Saturday, October 01, 2016


It's Brylee's birthday tomorrow.
She will be 16.
We don't 'do' party's... just cake.

So today we are going gift shopping, as she has no idea what she wants, but  I'm sure we can find some nice gifts for her.

I'd LOVE to get her in a dress!  A real girly girl dress.  I wonder if I will succeed?

ABOVE:  The girls after their groom.  Coco didn't really want to wake up for a photo... but I squeaked at her so she would.  Tallulah was all eyes... like... 'where did that squeak come from?'  She's such a funny girl.

Sometimes naughty, sometimes bored, but ALWAYS loved.  Even when I want to throttle her.

So.... we will be heading out at some point today to do that shopping.


2.24 pm:  And we had a very late start to the day.

But once everyone was out of bed we went into Hamilton.  We got Brylee a lovely dress, cardigan and sneakers for her birthday... and she can wear it to the wedding.  So got both bases covered.  She will also get some cash to spend on whatever she wants.

 ABOVE:  She is very happy with her new clothes, and can't believe she actually loves being in a dress!

ABOVE:  She kept swishing the dress's skirt around... seems it felt lovely.  Yaaa... one happy teenager.

On our way home we got passed on the Expressway by... Steve and Bex!

They were dropping the boys off so they could attend a Hen's party for Bex, and a boys night for Steve with friends in Hamilton.

 ABOVE:  watching a helicopter go overhead.
The kids just love the big back yard.

ABOVE:  Archer trying to kiss Tallulah through the door.  So cute.

ABOVE:  "I can HEAR them....".  Just before she was put in the garage for growling at Archer.  She's too unpredictable to leave her near the baby.  I need to do heaps more behaviour modification with her.

I've been doing some stuff with her during the week, but what is really needed is to get her around more unfamiliar people so we can work on that aspect of her anti social behaviour.

NOT that I am actually DOING anything about her behaviour really... like I DIDN'T get an animal behaviour specialist to come here and help us eh?  OH HOLD ON... yes I did!  

Yeah... let it go.  Moving on.

Hoping to get back to making the table cloth sometime this afternoon.

Well I didn't get to do any more sewing after all that.  Plans changed.  
Going to get three little people to bed soon, then enjoy the quiet.  *smiles*

For my own record:  No N/M


  1. Good luck with getting brylee in a dress haha. Just say it's what the 5 sos fan girls wear. Well see you guys later ☺

  2. Awe- the girls are so beautiful. I am sure Brylee can find something that she will enjoy.

  3. Can't believe it's a year since she got the cell phone. Happy birthday Byrlee

  4. I love the dress Brylee. It looks great

  5. Penny3:35 PM

    Brylee, you look great, and so grown up! Most importantly you look happy. I hope you are as happy and contented with life as you look! Happy birthday from Penny, David and Ramona xxxooo

  6. Brylee looks lovely :-)

  7. Brylees looking very cute :-)

  8. Happy Birthday Brylee. You look fab in the dress. Gorgeous.

  9. Lorraine5:09 PM

    Love the dress Brylee & Happy Birthday for tomorrow.16 Where have all those years gone.
    Southgirl x

  10. You look gorgeous Brylee!

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  12. Oh wow brylee you look so beautiful In your dress... Oh I lost ya cell number can brylee text me plz.

  13. Happy birthday Brylee, love the dress. You look gorgeous X

  14. Happy Birthday for tomorrow Brylee. You look great in your new dress.

  15. Brylee looks lovely in her new outfit. Three little people? I take it the lovely Keera has joined you for the evening. I'm sure you are having a lovely time with your visitors :)

  16. Brylee looks great in her new outfit....and she looks like a happy teenager.

  17. Happy Birthday to Brylee! She's getting so grown up.


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