Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Hmmmm.... I'm thinking of taking the kids out today.

There is a neat movie on at the moment, 'The Magnificent Seven'.  Because Stew wants to see it too, I will just send the kids to watch it, so Stew and I can go another time, just the two of us.  You know... like a DATE.  lol

While the kids are at the movies, I will probably just fill in time at the mall.  Won't be too hard to do I'm sure.

It's a shame the Hamilton patchwork group isn't on over the holidays.  I miss it already.  
At least these holidays only last for 2 weeks.

Once we get home I am going to sort out what fabrics I am going to use to re-cover the sun lounger squab with.  I want to get that done in the next few weeks.

Well, that's all for now... catch ya later.


DAMN!  I got that wrong.  The Magnificent Seven isn't on till Thursday.  As there is bugger all on till then, we will wait and go to the movies on Thursday.

So, I am going to get on with making that squab cover now instead.

Well... I worked on the squab cover most of the afternoon.  Then I stopped to cook dinner.

Dinner was chicken/basil ravioli, in a tomato based sauce with bacon and onion.  It was bloody nice.

Now.... chilling out. Looking forward to finishing the squab cover tomorrow.


  1. Why don't you sit in different parts of the cinema and it can still me a date <3

  2. Stew's at work, that's why! He is taking next week off, so maybe we will go as a family then.

  3. Hope you got that cover made - it will give your mind a rest. I hate to have things hanging over my head.

  4. These kids are growing up so nicely. You're doing such a great job, Chris.

  5. Anonymous10:48 PM

    Ohhhh the ravioli sounded divine looking forward to seeing the squab covers side note I finished work 10pm Sunday after a disastrous workplace return ( my worst nightmares confirmed nothing was done whilst away!) went home in tears upset tired and sooooo over it!!!! It's me Blondie.


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