Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Well I decided today I was going to see 'Sully' at the movies.

ABOVE:  I am dragging Lacy with me to watch the latest Tom Hanks movie.  She will probably hate it, but I'll gag her with popcorn.  lol

I just love Tom Hanks movies, so fingers crossed it's another good one.

In case you missed it yesterday, our home's name is :

HIDDEN VISTA.  I came up with that name after lots of thought.  When you turn into our driveway, our home looks very small and ordinary, but once you come inside and see the backyard... most people go 'WOW'.  
It really is a gorgeous backyard, and it's really hidden from the road.

Not to forget, the house itself goes on and on once you are inside.  You would never guess it was such a big house from the road.

So, there ya go, that's how I came up with the name.

Now all I have to do is make the name plate.  I bought the letters from Spotlight yesterday.  I have to go back there today as I grabbed a 'U' instead of an 'I'.

I really dislike the Hamilton Spotlight store.  It's messy and disorganised and the patchwork section is the worst I've ever seen.

In the Auckland stores, they have organised the fabrics in colour 'order' on the shelves.  So all the colours are separated.  If you want a blue fabric, you can just go straight to the 'blue' section.

Not in Hamilton!  It's all jumbled up and an utter mess.  It does my head in just looking at it!  I'm tempted to take a photo and show you.  Yeah, I probably will.

So... that's me plan for today.  Catch ya later, and I hope you have a lovely day. *smiles*


SULLY... was exactly as I expected.  I enjoyed the movie, but I doubt the kids would.  Not enough action for them.  

Lacy and I came home after the movie and now I'm watching Home and Away, taped from last night.  Obviously a lazy day!

Soon I will pull finger and get some housework done.  So, boring shit for the rest of the day.

Some.... thing.... is.... happening.... tomorrow!
YEAH!  I will be a bit busy..... tomorrow.  I will tell ya all about it.... tomorrow.  *ha ha ha*

Another awesome day... and another coming up tomorrow.


  1. Hi. Happy Home Making. We are still in limbo.

    Regarding Spotlight... Couldn't agree more about the Hamilton shop. It's just plain grotty. I have found the Rotorua shop to be much better if you ever feel like a drive down that way.


    1. Phew! Good to know I'm not the only person who thought that. I wonder if it's been slowly getting worse because the shop is old and grotty, and the staff have no pride in it? Low moral and all that?

  2. Enjoy you day…hope its a lovely one :-)

  3. I hope you enjoy the movie.

    Re the Spotlight Hamilton store .... maybe you should offer to be a consultant and go in and sort out their fabric display for them - and they could pay you (or at least give you some vouchers for future craft products). Tell them they would probably make higher sales if the items were better displayed and easier for people to find what they want.

  4. I Love the name of your new home! Awesome choice can't wait to see the name plate.

  5. The movie was really really good...highly recommend it :)

    Has been a good day, thanks Ma for the Movie date x

  6. Love the name!!

  7. Anonymous2:25 PM

    I walked into Hamilton spotlight and out again once so untidy!!! It's me Blondie


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