Monday, September 05, 2016


Yaa... even though I did a lot of sewing yesterday, I'm looking forward to doing more in class today.

I feel like I am finally back in me groove!

The kids have about 2 more weeks of school before the NEXT round of school holidays.  They come around so fast!  I sometimes wish they had grandparents who could have them in the holidays, then I remember... WE are the grandparents!  *sigh*
No rest for the wicked.  But one day... in maybe 5-6 years we will be child free???

So, after a photo full weekend, I only have one for today...

 ABOVE:  Now that I have a few more blocks on the design wall to look at... I'm starting to think each block needs a bit of darker blue around the outside edge of the white, or cornerstones, then the paler blue sashings.

*sigh*  Just as well I can take my time with it and get it just right!


3.48 pm:  Well I've felt rather 'off' today.
I went to Patchwork group, and once there I sewed two blocks up, then clock watched till it was time to go home.  I really didn't feel well at all.

Since coming home, I've had something to eat and feel marginally better.

I hasn't helped that there was a little bit of 'bloody hellness' this afternoon.

I got a phone call from Amanda, apparently Keera was telling her kindy teachers that 'Mummy did it'.... in reference to a graze on her forehead.

Yes, Lacy did it while playing with her on the floor. She pulled Keera towards her and the child got a carpet burn on her forehead.  We all witnessed it... it wasn't abuse or any such thing.

But teachers see a mark, hear the child say 'Mummy did it' and BOOM, suddenly it's a big deal.  

I'm really pissed off as I rang the kindergarten and spoke to the Head Teacher, told her exactly what happened and do you know what she said?

"Well we can only go on what the child said, and I will inform you of the outcome".

OUTCOME?  What the fuck... it was a simple accident while playing.  

So annoyed right now.  

I've got WW's tonight.  I am going but not weighing.  I feel like I've gained a few kilos, feeling so fat right now.  Ikkk.

7.00 pm:  And I'm home from WW's.  I didn't weigh in. But I went and will continue to go until I get my fat arse into gear again.

It's been a shit day.  I now have reflux, so that just makes me even crabbier.  Why reflux today?  No bloody idea.  I've only had lunch.  No dinner even.  Stuff it.

Can't have dinner now or I will get woken up in the dead of the night with reflux so bad I won't be able to breathe. And that shit is scary.

Going to have a quiet night and hope tomorrow is better.  


  1. It is soooo nice to see you having fun! I had to belly laugh at the Grandparent spiff. LOL
    Need some pictures of the pups.

  2. Penny2:28 PM

    What about one of their aunts and uncles? They could have a weekend in the big smoke with Steve and Bex? Although car seats make that tricky! There might be an option somewhere though, if they are keen?

    1. Aunts and Uncles? Ha ha as if... Amanda has a full house. Lacy has no house. Kelly has a pit bull dog. Russell works full time. Steve and Bex have no room. Mike is too far away and has no room. That exhausts the options.

    2. Penny7:24 PM

      That's a shame! Sorry you have had such a bad day, Hope tomorrow is better xo

  3. We had this with Cole. He had a bump on his head and told the Kindy that his Daddy bashed him into the kitchen sink!!! Um, it happened here at my place and he made the story up. Then he fell down some stairs and I'm sure they had him pegged as an "at risk" child :) Thankfully nothing since and hopefully his Dad has reprieved himself. I do understand why they do this but the story of a 4 year old v the truth is sometimes a little different :)

  4. Anonymous8:17 PM

    Perhaps next time send child/children with note explaining what happened (I mean how stupid a system do we have!! FFS) take the word of a small child! over the carers goodness that's not on at all. I do hope you day tomorrow is better I like the blocks you are making... It's me Blondie

  5. Reflux is horrible.. I get it too! Take care lovely...


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