Sunday, January 30, 2011


I'm off to Spotlight first thing this morning... I didn't get around to going yesterday and I really MUST GO and get a few things so I can get an order done before next saturday.

It's a 'stay open bag' and a baby change mat for my neighbour.  She's off to a baby shower next weekend and her gift is a nappy bag and change mat.

I'm rather chuffed she asked me to make them... so now I really must get me arse into gear and do it!

The weather is much nicer today by the look of it... which means Stew can mow the lawns, they are up to our knees well almost!  lol, and the kids can play in their splash pool.

If they are busy I won't feel bad by sewing all day....


Wow would ya look at the time!  I've been sewing solidly since 10am... I've made the change mat and now I'm working on the bag.

Stew, the Darling, has done the washing, fed the kids, mown the lawns, cleaned both cars and is now off buying more Diet Coke, cos we are down to the last bottle and I'm getting the jitters!!!!   lol

ABOVE:  this is what I started with this morning... and you will have to wait until tomorrow to see what I did with it!

END OF DAY:  I'm stuffed.  Been working on bag and change mat all day, happy to say I have finished it.  Yaaaa... now where's me lunch!   (yeah, it's 10.30 pm and I forgot me lunch AND dinner)
DIET: much better today obviously!
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Sounds like you and hubby are having a busy day. So far today, I haven't done much. Bob did take my car to the car wash and get it cleaned inside and out. Sun is out here and it's pretty warm- snow is melting!!...debbie

  2. After yesterday fundraiser I have been scrubbing BBQ down, weeding 3 small gardens sweeping and 3 loads washing all before 11am I got to bed at 1am (I am on a not enough sleep cleaning BUZZ) that will last till when I hit the wall at nana nap time!!!!!!!

  3. I'm reading your blog while drinking a Diet Coke, reading about Stew has gone to get you more Diet Coke... I sent Tom out on the exact same mission yesterday!! xxx

  4. It's 40 degrees here today and a day you don't want to even venture outside to hang out the washing! Ugh!

  5. I think your neighbor is very lucky to have such a talented gal living close by -and you have to consider : "she has seen the best " and then there is the "rest" : ( I don't blame her - she must be one smart neighbor???? : )

  6. Isn't that dangerous? letting the Diet Coke supply go down to one bottle before getting more! It would be like when we run out of coffee.
    Your widemouth, stay-open bags are really cool. Something like that would be good for dive gear or tools.


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