Sunday, September 25, 2016


Well, it has come around so bloody fast!
Daylight saving started today.

So ... we all got up an hour earlier, yaaa.  NOT.

ABOVE:  Spring has sprung ... and we are getting blossoms.  No idea what sort of tree this one is... but it's going to be covered in those gorgeous flowers soon.

Today we are planning on doing odd jobs around the house this morning, then later on today we are going shopping for new outdoor chair cushions.

My friend Sharon is calling in on her way back to Taupo late morning, so we will hang around till she's been, before heading into town.

Today it's supposed to rain... and keep raining for the next few days.  Typically, I watered the potted plants yesterday!  Murphy's Law eh?

Oh well... better go and do some more washing, hang it on racks in me bedroom and so on.


4.22 pm:  Well... it's been a nice day so far.  We had a late breakfast, then Sharon from Taupo called in on her way home.
After she left we went into Hamilton and picked up Lacy and Keera, and we all went out to Te Awa for lunch.

Then we found some squabs for the outdoor seating:

ABOVE:  No one had BLUE squabs, so I had to get these.   They are still nice I suppose.

After squab shopping, we dropped Lacy and Keera back home.

ABOVE:  A happy Miss Muppet.. till we took her home.  Then she bawled... as kids do.

Now I'm going to think about re-covering the squab that goes on the lounger.  The lovely, bright cover I made for it has faded considerably, so it needs a new one too.

Might do that this week sometime.  Oh, and shorten the dress I'm wearing to the wedding. 

Well, it's 12.55 am !  Whoops.  Didn't realise it was that late.  Better go to bed!


  1. morning Ma #2 ad miss Muppet xx

  2. Shit - I forgot about daylight saving haha

  3. Anonymous12:22 PM


    Your tree looks like a crabapple tree


  4. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Or maybe a weeping cherry ?


  5. Seen weather last night and though Chris will be pleased she got her painting done.

  6. I'm jealous - you are heading into Spring and I am heading into Fall?????? You are getting ready for all the pretty things and I have just pulled the wood stove back in the house for the first time in approximately ten years -thanks to my daughter and her boyfriend. At least maybe I can be warmer this winter than last! Your blooms are so beautiful. ~smile~

  7. Keera is such a cutie!


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