Monday, September 26, 2016


Well ... it's the school holidays ... AGAIN.

They come around so bloody fast.  It seems like they get more and more holidays as the years go on.

As for senior kids like Brylee, their learning year is pretty much DONE.  It's now just revision and study, then exams.  
So I expect her to be home more than at school from now on.

I don't have to worry about 'amusing' them in the holidays though.  They are both old enough to do their own thing.  They both have 'square eyes', and prefer to be in their rooms or watching TV.

Today I'm going down to Mitre 10 to find something to remove the tar off the concrete.  Those sleeper seats left a real mess!

I'm really chuffed with how the patio looks now.  New seating in the corner, painted BBQ table and chairs, and new squabs.  We are all set for the summer.

Monday patchwork group... I'm not sure if it's  on today?  Most of the ladies in the group don't have to worry about school holidays as they don't have school age kids.  I better ring my neighbour and find out!
If it's a night meeting, I will be going.

Right, that's all for now.  Catch ya later.


Feeling like utter shit right now.  So TIRED.  And ikky.  No idea why.

The teenagers... are still in bed.  It's 10.21 am!
I wonder if they will actually get up before lunchtime?  I'm amazed Griffin's stomach hasn't woken him up yet.  *smiles*

At least the weather isn't too shitty today... so far.
I can actually see how good the concrete looks after it's cleaning, cos it's DRY.

Somehow I don't think that will last, we are supposed to have wet weather most of the week.

 ABOVE:  *sigh*, this dog puts her toys all over the house, but mostly, in the lounge.

 ABOVE:  And when she's not chewing on SOMETHING, she's like this.  Bloody hussy.

ABOVE:  I finally got a moment to take the squabs out of their plastic bags and get a photo of them on the seats.

I'm actually really happy with the colour of them now.  They 'go' nicely with the house and setting.

ABOVE:  I've just put stain on this coffee table.  It is going to sit at the end of the corner seating.  

PETA:  we would love to cover the outdoor area with an Archgola, but it's not in the budget for now.  It's a much bigger area than our Auckland home, so no doubt at least double the cost!

Chicken steaks, bacon and veges for dinner, so yum.
Amazingly, some half decent tv programmes on tonight.
So, a lazy type of day, though I did get a few odd jobs done around the house.

Weird the things I dream about ...  I dreamed of tidying up the bathroom cupboards last night.  So I did that today.  

I'd much rather dream about shopping!

Time to go and get to bed at a decent time tonight.


  1. grey drizzly day in CHCh too Chris good day to be a teen and still in bed

  2. Anonymous12:57 PM


    Are you going to put a roof over your outdoor area like in your other home or just umbrella for summer ? as it seems to rain a lot over there. We are planning to build a patio outdoor area at the moment, we get a lot of rain and also a lot of sun !


  3. I love that coffee table!! The cushion colours look good, they match the garden :-)

  4. Your outdoor area is look really fab, I'm jealous :D

  5. Your outdoor area looks lovely, I really like the colours.

  6. The house certainly looks ready for outdoor fun. Hope you have loads of sun to get out there and enjoy all your hard work.

  7. It looks so nice! I need to get my act together and get my front yard all re weeded. I think I need some help though, I can't seem to get it done on my own.

  8. Anonymous2:28 PM

    I like the red green cushions a burst of colour.. At least this summer you will be able to relax as all jobs will be done. YAY it's me Blondie


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