Friday, September 16, 2016


After getting some housework done this morning, Brylee and I might just go into Hamilton and see how Lacy's first night on her 'new' bed went.

The bed we bought was second hand, so I'm hoping it wasn't too uncomfortable? 

(OH, in case you ask, Brylee is on study leave from school)

After that, we might have some lunch in town then come home again.

Brylee has a sleep over at a friend's tonight, it's her friend's birthday.  So we need to pack her an overnight bag, get her bedding sorted and arrange a 'plate' of food for her to take too.

I feel nervous about it all!  She's never been on a sleep over before... well not one that I can remember!

I always worry when they are doing new things.  It's the mega protective 'Mum' in me.  I can't help it.

So, that's my day sorted... let's see if anything else crops up eh?


2.10 pm:  And the day has gone like this so far:

- Into town with a view to visiting Lacy, then shopping.

- Instead, we picked up Lacy and dropped her off at our home in Cambridge, so her ex-boyfriend could come over from Tauranga and get her car going.

- Back into Hamilton, went dress shopping as we have a funeral to go to in the next few days.

- Found perfect dress for the funeral... and I will wear it again for the next social event too.

- Home in time to watch Lacy's car getting fixed, then Lacy driving off into the distance.  

I hope it gets her to Hamilton!  At least it's not parked on my lawn any more.

 ABOVE:  Lacy's room all sorted now.  

ABOVE:  Lacy and her ex getting that car going...

ABOVE: Bye bye Lacy... hope you get there!


All is good... except for... 

NO CORONATION STREET!  Stupid TVNZ decided to cut it out this week in favour of the ParaOlympics!

OUTRAGEOUS!  So not happy about that.

I still stayed up late tonight, watching some taped programmes on the telly, and playing jigsaws on the computer at the same time.

But, it's now... 1.30 am and I really should go to bed.


  1. Hope Lacy had a good first night. It's wonderful that Brylee has made new friends in the time you have been down there. I'm sure the sleep over will be great and she will have a really good time-will come home very tired I'm sure as they don't sleep much!!!

  2. I would be nervous like you! Hard to watch them grow up and everything seems so dangerous now?

    Hope Lacy did good.

  3. I always laugh at the term "sleepover" .... my memories were more of "wakeovers" growing up - with very little sleep. I was usually very happy to get home to catch up on sleep.

    I hope Lacy enjoyed her first night in her new bed and home.

  4. What is study leave?

    1. Senior kids get time off school to study for exams.

  5. Looks like a nice big room Lacey has. All best for her.

  6. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Can Keera live with her mother now? Tina.

  7. Happy for Lacey, it seems that she has found somewhere nice to live. Close but not too close, and great that she is closer to Keera. Wishing Brylee good luck in her exams

    Mary in Tassie

  8. Anonymous6:31 PM

    Hi Chris. How is the Dresden quilt getting on? Do you use one of those dresden templates to cut out the blades? Do you cut out the blades individually? Or use a stripe method? I would love you to do a tut! Pls update us with lot and lots of photos!
    Love from Turkey
    Dotty xx

    1. Hi Dotty. I cut out each plate myself... no shortcuts! As for how it's going, I'm still stitching each plate and joining them together to form the block. I will do a tut if you like, maybe in a few days? Got a busy weekend ahead. Thank you for popping and and leaving a comment. *smiles*

  9. Has Lacy thought about getting an adult apprenticeship as a motor mechanic?

    1. No idea. She talks about wanting to do panel and paint. Something to discuss with her I suppose.


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