Friday, September 23, 2016


Today we are attending the funeral of a really lovely man, a man who we have known for over 30 years, and for Stew, even longer than that.

He's the father of one of Stew's best friends, so it's going to be a sad day.

It's expected to be a HUGE funeral, as Dick was a very well known and loved business man in Hamilton.

Stew has taken the whole day off so we can go and not worry about getting there on time, etc.

So that is pretty much our day planned.

I will show you how my Name Plate is looking:

ABOVE: I used a crackle effect, and it's pretty cool.  I don't have any wood glue to stick the letters on with, so will get some at some point today.

And that's me for now.


Thanks for that Lynda.  The letters were not in their final place in the above photo, I still had to align them and then glue them down.

Which is now done, and if it's not exactly aligned... I'm not bothered.

About to get dressed and leave for Hamilton.  We want to get there a good half an hour before the funeral, so we get a car park not too far from the venue.

Well... it was a really lovely service and farewell to an amazing Gentleman. It's sad that sometimes the only time you catch up with old friends is at funerals.

We are now heading off to the after drinks 'do' at the rugby stadium.

Poor Brylee and Griffin will have to get their own dinner tonight.

10.09 pm:  We got home around 8.30 pm, it was a long day!  The kids managed to feed themselves, and not burn the house down.  Yaaa.  It's wonderful having teenagers who can look after themselves.

Time to relax, get the shoes off and watch what's left of Coronation Street.  Some dick deleted my scheduled recording, so I've missed the first half of it.  Grrrr.
I will have to go onto the computer and watch it there.

Signing off for the day. 


  1. WoW...aleady Friday there? Still Thursday evening here (9pm) in Johannesburg South Africa. Weather very warm not spring already sumner.

  2. The sign is very nice! Sorry to hear about the passing of Stew's friend's dad :(

  3. Great effect (the cracked look). Could you try the letters slightly closer together? Just a suggestion, especially the word Vista... Funerals... sad :(

    1. Yes, I realised the letters were just "placed" there... I just thought I'd suggest that before they were glued. I love the idea of a house having a name plate. I'd love to do one for the beach house but just can't think of a name - no imagination me :)

  4. Love your beautiful name plate -it is perfect. Sooooo sorry to hear about the death - that is always soooo hard. Hugs.

  5. Name plate looking good ma.

  6. The name plate is the crackle effect.

  7. Poor Brylee and Griffin will LOVE getting their own dinner :)


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