it right.

No more done on the table cloth as Kelly, Gordon and Rena popped in with a cake for us.
Gordon got to see the house and yard for the first time.
They stayed for around an hour, then they left for their home.  And now... I've got to sort out dinner.

Something with mince tonight.  Probably mince stew and veges.


  1. Sometimes with mesh type fabrics, no hemming is needed if you cut evenly.

  2. Anonymous10:37 AM

    could you take it up from under the bust? like make a fold and sew it down? I don't know really I not a sewer lol new tablecloth sounds nice. It's me Blondie

    1. Yeah... Nah... that's not possible.

  3. I don't have fancy stitches like you so when I took up a mesh dress I used a close zig zag and went around twice - looked fine! you might have a much better selection! Maybe cut off the excess then use the cut off bit to experiment, that's what I did.

  4. You had drizzle we had RAIN and boy I didn't feel like doing jack! OH BTW I finished 10 pm sunday well by the time I got home that is... .... I am sure whatever you put together re tablecloth will be fantastic. Just had to comment again stooped blogger logs me in when it blardy feels like it dumb thing!

  5. I am so looking forward to seeing all the wedding photos!


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