Thursday, September 15, 2016


Yesterday, around mid-morning, Lacy managed to find herself a flat in Hamilton!

She is sharing with one other, a person she knew many years ago.

So, I got onto Trademe and bought her a bed, then yesterday afternoon I went down to the local Hospice shop and I managed to buy two sets of drawers for her too.

First thing this morning we will go down and pick them up.
Then pack up my car and take it all in to her new place in the afternoon.

We can pick up the bed after 6 pm in Hamilton too.

So she should be all set up by tomorrow night, and I will have my spare bedroom back!

FUNNY STORY:  As we were walking through the Chartwell Mall yesterday, before we went into the movies, Lacy said to me:

"Guess what I'm doing tomorrow?  Guess what I'm doing tomorrow?" in a happy, but annoying way.

I replied,  VERY LOUDLY, with a fist pumping action:  "YES, YOU'RE LEAVING MY HOUSE!"

Ha ha ha!  Lots of people turned around and stared at me... but seriously, I didn't give a shit!
There were two security guards walking near us, and I was worried for a second that they would come over and ask if I was alright!

I am rather happy obviously.  She's been OK to live with, EVERY OTHER DAY.  The rest of the time... YEAH, NAH.

She's like our own little version of Jekyll and Hyde! Every family needs one.  *laughing*

So, that's what I'm doing today.

I'll be back later with updates... as I do.


Oh I did remember to take a photo of the patchwork fabric shelves at Spotlight yesterday...

ABOVE:  All jumbled up, BUT... fairly tidy compared to my previous visits there.  It still does my head in seeing all the colours muddled up.

11.21 am, and we have been down to the Hospice shop and picked up the two sets of drawers, and Lacy has loaded everything of her's into the back of my car...

ABOVE:  Loaded and ready to go.
Only she can't move in until after 2.30 this afternoon, so she's clock watching now.
It's going to be a long 3 hours before we can go into town.

2.40 pm:  Lacy go a text to say she could move in a bit earlier than expected, so we took off to Hamilton and I dropped her and all her stuff, took a photo and skidded the wheels.

ABOVE:  She's got all afternoon to sort her stuff out... and she will get her bed tonight.  SORTED.  No longer living here. 

Just spent the last hour tidying up the bedroom Lacy just vacated, it took that long as I decided to move the bed.

NO mean feat as I had to take all the bedding that is stored under it OUT, get the mattress into the hallway etc, before I could move it.

Brylee helped with almost all of that, and Griffin arrived home from school just in time to help get the mattress back on.  MY god those things are heavy!

ABOVE:  By moving it around, and much closer to the window, I've created a much larger space on one side of the bed.  

ABOVE:  It's such a lovely room.

ABOVE:  I wonder if the next visitor who stays in this room will enjoy the pretty lights?  lol

11.40 pm: Stew got home just before 6 pm, so once he had changed out of his work clothes, we went into Hamilton, picked up the bed and took it to Lacy's new flat.

Then we came home, and I cooked dinner.  After that, a nice quiet evening ensued.
Now, time for bed.


  1. It will be nice for you & Lacy to have a break at times from each other :-). Enjoy your new place Lacy.

  2. Enjoy your new place Lacy. I haven't been to that Spotlight for a few years as it's always been a jumble-this is a massive improvement from my last visit.

  3. I can't believe how quickly she can move in to the new place. Usually that takes weeks! I am wondering if our children display their yucky behavior more to us as parents. My son just moved off to college - and every time we talk to him he sounds pooby shooby. I am fairly certain he does not talk to his roomates / classmates / friends that way! It's some special "gift" given only to parents! I am happy very for Lacy! And I am happy for our college bound son! We love our kids no matter what, even if we "talk crap" about them! Good luck! Get some kitchen goodies soon!

    1. whole house moves can take weeks, I am just myself and what little stuff I have....lucky I travel light :p

  4. That Spotlight is a mess, maybe you should colour co-ordinate it for them on your next visit. They may offer you a job!

  5. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Wow moving house already You know sometimes you have more things than you thought when packing and unpacking of course!! READ my comment about winning the NAME the house contest!! lol See you next Thursday! It's me Blondie

  6. Thats something I would have done too Chris….with the fist pump action too :-)
    Good luck in your new place Lacy.

  7. What about her kitchen and groceries?

    1. She is flatting and paying 'Board', which is half the rental fee and half the cost of food/cleaners etc. I am bound to 'top her up' with food every now and again as I see fit.

    2. thanks Ma and Dad heaps for helping me, I'm really stoked to have found somewhere and closer my Muppet x

  8. Love the light display in the spare roomChris.

  9. Congratulations Lacy, it must be a good feeling to have a fresh start again! Hope it works out well for you. Penny xo

  10. I bet everyone is glad that Lacy has moved. I do mean that nicely too. It would be hard for her to be living with mum and dad and for mum and dad to have her her living at home again


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