Saturday, September 24, 2016


Today is dedicated to getting a few jobs done around here.

I'm going to have a go at painting the outdoor BBQ Table and chairs.  I'd like to try spray painting them, if possible.  Then it won't take so long.
But that will depend on whether there's a wind blowing or not. Obviously I can't spray paint if it's blowing!  And I'm not even sure if our paint sprayer can be used with a wood stain?

I'm sure I will find out.

Brain fade!  I can't think for the life of me what else we have to do!  Stew did mumble about doing something else... derrr.

I know I will be attaching the name plate to the house today, weather permitting.  I'm using a fast setting all weather glue, as recommended by the bloke at Mitre 10.  Fingers crossed it works.

All going well, I will be able to post a photo of it on the house later on today.  

Right, that's it for now.  It's been a late start today, we were really tired last night.  Stew went to bed quite early, he was a little bit tiddly I think. *smiles*


10.44 am:  And everyone is up and doing stuff.
Stew's gone to Mitre 10 to get the timber for the corner seating on the patio.

Brylee and Griffin are staining outdoor furniture, and I've just got our Name Plate on the house.

Now... it's on with the painting of the chairs.  That is going to take a while.

1.45 pm:  And with three of us doing the painting/staining, it's done!  AND Stew got the new timber seating affixed to the original uprights, and I've stained it too.  So all of the painting is done.

Now I need to wash all the stain off me with Mineral Turps and have a shower... cos mineral turps friggin well stinks!

Stew is now busy water blasting the concrete out the back... and I'm going to suggest he does the front too.  It's quite dirty, especially by the front door.

I've already clocked 10,000 steps for the day!  Busy, busy, busy.

3.30 pm: And all the outside jobs are finally done, and I've had me shower and can now RELAX.


 ABOVE:  The concrete has come up really well after the water blasting.
And the BBQ table and chairs look good too.

 ABOVE:  The new corner seating.  It's not as long on the left as it was before, as we wanted the BBQ against the house, as opposed to where it was, against the window.  There is still HEAPS of seating, so all good.

 ABOVE:  I moved the orange life preserver to that post (which also got stained today) and I think it looks awesome there.

 ABOVE:  We are thrilled with how all the new plants are doing... I can't wait till they are even bigger and fill the garden out.

 ABOVE:  Our 'Hidden Vista".  I love our back yard.
So does Stew.  

ABOVE:  The man admiring his view.  He's cleaning the BBQ now... poor bugger.

It's been an awesome, productive day... time to enjoy the evening.


  1. morning, it's #2 I'm out of texs 😆

  2. Not to mention grief is also exhausting! Hope you have a lovely weekend. Penny xo

  3. Your house looks so inviting!

  4. I always use water based stain!! So much easier :) Great to get things looking good though.

  5. O your nameplate is Perfect! It is so great the kids are helping- they are almost grown.

  6. Very homely guys but then your home is always inviting xx

  7. Ohhhh the garden furniture came out perfect the backyard is so inviting I will be leaving AKLD at 10am from Remuera........

  8. It's all looking fantastic Chris.

  9. Great days work

  10. Looks so good. You have all worked so hard to get everything just right for the summer. Now sit back and enjoy!!!
    Love your house name

  11. night Ma love #2 and miss Muppet Xx

  12. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Home looks great Chris, love your backyard and the name suits your home. Hey Lacy how is Miss Muppet, I've missed seeing her beautiful smiley face. I hope you're both having an awesome weekend.Xo

  13. Anonymous9:27 PM


    Your garden looks really lovely !!


  14. Love the sign.... but your "s" is upside down... :P ;)

    1. Trust you to see that! Too bad, it's stuck there for ever now!

  15. Oh Chris you guys have done an amazing job! I just love the back yard - it looks just brilliant and peaceful. Have you considered a job in indoor/outdoor design????

  16. love your sign - certainly is looking lovely & like a hidden vista!!!!

  17. Everything looks beautiful!


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