Sunday, August 28, 2011


Well... it's a bit of a story.
My Dad was a Logger, he owned logging machinery and ran a gang of men who's job  was to saw down pine trees,  then using HUGE Bulldozers and a loader, put them on logging trucks, which then took the logs to the mill in Tokoroa (Kinleith Mill).   My Dad was a logger for over 40 years.

In order to get his men to work (out in the bush) he often gave them vehicles to use. 
One of those vehicles was a Green Viva... which was called 'Kermit' ... well it was small and GREEN afterall!
Kermit was a part of our family for many, many years... I think everyone used Kermit at one time or another, including me.
Kermit sadly met an untimely demise one day when one of the men kinda squashed it flat with a bulldozer ... reckoned he couldn't see it!  Fair enough... the bulldozer WAS pretty big.


So... yesterday Stew bought a Kermit!   OK, our Kermit is not green, but I'm sure I can put some green on it somewhere! 

ABOVE:  hopefully.... our new car.  'Kermit', a Holden Viva.  It's grey, only 3 years old and has low K's (40,000).
I say 'bought'... but really we put a holding deposit on it.. until we can sort out the finance.
Fingers crossed it all works out as Stew will need a vehicle to get to work in a couple of months once his Company Car goes.

TODAY?  Heading out to Swanson to visit Stew's sister and see her new home.

First though... we have the Dog Control people coming out to inspect our property and ask us their standard 12 questions so we can get 'Responsible Dog Ownership',  and get our dog registration fees substantially lowered next year.
I got up early to make sure I knew the answers to their question by reading their booklet again.  *sigh*, to be honest my brain feels like mush!
Emily woke at 3am and cried so I got up and gave her a bottle.  Then she wanted to yak a while.... sheesh I'm tired!


The dog control guy duly arrived, inspected our property, asked a few questions, then said we were fine and would be getting the Responsible Dog Owner status.
AND he said it was totally OK for us to have three dogs or more as they were only little dogs, we had a very well fenced property, were not a bother to the neighbours and were obviously WELL CARED FOR A LOVED.  Awwwww.
Obviously we do not want masses of dogs, but it's good to know that we can have Steve's little dog Keba here without breaking the law!

Caring for an infant takes up a lot of time.  And visiting the SIL's new house took up some too.... OH and having a 'nana nap' this afternoon used up an hour or so too!

so, for Jaxx... here's a photo of each girl:

 ABOVE:  Bee Bee

 ABOVE: Tulip, still half asleep...

ABOVE:  Pinky... also half asleep.

ABOVE:  I am feeling sorry for Coco!  These 6 pups sure yank on her something rotten!

End of Day:  Stew cooked a really lovely roast chicken dinner tonight, it's so much nicer when you don't have to cook.  Amanda and Andrew have arrived to pick up Emily... but they are now staying until tomorrow.  Ya, they get to do the night feed!
nite nite.


  1. when i hear kermit i think of the muppets and kermit the frog but that little car does fit the kermit name i think...
    love n hgs and sent you an email

  2. Anonymous10:55 AM

    It's very sad that the little green Kermit was squashed like a bug!! But, the new silver Kermit 2, is pretty cute! Bet it gets good gas milage!! Hope it works out!...debbie

  3. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Hi! Im a new reader to your blog and I think its fab! You have such a lovely family :o)
    Sorry if this is nosy but are the 2 lovely kids you are raising your daughters kids?
    Wow and you have raised them from birth? Well done you!Can I ask why you are raising them? Again sorry if this is being nosy its just that we also may end up raising our grandson.
    Kate :o)

  4. I did laugh out loud about the bed I BET you got a huge fright I do hope you weren't injured though,we or my sister had a naroon coloured VIVA it was mean as we thrashed it and it still went and went and went.

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  7. Dad used to have a Kermit too, it was a Prius & he was a Green Cab driver so the cae was bright green. Now he druves for Blue Star & the car is white & called Casper - not quite as funky.

    I never had any doubt that the dog people would apprive you. They should use you as an example of good dog owners.

  8. O Congrats. on your "doggie-news"! That is wonderful!

    I love the little car! I hope the second -Kermit does not make friends with a bull-dozer anytime soon.! LOL

  9. Gawd why did my post end up on there 3 times YAY finally puppy photos..........

  10. Ohh thanks for the photos, looking at the photos we think we have narrowed it down to one of two. But this time next week we will have made a decision :-), and I can't wait, am getting so excited will be a long few weeks before she can come home lol.

  11. OMG...the puppies are HUGE :O)

    Michelle x

  12. Oh, the babies are so beautiful!

  13. kermit is a great name! I am going to be a copy cat.. I have just a wee green car, I shall call him Kermit. :o)


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