Sunday, November 07, 2010


I was sitting at my computer desk, minding my own business when out of the corner of me eye I see this smallish cockroach crawling up the wall beside me.

Horrors!   I hate those things.  So I picked up the heavy coaster beside me a squished the bugger.

Now I feel sick.  I can't bring myself to scrap it off the wall.  It's stuck there forever, mocking me.... every time I look at it I feel sick.  AND I can see it in my peripheral vision all. the. time.
Serve me right for killing it I suppose?

Can someone come and remove it... PLEASE????

It's sunday, his nibs is sleeping in.... and I'm sitting here with a dead cockroach.  What joy.

ABOVE: Stew yesterday, staining the newly sanded front door (which HE did, not me, heee hee) and:
 ABOVE: our gorgeous two.... waiting at the top of the steps for Stew and the kids to come home from the park last night.  So.  bloody.  cute.  (they sat there for an hour!)


We decided to go to Maraetai today for lunch.. it was a perfect day... after lunch we went to a park and the kids had a nice play around:

It really was so nice.   Still a cool breeze though, not too hot yet.

Then we came home and went to an Open Home or two.  We are starting to think of MAYBE moving to a larger, but less expensive house.   This home is really lovely, but just too small.  We will's just an idea at the moment, nothing concrete.  YET.

Quite a few Pro's and Con's to consider.  But the main ones are getting a more roomy house and schools for the kids when they are a bit older.  Griffin's needs must be considered carefully given his learning difficulties.

End of Day:  I keep looking at that squished cockroach, expecting millions of babies to come creeping out!  Ain't gunna happen!  It's dead... totally dead.   Spent a lovely evening sitting in the lounge doing sweet bugger all!  nite nite.


  1. Anonymous6:30 AM

    You better kill every cockroach you see or you'll be over run with them in no time! Kill the buggers!!! The front door is looking great! The two sitting on the steps are just darling!! lol ...debbie

  2. Ick! on the cockroach.
    Yay! for getting Stew to stain the door.
    Aww! for the cute little waiting dogs.

  3. Thought I'd cheer you up with a little story. In the South, there are *flying* cockroaches and they can usually be about 2 inches (5 cm-ish) inches long. They are called Palmetto bugs. They will crawl right up your pant leg, too.

    Bummer I can't tell what kind you had there. I hear all roaches love beer. What you do is put some plastic cups with Vaseline all over the rim and sides and about an inch or so of beer inside. Roaches crawl in and can't get out.

    GL to you on getting rid of these! Remember, there is no shame in HAVING roaches, just in KEEPING them. God bless!

  4. Oh spew I was eating breakfast when I came across your splattered cockroach.

    The dogs are gorgeous.

    Sorry if this is a duplicated comment but I'm typing in th dark and didn't know if the first one went thorugh.

  5. OHHHH KNOW real wrong move squashing cockroaches they are full of eggs that will carry on..... NEVER NEVER squash a cockroach....we had millions of those outside ones cause of living by the saltmarshs....... when in Tauranga enjoy all the babies that will now appear lol :-)

  6. OH yukkk! I hate the creepy things. Have you seen our giant "Matarangi Beetles" I call them pine beetles. Hideous things but mostly they live outside under sticks and so on. We spray around all the doorways and windows and it mostly keeps the house free of them. I can handle moths and most flying things but these crawly things give me the shudders ... almost as bad as spiders. *Keep Smiling*

  7. I can't stand roaches. Vile creatures.

  8. Ha ha I picked up an arm load of wood once bought it inside and then on my shirt WAS A BLACK native coakroach longer and fatter than most male thumbs!!!!! I FRIGGIN screamed my head off! aside from that I never squash them I catch them and transport them in a THROW away plastic glass down the road and throw them onto someone elses grass berm! or down the back gully where we live.

    Cute bums on steps too BTW.

  9. yuk!!!!!!!!! hate them,

  10. Amanda12:41 PM

    AHAHAHAHA! BAHAHAHAHA! You dick! dont you know the glass and paper trick?? At least you can get it out of the house..... AHAHAHA! Hope it hasnt made too much of a mess or stain on the wall, dad mite growl you.... AHAHAHAHA!

  11. Oh Chris, I (or rather me hubs) usually try to catch them bugs ALIVE or stun them. That way, there's no mess to clean up. Our tools - plastic bags, newspapers and lots of screaming.

  12. Here is a sure fired way to get rid of roaches. Put 1/2 sugar and 1/2 boric acid powder in a small bowl around and you will never see a roach again. I used about 1/4 cup and 1/4 cup of each. Try it and tell me if it works. We used to have them in an old house we rented when we were first married and I tried this and it worked.

  13. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Looks like a job for Stew, cleaning up the roach guts! In our garden shed I put an empty ice cream container with some cheap honey or syrup in the bottom. The cockies get in but can't get out because they are stuck in the honey! WOMBAT

  14. Interesting that you are thinking of moving. I have heard from teachers that lower decile schools get far more funding for special needs ie, reading difficulties etc. That might be something to consider. Obviously you would not want to go too low decile but it could be worth looking into. Where do you think you'd like to live?

  15. Oh gawd Chris .... that is truly gross!!!! Good thing you redeemed your self with the cute pupper piccy!!!
    Joy :o)

  16. Exciting taking a look a new properties.

    Yuk to the cockroach!!!

  17. Anonymous7:36 PM

    You nicely summed up the issue. I would add that this doesn’t exactly concenplate often. xD Anyway, good post…

  18. I adore photos of Teddy and Coco. Very cute photos. Martine

  19. awww, your doggies are just too cute.

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