Monday, September 12, 2016


I'm starting to believe Spring is really here now!
Not only are the days getting longer, but it's getting warmer every day.

I was worried last week that our plum tree blossoms would be blown away in the shitty weather we had, but...

ABOVE:  NO!  We now have heaps of blossoms on one tree.  It must be an early plum, and different from the other two plum trees.  The other two do not have blossoms yet.  

I can't wait till we get to see what sort of plums we are going to have!  I love plums... and am looking forward to making plum jam too.

NEXT:  shist pavers leading to the Hobbit House:

ABOVE:  It is now very clear to the littlies where the 'path' is.  Stew also moved the little green bush on the right further over, so there is more room to get through.

NEXT: Lacy called me outside at late dusk last night to take a photo of the sky ...

ABOVE:  I adjusted the shadows with photo editing, but nothing else.  It's a pretty cool photo.

And that is about all for now.

OH... last thought... I've been trying to come up with a name for our home... cos I love it so much it NEEDS a name.
It's taken quite some time, but I have come up with one.

I will reveal it once I've made the name plate *smiles*

Don't bother trying to guess.... cos you are bound to be wrong!  lol


So.... I decided it was a perfect day to wash all the windows and windowsills.  Brylee and Griffin are home today, as its a Teacher Only day at their school.

So I got them to help me do the inside windows...

 ABOVE:  She tried to avoid getting her photo taken... 

ABOVE:  Silly girl tried to hide behind her lamp... ha ha ha!

I have decided to give you the beginning letters of our house name... let's see if anyone CAN guess it?


Good luck working that out!  The 'V' might be easy (or not), but the 'H' might stump you.

Well... it's 10.18 and I've spent the evening at Patchwork Group.  I did some crochet around a knitted cot blanket tonight.  Most of us do some hand work at the evening meeting, either knitting, sewing bindings on quilts, embroidery and so on.

So, it's almost bed time, so I shall finish for the day.


  1. Morning! A year ago I had a house name plate made - and I love it. It say "míle fáilte" which is Irish for One Hundred Thousand Welcomes.

  2. House name - Bob :-)

    1. BOB??? Ahhh No. lol It's not a 'person' type of name. It's a fairly tame name from me actually.

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  4. I LOVE the Hobbit House ! Matter of fact I love the entire new home-family and all!
    can't wait for the name to be revealed!

  5. I find it amusing thaT the photo of Brylee avoiding the camera is like the BEST photo of her. Haha! She looks good, and happy! I cleaned all of our windows yesterday. It must be that time of the year. Except opposite. You are getting ready for summer and I am getting ready for winter! V for VILLA?
    Happy Villa? H for your last name? I don't know. I am not creative. Speaking of creative have you or Bex or anyone you know tried NALBINDING? It's like pre-knitting. I am trying to learn but can not get started!

    1. Happy Villa... NOPE. I've never heard of Nalbinding! Now I will have to read up on it.

  6. Happy Valley? Harvey Valley? Harvey Valley?

    1. Neither word is correct... *smiles*

  7. Did the dog trainer have any other useful info? I know you were kind of rushed that day with trainer and visitors. Just wondering what to do if Tdog is being aggresive toward a visitor? And any other info / advice that you found useful. Are they going to come for more trainings or was it a one time deal?

    1. Heaps of stuff to work on! Desensitising her to touch/noise and so on. Lots of positive praise and rewards... lots of how to distract her from other dogs/people and so on. It will take quite some time, and she might have to come back for more sessions with us and Tallulah.

    2. Oh and if she is aggressive towards visitors right now, the kindest thing to do, which we HAVE been doing, is remove her from the room. That was they are safe, and she is not so stressed out. She's a very sensitive/hyper dog, hence the problems we are having.

  8. Anonymous5:44 PM


    High Voltage ? lol or something starting with Haka


  9. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Harvey Villa

  10. Replies
    1. Trust YOU! No, my house is NOT named

  11. What is the H in Chris H? H---'s Villa de Magnafique.
    Do you have plans for the Hobbit House? I'd like to see if I could build one of them!
    Glad it's spring there. Here the days are getting shorter, and I like knowing that the days are getting longer there.
    Happy Tuesday! Here it's Monday morning. BLAH. I love reading your blog from the future, it lets me know what's going on here tomorrow!

  12. I just love that little hobbit house, it is so dang cute!


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