Sunday, September 18, 2016


Today Steve and Bex are visiting for the day.
Steve has to measure up a big deck for Stew's boss.
Then he will be building it over the next few weekends ... all going well.

Today, as he's only measuring up, I hope he can do a little job here too.

We want to remove the railway sleeper seats that the previous owners built on the patio.  When they get hot they 'bleed' out tar.  It's revolting, and clearly you can't actually sit on them.

So we are wanting to take the sleepers off, and replace them with normal timber so you can sit on it.

Then I can use the sleepers as edging for a new garden in the bare corner under the kitchen/lounge windows.

What else for today?  Well spending time with the little boys of course!  I miss them so much, I'm looking forward to more frequent visits from them while Steve is working on the deck.

Right, that's all for now... catch ya later.  Have a nice day.


Awesome day... everything is going as planned.
The guys have done the measure up for the deck, and now they are going to try taking the sleepers off the seating supports.

 ABOVE: This kid is such a hard case.

 ABOVE: Not sure if he likes it... but eventually he shoved the whole thing in his gob.

 ABOVE:  that's the sleeper seating... hopefully they will be gone soon.

ABOVE:  I have a few daffodils scattered around the yard.  Next season I hope to have heaps more... I'm going to get more bulbs and put them around the fruit trees.

More photos:

 ABOVE:  Steve undoing the bolts holding the sleepers on the supports.

 ABOVE:  That is wet, dripping TAR.  Revolting shit.
You sure in hell could not sit on that.

ABOVE:  Now they are flipped upside down and form the edge for this new garden.  I plan on getting some hydrangeas for this corner.

7.24 pm:  And our visitors have gone.  We ended up having Bex's brother Chris and his fiance Anna here for the afternoon and dinner too.
It's always nice having 'extended family' over.

Now it's time to wind down, tidy up and relax for the evening.


  1. Sounds like a lovely day with family! The best kind of days.

    P.S. My blog is open again!

  2. Hope your day was perfect.

  3. Anonymous2:51 PM

    I can see why those sleepers would be a pain to sit on weather clearing our way stinky humid, then drizzle then sun out makes a grumpy person! Glad to see you having lovely family time. It's me Blondie...

  4. Wow... they looked awful! Your home is lovely but wow, anything's an improvement over that tar stuff...

  5. I LOVE hydrangeas!
    Can't wait to see them in your garden!

  6. Great work recycling those sleepers! I can't believe that tar, crazy! Good on Steve helping you with his skills, keeping it in the family. Your family (you included, I mean) just get stuck in and do stuff as it comes up don't you? I really admire that in you guys. I am still looking at jobs to be done a couple of years later. Penny xo


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