Sunday, September 11, 2016

WAIT FOR IT ...!!!

I have a doozy of a post for today!
Some fun photos from our family dinner last night:

Amanda brought her make up, she sells Younique makeup... so she decided to give us girls a face mask... it was a charcoal mask designed to draw toxins from our skin...

 ABOVE: Don't I look GORGEOUS???

ABOVE:  Kelly and Lacy had their faces done too. Ange skipped it cos she was watching the rugby in the lounge with the guys.

 ABOVE:  Yep, she looks adorable... I'm sure.

 ABOVE:  What can I say?  Amanda photo bombed our threesome.  

 ABOVE:  I don't think I've ever seen us looking so.... DARLING!  ha ha ha!  Really, it's the most hideous photo ever!

 ABOVE:  The kids only got to play outside for a little while before it got too dark.

 ABOVE:  The little kids trying on new clothes that my Mum sent back with Kelly from Australia. Kelly spent a week visiting her Grandmother in Coffs Harbour.  She had a wonderful time by all accounts.

 ABOVE:  Dinner time.  Ange has a new name.  'RED'.  She dyed her hair bright red for her daughter's 21st birthday party.  Seems lots of us have been dyeing our hair lately!

 ABOVE:  feeding the masses.  It works so well if I just put the food on the bench and let everyone help themselves.

 ABOVE:  Four sad little faces.  They were put in the 'naughty' corner because they made the couch tip over while they were on it ... luckily no one was hurt!

After dinner, and the face masks, the girls put make up on themselves, and the little girls got a wee bit on too.

So, it was a lovely evening.  Way more noise than we are used to I must say.  Kinda breathed with relief when those little monkeys finally quietened down.

Now as for today.... we are getting a visitor.  Another of my Uncles in fact!

I am so thrilled that by getting in touch with one of the uncles over in Tauranga has started the ball rolling with getting back in touch with all of them!

Charles also lives in Tauranga, and is my Mum's 2nd youngest brother.  He's just retired and has time on his hands.
So he's coming over.  I'm so happy!

So is my Mum.  She feels happy that when (in her words), when she pops off, I will still have my maternal family around me.  And my own immediate family of course.  *smiles*

BUT FIRST up for today ... The Animal Behaviorist is coming over to observe Tallulah, her behaviour and how we interact with her.  After that she will go away and work on a plan for us, so we can hopefully turn her anti social behaviour around.  

Though, in saying that, the little bugger was quite good last night with all our visitors.  She only growled and snapped a couple of times!  Otherwise she was a perfect angel.  Little tart.

So, that's my post for today... so far.
I'm sure there will be more... after the dog lady and visitor have been!


4.16 pm:  And what a neat day again!
The dog trainer arrived at 10.30 and she immediately started working on Tallulah.  Giving her treats when she did as requested.  She showed us how to train her to sit, and how to distract her from negative behaviour with treats and positive praise.

It is going to take quite some time to get her behaviour under control... but it will happen.

Coco needs training too, but on a lesser level.

So, half way through the two hour session, my Uncle Charles turned up.

I felt a bit stink that I had to almost ignore his arrival until after Clare left.  I think he understood.

 ABOVE:  This is Charles, he (or course), bears a strong family resemblance to all my other Aunts and Uncles on my Mum's side.  It's neat seeing family who I instantly recognise.

ABOVE: Charles's mint '77 Camaro.  It's in epic, original condition, the only addition Charles has made is a noisy muffler!

 ABOVE:  Me 'n' Charles.  He's only 7 or so years older than me. Behind those glasses are blue eyes like mine.

Because the teenagers and Lacy literally drooled over Charles's car, he took them for a drive, which was awesome.

After Charles left, we popped over to Mitre 10 to get a few things for the garden.  Pavers for leading to the Hobbit House, rhubarb plants, mint plant and prickle killer.
The Onehunga weed is started to grow... so we want to kill those buggers before they become a problem over summer.

Dinner tonight is going to be sausages, salad and wedges I think.  Oh and there's a small fruit pie left over, so that might be consumed as well.  


  1. Gorgeous in your face masks! Hilarious!!

  2. Lovely to see everyone having a good time, love the face masks can't imagine why the males didn't gat them too :-)

  3. Looks like a great evening and a great day. How wonderful to be connecting with your uncles.

  4. Anonymous5:21 PM


    Great pics! looks like you had two lovely days. All your daughters look so pretty...and Liam is so cute with his blonde curls..



    Cheers Peta

  5. Holy wow! Great Uncle Charles looks so much like his sisters and grandma!
    Thrilled you enjoyed the mask mum! :-)

  6. I'm drooling over his car... I love it and am looking for one for myself

    1. OMG it just purrrred it was Amazeballs :)

  7. love the charcoal faces lol. Your uncle is a hotty :)


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