Tuesday, November 19, 2013


We have another 'Steve' in our family:

*sigh* ... he's loud.  He's silly. He's a Drama Queen. He's adorable.  And he's OUR'S.  And that is something we are thankful for every day... even when he's being grizzly.

BLONDIE: your suggestion yesterday that I take a 'sip of water' when I feel like eating an M & M is like telling me to jump off a cliff!  YOU DO KNOW I LOATHE water eh? Silly, silly girl!

Yet another wee video of the puppies outside...


TODAY?  Well I'm not doing as much as yesterday that's for sure.  I was really tired last night.

Bex wants to go to David's Emporium, and I want to go to a lighting shop... I saw a neat magnifying light that I'd like to get.  Then I can do some hand sewing at night and not get eye strain and yet more wrinkles!  *smiles*

I might even get a stitchery to do!  Or make a start on that one from the magazine I got from England.  I just need the threads and linen.


Yaaa... I finally have the linen and thread to make a start on my embroidery block.  And I got the magnifying light too....

 ABOVE:  sheesh that yellow border is a bit bright!   Anyway, there's what I got today, and it didn't cost as much as I thought it would to get the linen, hoop, thread, transfer pencil and needles.

ABOVE:  I put the puppies on the carpet so I could change their bedding, and they seemed to enjoy it.  One of then christened the carpet with a little puddle.  
Oh well... I expect by the time they leave for their 'Forever' homes they will have left dozens of little puddles.
Rug Doctor will be hired once they are gone to clean the carpet.

Right, it's lunch time and I'm starving.  I got a pre-cooked hot chook for our lunch today.

After lunch... I took the lamp outta the box and tried to find the perfect place to mount it.  But it just ain't working for me... feeling cross.

Then I EMPTIED the rubbish bin in the kitchen... with lots of swear words.

And I got the kids to empty the 'bin' out on the patio too... clearly I won't be using that again. 
I will just throw it all out the bloody window from now on, like we used to.  

I loathe the bins in the kitchen.  They get smelly so fast over summer.  Something will have to be sorted out for the rubbish soon or I will scream.

Cos what we have been doing is NOT working for me.  And seeing as it's ME who does the majority of shit in the kitchen, it matters to ME MOST.


End of Day:  it's been a bothersome evening.  I traced out the pattern for my stitchery, and I had done it wrong!  I needed to trace the 'opposite' side of the image.  DOH.  So, I shall do it all again tomorrow.  NOT TONIGHT.  I'm too crabby now.
And to make matters worse, the magnifying lamp just will not attatch to anything 'right' and sit how I want it to... so I'm taking it back tomorrow.  CRABBY.
nite nite


  1. I am sure Blondie's was just a typo & she really meant a sip of diet coke :-)

  2. Well take a sip of ANYTHING. Stop undoing all your hard work!!!

  3. Haha no I didn't if you think each time I pop one of those M&M's in me gob I have to have a sip of water then you won't will you!!!! AND listen you FINISH you other projects before starting more!!!! you keep on telling us to remind you well here it is DO YOUR OTHER projects. Now onto to nicer things cute puppies!!!!!!!

  4. Love you all. Grizzly and puppies , and you all


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