Thursday, September 24, 2015




ABOVE:  I'm trying this shit again.  I know there's some flavors I hate... but as I can't remember which one's they are... I got this multi pack.  I tried this stuff YEARS ago, hated it... but I'm willing to give it another try.

I'm thinking I will hate the coffee one!  But, I need a bit of a boost with the weight loss... I've gained SO MUCH in the past month!

Emotional eating to the max... my biggest downfall.

I'm going to replace lunch AND dinner with a shake for a week... then reassess how I feel about it.  I will have a little fruit for snacks and when I'm feeling starving.

But.  I'm going to turn it around again... I have a goal in mind for Christmas... which is approx 12 weeks away.... so I should be able to do it!

ABOVE: Archer got a temperature yesterday afternoon, Bex thinks he's teething.  As soon as it's a decent time (like 9 am), I shall be ringing her to see how he is.  One can't help worrying when a wee baby isn't well.  At least it's not Friday afternoon, when most kids decide to get sick!

Last night I got the binding on the baby quilt, took me until 11.45 pm.  So today I can sit in front of the telly and watch some mindless programmes while hand stitching it on the back.

That will take me a good hour or more.  After that, who knows?  I might do the housework, such as it is.  


ANON from yesterday:  I will always remove a crude and vulgar comment.

9.08 am: Just text Bex, Archer is OK by the sound of it.  Probably just teething temp, he was dribbling something rotten yesterday when I was there.

Well... I've done all the housework, so now it's time to get hand stitching...

12.05 pm:  Well, it took a bit longer than I thought to do the hand stitching, but 2.5 hours later... it's done:

ABOVE:  well.... I think it's cute.  Glad it's done and will be winging it's way off to England in a couple of weeks.

Lunchtime... trying not to get too 'excited'... I know I will hate the shake.  lol

12.28 pm:  And I tried the Caramel shake. YUM!
I also read up on the 'diet' and have decided not to do the first Intensive stage, but go to the 2nd 'Transitional' Stage, which is 2 shakes and one small low calorie meal a day, 2 pieces of fruit, a small serve of dairy and 2 serves of non starchy vegetables... giving a calorific amount of about 800-1000 per day.

I'm hoping this will be the kick start I need.

5.52 pm:  My mouth is watering... cooking the family's dinner (sweet n sour chicken on rice).  But, I am determined not to succumb.
I shall be trying the COFFEE shake for my dinner. Hmmmm....

And the verdict on the coffee shake?  Not bad.  Certainly not as bad as I envisioned.  It actually tasted more like chocolate than coffee!

So, this shake diet really isn't going too bad... for DAY ONE! lol

End of Day: unexpectedly, a good day.
nite nite


  1. The Quilt is so colorful and nice...Excellent job! Good luck with the shakes.

  2. christine2:09 PM

    That quilt is darling! you made the right color choices!

  3. Quilt looks amazing (as always!!!) Try a hard or soft boiled egg as a snack choice - protein!!!!!!! Hope Archer is feeling better soon :-)

  4. Penny4:09 PM

    Good luck with the new strategy! Re your comment a few days ago about blogging, I am with you, I know it is frustrating when people don't update and I am very guilty of this myself. I will keep trying to get better. On that note have just updated with that news I mentioned. Hope all is well - the quilt looks fantastic. Penny xo

  5. Love the quilt

  6. I saw on TV the other nigh that a tiny pot of sweet n sour sauce had 20 teaspoons of sugar in it. Terrible!!.... it pays to check the labels xxxx

  7. The quilt is gorgeous! I don't mind the optimist range and I wish they had the mixed pack when I did it because I got really sick of the vanilla one!

  8. I part freeze my water for some reason they taste better

  9. Chris. The quilt is fantastic. Thanks so much. Helena is going to be gobsmacked. See you next Sunday.

  10. I have a friend in US who lost approx 60 lbs on a liquid diet (probably much like this) and then has kept it off for over three years so far by eating a low carb/paleo type diet. She looks amazing and has stayed within 5 pounds of her lowest weight. Good luck with this.

  11. Love the quilt!!! Good luck with the shakes!

  12. Poor baby. I hope the shakes work well for you! :)

  13. Hope the little guy is feeling better. Nice quilt, great gift. Good luck with the shakes.

  14. The quilt is so beautiful, The shakes have some very nice flavours a friend of mine in Hamilton had them I did like them she send me one of each flavour once.... very nice


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