Thursday, August 04, 2011


I got to sleep with Coco and her pups last night.
Normally Steve would have... it's his room after all... but as Steve has a job interview this morning I decided to watch them overnight.

I didn't sleep much!  I spent a lot of time 'rescuing' a puppy who wandered off or went behind Coco...

But.. all is good.  Coco is a fantastic little mother.  Teddy got too close at one point last night and one of the puppies cried (just by chance)... Well!  Coco rounded on Teddy, latched onto his face and growled ... Teddy backed off immediately! (She didn't hurt him, just warned him)

So her mothering instinct is well and truly there.

ABOVE:  Coco and her six.... I don't blame her for that face... she was tired after two solid hours of pushing puppies out!

ABOVE:  the line up.... all present and accounted for.

The biggest puppy weighed 218 grams... he was the first and breech.
Our smallest puppy weighs 125 grams... she is our little runt.  I'm keeping a close eye on her.

Now they are all here we are trying to tell who is who!  They are all slightly different in colour/patterns... so eventually we will be able to tell who is who.
For now they have on their little collars and we are calling them by their colour.

I think today will be spent hovering over them... I can't think of anything else!


Stew took the morning off work so he could take Steve to his job interview.  Fingers crossed for Steve everyone.

The puppies are patchy right now... but they might go much whiter as they get to about 1 yr old,  as that's what Teddy & Coco did.

Struggling.... to stay awake.  Must have a nap.... this pulling an all nighter is NOT fun.  Stuff being a midwife! 

I just woke up after a good two hour nap. 
Three boys, 1 mostly black patches and the biggest, 1 mostly greyish patches and 1 mostly brown patches...
Three girls, all have predominantly black patches... but different markings.  Pink has a black spot on her right hand side, Yellow is the runt and has two tiny black spots on her back among all her patches and Purple has a white patch on her back that I think looks like 'Big Bird' from Sesame Street.

I talked to the Vet this afternoon just to make sure she knew what was happening... I expressed concern about not seeing even one Placenta... she assured me Coco no doubt ate them all!  Ikkkk... makes me feel a bit ill that does. lol
ALSO, she told me to get the collars off them as they could get hurt with them on... so off they came.  She said leave them off until the pups are bigger.
That's fine as Steve and I now know who is who... which we need for when we weigh them so we know how each one is doing.

I'm impressed that we can already tell them all apart!  

Coco's pups weighed in at 1.04 kilos combined... what a way to lose weight Coco! As she is only about 5 kilos herself that was a lot of puppy in her belly.  Bet she feels better now!

End of Day:  I got really scared for Coco tonight... her temperature went up to 102.2 !  So I fed her ice cream, turned off the heat lights and waited.... after an hour she finally perked up, went outside for toilet (1st time since having pups) and ran around the house and chased Teddy and Steve for a while before returning to her pups.  Phew!  So relieved.  We think she just was too hot in the whelping box with the heat on.  It's going to a juggling act to keep her cool enough and the pups warm enough! 
Steve is doing the overnight shift watching her tonight.  Yaaa... maybe I will get a decent sleep tonight?
nite nite.


  1. Oh how adorable, I can't wait to see them bouncing around as they get a bit older.

    Sounds as though she is the perfect protective Mother.


  2. It's so exciting to see the little ones! Congrats! I'm glad Coco and all the pups are doing well.

  3. Lee-AnneL7:47 AM

    Oh so lovely, Coco has done so well and hope it wasn't to hard on you.I can away to work now and not have to worry whether or not the babies are here. I have a little Tammy just like Coco right down to the front teeth. We are lucky for sure. Hope Teddy will be ok being Step Dad to 6 wont be easy for him

  4. Congrats to all, and how lovely being there to see it all. Good luck to Steve for the interview.

  5. Yep, I've got everything crossed for Steve for his job interview.

    The puppies are gorgeous, I can just imagine you clucking all over them.....hahaha

  6. Oh how awesome well done coco
    good luck steve :) have a nice restfull day chris

  7. adorable, just gorgeous. Pleased she is being such a good mummy.

  8. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Suggestion put a little puppy basket in there so Coco can have a break & they stay in a confined space & keep warm

  9. Just warms the cockles of me heart just gorgeous wee bundles yay the smallest is just a cuite pie, good luck for Steve today.

  10. good luck Steve and Coco! How exciting!

  11. So exciting to see the pups! I wasn't expecting them to come out all patchy. They are so cute!! Congratulations!!
    And good luck to Steve with his interview today :)

  12. So cute! I envy you the experience of helping Coco! Best wishes for continued health as they grow! Best of luck to Steve!


  13. The look on Coco's face is priceless! I'm wondering why none of the pups are white like her? Good luck to Steve!

  14. Congratulations on a safe delivery and good luck to Steve too

  15. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Hoping Steve gets his job!! The puppies are just darling!! I hope they stay colored like they are now. I love black and white pups!! They look nice and healthy and Coco looks contented!! Congratulations!!! ...debbie

  16. Keeping my fingers crossed for Steve, and a big smile on my face for Coco and the puppies! What a wonderful experience it must have been for you!

    Congratulations on your beautiful grand-puppies!

  17. What a splendid girl Coco is, and that little rainbow of puppies couldn't be cuter.

  18. Oh my goodness! Congratulations on your six beautiful little puppies!

  19. Great photos. I kept thinking of you all last night wondering how you were going. You have made my day yesterday, when things are tough I look at these photos. How truly wonderful. Martine

    PS: Good luck to the lovely Steve on his job interview.

  20. hope by now Steves interveiw is over and promising results

  21. I hope Steve got the job!! If not a puppy is a good consolation prize ;)

  22. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Love Martines comments yesterday & today certainly reflected how everyone was feeling for Coco & grandma. Well done.
    I think Mac has had rather a large input into the colouring Can we see a reminder photo of the little stud. A couple of them look brownish or is that just the lighting. What a size that 1st one is makes your eyes water just thinking about it. Me can't wait to see the runt.
    Mary H

  23. I am just so excited for you and Coco. What a wonderful little mother she is. They all look so adorable.

    Best wishes for Steve for his interview...sending good thoughts his way!



    P.S. Hope you get some rest!

  24. they are soooo cute I love the runts the best always!!!!

  25. They are gorgeous! I can tell you're smitten!

    All fingers crossed for Steve. Hope the job is close to home!

  26. Congratulations! What a wonderful doggy-faily :) They are so cute and Coco is a good mother.

  27. You must be exhausted looking after Coco & the 6 puppies. I imagine Griffin & Brylee are excited, will you take the puppies to school when they are big enough?

  28. Anonymous10:34 PM

    Check with the vet but I think her body heat & the blakets are all you need nly use the lamp if they are unwell

  29. Anonymous11:16 PM

    My brother (his dog had 3 litters of between 12-13) never had a heat pad...the mum kept the puppies warm. Are you sure you need it?


  30. You and Coco are amazing! You and Steve were excellent midwives! The pic with Coco is precious!!! :)

  31. Yeah! Six adorable puppies and Coco is doing well! That is a perfect outcome. Can't wait to see the little ones up and around in the coming days.


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