Thursday, September 08, 2016


What I'm doing today will depend on the weather.

If it's not pissing down with rain I shall go into town and do the grocery shopping.

If it is pissing down, I will stay in and sew some more blocks together.

It has certainly gotten colder!  Spring?  Yeah, rather typically we always seem to get these late winter blasts.  I always feel bad for the baby lambs!  So many of them die in the snow down south.

 ABOVE:  The storm as it was moving up the country last night.  As it's fast moving, fingers crossed it is gone soon.

Right, I'm gunna bugger off and see what I'm doing today.


Well... I took the kids to school as it was freezing cold and raining... then I came home, took a pill and went back to bed.

Headache from hell!  No idea why.

When I got up again, I asked Lacy to make me a milo, as I felt like something warm to drink.  She made it with 2 heaped teaspoons of milo and half a teaspoon of sugar.

I couldn't taste a thing but hot water! So I added some more milo.  4 heaped teaspoons of milo?

Nah, can't taste a thing.  6 heaped teaspoons of milo.... nope, nothing.  1 more for luck?  7 heaped teaspoons of milo?

Nope.  Still just tastes like hot water!  I give up, and tip it down the sink.

What a waste.

I want to vacum the house.  The vacum bag is bursting at the seams.  I look in the cupboard for a spare bag.  NONE.

So now I'm going into Hamilton to buy some more.  No grocery shopping today ... it's too wet and cold. 

This afternoon I did some sewing, then I moved a couple of things around in the sewing room... just minor changes, nothing major.  Got watching a Glee episode, next thing I know I've watched 6 episodes!  Whoops.

Now we are having takeaways for dinner, cos I've left it a bit late to cook dinner.  Thank goodness Stew is so nice to me.  *smile

*shaking my head in .... disgust*  Some people never learn where they shouldn't go.

It's late, I'm tired.  Time for bed.


  1. SNOW- ????? So you moved from where it was mild closer to where the weather is colder?
    Hope you had a nice day-no matter which direction you chose to go in.

  2. We have had 2 nice sunny days now today we have weather warnings out and more bad weather to come. I hope it all get better before it reaches you

  3. 7 spoons of Milo? do you have a cold... is it affecting your tastebuds?

    1. Nope, no cold! No idea why I can't taste the milo :}

  4. Hope you are feeling better.

  5. Nice and hot here in Johannesburg, it was 33 degrees. Very dry here waiting for our first thunderstorm. Maybe a bad batch of Milo, it happens sometimed.

  6. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Gee that is weird about the milo wish I had an aversion to all SUGARY things lol... and YES it was cold and icky here in Taupo but to be fair cold everywhere my son said they had heater on in room all night... It's me Blondie


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