Thursday, September 22, 2016


I got the vacum out yesterday, and set it up so Brylee could vacum out my car.  I put the crevice tool on the floor beside the vacum... and left it there for Brylee when she got home from school.

She did a really good job, but I noticed she hadn't gotten into the really tight spaces down the edges of the seats.  I asked her why didn't she use the crevice tool?

Now you can see where this is heading eh?  It wasn't on the garage floor.  Hmmmm... we had a quick look around.  NO crevice tool.

Then I knew.  I just knew... that little bitch Tallulah had it.  Sure enough, there she was outside with it in her gob.

ABOVE:  Munted.  Should not have a hole there!  Grrrrrr.

OK...  it's not as bad as eating my expensive rug, but still.  I was bloody mad as hell at her.  She has a box full of toys she can chew on, so why must she chew shit that's not hers???   *sigh*

When Stew came home, he got the hacksaw and cut off the top chewed up bit and hopefully it will still be useable.

ABOVE:  not as long as before... but should still work.

Today I am expecting a visitor from Taupo.  Sharon is coming through, most likely on her way up to Auckland to see her son.  So that will be lovely.  

Once she's been and gone, I will get on with my name plate.  

Right... outta here, got stuff to do.


Wow what a morning.  I got some of the painting done on my house name plate, then Sharon from Taupo arrived.

It was just lovely visiting with her... we yakked for HOURS!

And she gave me these:

ABOVE:  How lucky am I?  I am thinking they might just be worn for the wedding.  

1.57 pm:  Just had lunch, and am about to go do some more painting.
It's coming along nicely.

So... a lovely dinner tonight.  I made a seafood salad and garlic bread.  So YUM.  Sorry Steve!

Time to chill for the evening.


  1. Damn animals lol. Always ruining something ;)

  2. oohhh yum, your dinner sound gorgeous! x

  3. Anonymous9:08 PM

    Yummy how do you make your seafood salad please?

    1. Chuck in a bowl: Prawns, shrimp, surimi, any other shellfish you have like mussels, chopped up chives/spring onions/parsley, hard boiled eggs (chopped up), some red onion and capsicums (chopped up) then stir in Thousand Island Dressing and some lemon juice to taste. Mix. DONE.

  4. Love the jewelry,, it will look nice with your wedding outfit

  5. Haha nice bling I must say and yes it was a lovely catch up the Harvey Hidden Vista is utterly gorgeous and I felt totally relaxed and enjoyed the yakking See you Sunday.

  6. I was going tell you to saw the end off, Stew is on it!


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