Thursday, August 18, 2011


ABOVE:  Stew and I went to the above movie last night.  It was LOVELY.... if a bit predictable...

ABOVE:  it was a total 'Chick Flick'... and I thought I would love Kate Hudson's part... but instead I found Ginnifer Goodwin's part much nicer, in fact she was pretty much the 'star' of the movie in my opinion...

ABOVE:  she is just GORGEOUS. 
TODAY:  taking Griffin to his Speld lesson.  Might not go into Pukekohe today ... don't want to be tempted by anything!


ABOVE:  I couldn't resist taking this shot... Wee Tulip snuggled between her big brothers Rhino and Bruiser.

ABOVE:  I'll have you know it is VERY difficult to get a puppy to keep still long enough to photograph them with their eyes open!  This is Kiba, and the first photo I've managed to get of a puppy with it's eyes open!

JAXX:  One of our puppies could have YOUR name on it right now if you wanted!  They are just the most adorable wee things, very sociable, love kids, never molt, don't smell... I could go on and  on about how lovely they are!  You are welcome to visit if you want and check them out anytime!  lol

WOMBAT:  NO, I did not have the flash on... that would have been mean.

Sat in the car and did Sudoku puzzles while I waited for Griffin... home now and going to catch up on some housework...

Got the kids to do a bit of housework when they got home from school... it's amazing how much Griffin can MOAN!  At least they did a bit for me... I've got a really BIG chicken in the oven for dinner... then I de-knotted Coco's belly and ears... and now I can relax for a little while.

ABOVE:  Dinner was nice.
End of Day:  a lovely winter's day, crisp in the morning then sunshine all day.
nite nite.


  1. I went and saw that and it took me until the end to remember I had read the book series :)

  2. Cannot remember the last time I went to the pics,. . Yes I can , my son took me to see Wallace and gromit . Yep! I love those sort of films .

    Those puppies are gonna break your heart .

  3. I love the way their tails curl under their bums. So cute!

    Have not seen that movie, but I do like Ginnifer Goodwin.

  4. OMG since Millie has gone I am so tempted to buy one of your puppies - though I do have to consider David's dog, but I am sure she would love a puppy to boss over lol.....

  5. Kiba is just beautiful, and those dreamy the puppies all together with eyes open will melt anyone.

  6. Anonymous12:03 PM

    I hope you didn't use the flash when you took the photo of the pup's eyes! WOMBAT

  7. Me hubs would never watch a chick flick now that we're married. I love Kate Hudson. Must watch this movie. On my own.

  8. Sounds like a great movie!

  9. omg that pic of the baby dog is SO cute!!!!

  10. I had to laugh about trying to keep a puppy long enough to catch their eyes or even an adult furbaby. Sometimes I think it is a conspiracy ! LOL You did Great job!

  11. WHAT happened to these dogs??? They doubled in size over the last day or so, wowwwww!

  12. How much you selling them for?? Email me at

  13. Even more adorable with eyes open!

    That chicken looks fabulous! Too bad you don't live closer so I could have popped over for a bite!

  14. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Might have to gather the girls and go see this one too!! Love those Chick FLicks!! The puppies are so adorable and their hair is really growing!!...debbie


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