Saturday, September 10, 2016


Finally, we are going to dedicate most of today to driving around our new home town.
Check out where everything is (dairies, parks, etc).

I've been wanting to do that for a while, but it has taken us three months TODAY to finish everything around our new home.

And we have no visitors today.

Tonight is another story though.  We have Amanda, Andrew and their kids, Keera, Kelly and Rena, Russell and Ange coming for dinner.  So add in Us and Lacy and that's 14 for dinner.

Nice number. I have got dinner already planned.
Lemon Chicken baked in the oven, over rice.
Apple and Blackberry pies with ice cream, and Kelly is bringing a Feijoa cake too.

So, that's my day planned.  I shall have to get some washing done this morning too... school uniforms need to be cleaned.
But as for any other housework, it can wait.

I'm really looking forward to checking out ALL of Cambridge.  And I will be taking photos as we go around.


I will not allow nasty comments to start the day off!  So, they are deleted, and the replies.

We are about to head out for our tiki tour... and it's a glorious day.  Not a cloud in the sky.

4.06 pm:  And we are busy getting dinner on.
I've got fruit pies in the oven, and when they come out the chicken will be going in.

We had a nice drive around a few unfamiliar areas of Cambridge this morning, then out to Lake Karapiro too.

I've got photos, and I will upload some when I get time, either late tonight, or tomorrow.

Right now... I better get back to me pies.

It's bedlam here.  So MUCH NOISE!  Happy noise though... so all good.

Here's a few photos from today's tiki tour:

ABOVE:  Karapiro Hydro Dam.  In the foreground is the cycle track that extends from Cambridge all the way to Karapiro.

 ABOVE: This is the rowing 'head quarters'... rowing is a huge thing out at lake Karapiro.

 ABOVE:  Way over in the distance, to the left is the dam intake.  The lake was very choppy and cold looking today.  We saw no one on the lake rowing at all.

 ABOVE:  two awesome kids slides at the lake.  I bet they get too hot to use in summer!

 ABOVE:  Waiting to cross over the dam... it's one way.  On the right is the lake and on the left way, way down is the hydro station.

ABOVE:  Back in Cambridge now... this is taken from the edge of the Waikato River, and in the distance is the 'low bridge' over the river... leading to Leamington... which is a part of Cambridge.
I will only ever use the low bridge, as the 'high bridge' is too freakin' narrow for me!  I would shit myself trying to drive over it!

 ABOVE:  Still down by the low bridge... the water looks really dangerous.  Eddies and undertows, and very swift.  There's notices everywhere warning people NOT to swim here... yet there's a rope swing out over the river.

 ABOVE:  This is the underside of the 'high bridge'.  It's pretty awesome ... for a bridge.

 ABOVE:  Another view from under the bridge.

ABOVE: This is just down the road from our house... Tallulah HATES this huge carved bird!  She barks and snarls at it.

 ABOVE:  This is the old water tower... it's a gorgeous thing.

ABOVE:  Yeah, this is just a rock... but it's gorgeous.  Covered in moss.

Right, that's me for the day.  I've taken 'a few' photos tonight, and will post them tomorrow.


  1. Have a lovely day looking around your new home town, I love Cambridge :-). I missed any negative comments this morning - too early!!

  2. Can I come for dinner lol.?

    1. Anytime mate! Ya gunna fly here, or swim?

    2. Meeee tooooo!!! Yum. Have a lovely night all.

    3. Meeee tooooo!!! Yum. Have a lovely night all.

    4. I will fly on my broomstick

    5. yea Bee :) it was a good night :)

  3. Dinner sounds yum….enjoy

  4. What gorgeous scenery!

  5. Have you been to The Castle yet? It is just south of Cambridge and is I think the biggest toy museum in NZ. I love visiting. Been there twice and would go again. Brings back lots of memories.


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