Thursday, January 27, 2011


I think I'm in for a nice day!

The kids are going to the Zoo with their Aunty Khady... and I am not.

So, it's an early start for us... I have to get them to the Zoo front door by 10am!    Yeee Gads that's gunna be hard.  We have been staying in bed until 9am most days!

*sigh*... but I suppose if I want a day to myself I better drag myself out of bed eh?

 ABOVE:  the lounge after I re-arranged it AGAIN.
I like it.  It feels roomier... and I took the cream wool rug out... I am over it fluffing up and spreading bits of wool all over the floor!  Back to our original lounge rug... one that we were given by Stew's Mum and Aunty 23 years ago!!!

ABOVE: and just how typical is this???  Our lovely big plasma TV has gone and shit itself!  We've only had it 2.6 years for F*#ks sake!  Grrrrrrr.  Still trying to find out from Harvey Norman's if we purchased an Extended Warranty or not.   Knowing our luck... NOT.

ONWARD...  Debbie:  that thick black line down the middle is not supposed to be there!  Tracy:  thanks for the info... hopefully it helps.

Whoops!  Havn't been on me blog much today at all have I?  I have been too busy being a lazy tart!  Oh and my aunt from up the road called in and yakked me ears off to two solid hours!  I can't do what I wanted for dinner now cos it's too late to put it on!   Darn.... we will have to eat takeaways! WHAT. A. SHAME.

I've got my Weight Watcher's meeting tonight too... I'm not feeling that confident of a loss this week... I've been over indulging a bit ... HOLIDAY an all eh?  No excuse I know!
Fingers crossed the damage isn't too bad.

I'll come back later and report the sunburn blisters weigh much????

LOL PATRICK:  I know the blisters weigh diddly squat in fact nothing, I was just joking! 

Jackie:  yes, you most likely saw Brylee and Griffin at St Lukes... they were with their Aunty having lunch after visiting the Zoo.  How funny!  I was at home basking in the SILENCE for the first time in 6 weeks!!!

Funnily enough Brylee and Griffin met Lynda while they were at the Zoo too.... talk about my kids being recognised twice in one day by bloggers/people who read my blog!   Auckland is a huge city... what's the chance of that happening again??

End of Day:   I will keep you all in suspense until tomorrow to tell you how it went at Weight Watchers! 
DIET: yep, all good there!
nite nite.


  1. Oh man your telly has done exactly what mine did. I had only had the thing a two years but I decided (since it had cost a fortune) that I would get it fixed (at a cost of $420). Anyway, it was all fixed and working perfectly again when after only 4 months use the same part failed again and the exact same fault occured. (which again was just out of the 3mth warrenty the shop gave on repairs).

    Needless to say I was not impressed. (especially since my big flat screen had replaced my previous dinosaur which had been a hand me down and was around 20 years old and had been still working without missing a beat. Had only upgraded to get something bigger and could take the modern devices such as blu ray, and playstation without needing adaptors).

  2. Anonymous9:09 AM

    @hat's the matter with your tv - looks good to me. Do you have it on the double screen mode?? Picture in a picture mode?? ...debbie

  3. Even if you did not buy the extended warranty they still have to repair or replace it because you are covered under the Consumer Guarantees Act which basically says it must be fit for the purpose & it should also last a reasonable period of time and 2.6 years is not reasonable for a plasma TV. Check out the website for more info & if you need anything else from there let me know & I will print it off & send it to you because we have a subscription thru work.

  4. Isn't that typical of a TV and was that RAIN I saw ont he horizon of WGTN, I do hope not!!! We have a hangi/BBQ/FUNDRAISER this Saturday arvo/night!!! please cross all of your bits for FINE weather for us! OR even overcast weather.

  5. The lounge looks great.....except for that crazy picture on your TV :)

  6. Sawe your kids at the zoo... let them into the girrafe feeding line. They looked so shocked when I said "hello Griffin and Brylee"... hehe...

  7. I am a veteran sun burner, and I can say that sunburn blisters do not weigh much at all. They do however piss me off a great deal.

    Nice Blog!

  8. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Were you at St Lukes today? I saw a couple of kids who looked like yours but didn't spot you, I was rushing through with daughter to A & E down the rd but parking is horrendous so St Lukes carpark and walk thru plus would be needing something there afterwards!


  9. good luck tonight!

    hope you enjoyed your day!

    love the lighting in your lounge room btw

  10. I assume it's the same in NZ but Tracy is right. It's called statutory warranty here. We pulled that card when Jarryd's DS broke after 13 months but had a 12 month warranty. I spoke to Nintendo and they fixed it for nothing.

    Hope you had a good result at weigh in.

  11. Yes, thank you Chris. I've finally recovered from the shot of your boobs to write a comment. And thks, I won't buy Panasonic. I don't know how you do it moving your furniture - you must be strong. I moved some furniture yesterday and ended up lying down all day becos me back hurt like crazy after.

  12. Well, Sorry about your TV. We have a 20 inch TV, and no cable. I wouldn't be too upset if it broke...
    It is cool meeting people who know you (or the kids) from your blog. I've had people approach me in parking lots who recognized me.
    I always say, Facebook is for finding old friends, Blogger is for making new ones!

  13. how cool that the kids get to meet bloggers out an about... i hope you have the warrenty onthe tv and big hugs :) love the lounge :)

  14. Hope its good news from WW. Looks like you had a busy day by yourself. Good luck with the TV.


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