Monday, March 01, 2021


 Yesterday I was showing the little kids all the runners I've just made. They like to see what I've been doing, and try to nick something out of the shop! 

Anyway, I hadn't kept count, and to my surprise I realised I'd made 8 in the last couple of weeks.  

I'm really happy with that.  My goal this week is another 3-4.  Probably will be Gnomes.  

ABOVE:  Thanks K and S for buying a runner or two.  😊  

So that will be me today.  Housework first, I always do the bulk of it on a Monday.  Then sewing.

ABOVE:  I love taking photos of water/splashes.
Lacy did a good one yesterday.

ABOVE:  Most of our weekend visitors. And of course we had Griffin, Kayla and Amanda here too.  Love our family.


In a big bowl add...
3 decent sized cups of self raising flour
4 teaspoons of baking powder
3-4 cups of grated Tasty Cheese 

- mix together with a knife.

- Then pour in some milk to mix.  Mix with a knife until it clumps together.  NOT STICKY.

- Tip out onto a floured bench or board.  
DON'T knead it! Just tap tap, pat pat into shape.

- Cut with a knife into rectangles or squares. 

- Place Baking Paper on an oven tray, put scones on the tray, leave a gap between each one, and put in a pre-heated oven.  

- 200 Deg C for 15-20 minutes.
If you have a hot oven (I do), you need to check them after 15 minutes.

Once done, have hot with jam and cream.

I cannot make 'regular' scones to save myself!  They always come out like rocks.   My cheese scones always work for me.  

ABOVE: Tasty Cheddar cheese.  Dairy Whipped cream, though I usually use fresh cream that I whip up myself with some icing sugar added, and I just use a regular dinner knife to mix it.
When you use a good amount of grated cheese, you don't need any butter.

ABOVE:  How did I miss this cute one?  

I might visit the supermarket today.  We  have NO FLOUR left in the house.  I think that's a first.
Other than that little outing... I will be home based.

12.53 pm:  And I've had a busy morning.
First off I went to the supermarket for flour... and yeah, had to bring it home straight away cos I bought more than JUST flour... of course.

Then I backtracked and went to Briscoes and The Warehouse, as I wanted to find a new Clothes Airing Rack.

The one I have been using for displaying all my Table Runners was starting to come apart.

ABOVE:  That's me old one... it holds 14 large runners and about 6 small ones.

ABOVE:  I've been holding it together with cord.  But it keeps falling apart.

So, I looked in The Warehouse, and all they had were the little wire ones that were not suitable.

Then I looked in Briscoes.  And BLOODY HELL!
They had like 14 or so to choose from!
How the hell do you choose from 14?
EVENTUALLY I narrowed it down to three.
One I really, really liked, but it was $139.99.  That seemed way too expensive for a clothes airer.
The other two were around $80.   Hmmmm.... I was about to get the $80 one, even though it wasn't really what I wanted, when I saw 'THE SIGN'.

And the Sign said 'All Clothes Airers 50% off'.  
So I was thrilled to bits, and got the one I really wanted after all.

ABOVE:  There it is.  And best of all, it hold at least twice as much as the old one.  There's room on there for another 10 large runners!

So a very good morning.  And now, it's lunchtime.

1.30 pm:  And I can't think of a single thing I want for lunch.  😒  So it can wait.

Because the new Table Runner rack is longer than the last one, I had to do a little move around in the shop.

ABOVE:  It meant using a smaller table in the middle of the room for the Bowl Cosy's, so I could put the longer Table Runner rack in the bigger gap by the window.  
I like how you can see the runners better on this new rack.

Brylee visited me this afternoon, and arrived with a pie and chips for my lunch, at 3 pm! lol

I've done some jigsaw puzzling this afternoon.
And now... cooking dinner.
Which is Chicken pieces, Onion Rings and veges.

Right.   The day is done.  I'm signing off, catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Thank you for recipe. Very pleased.

    I had to look up “tasty cheese” - form of cheddar?

    Also mixing with a knife was a new one on me. What type of knife do you mean? (I use a pastry cutter, which I guess could be thought of like several knives.)

    I used to get cheese and olive scones from a shop in town, long ago. Obviously a different flavor profile than jam and cream. Suggestions?

  2. (I would be highly amused by a video of this recipe if you are ever bored.)

    Maybe you said - how many scones does it yield?

  3. Do you need self raising flour as well as baking powder? That is a lot!! The very best scones I have ever had in my entire life were at Riverstone Kitchen (Dot's Castle, Oamaru). They used a recipe that had been handed down for 4 generations and I actually spoke to Dot herself (google her if you don't know who I mean) and she told me the history of the scones. We had the date and orange scones... OMG fluffy and the best ever. The most simple recipe ever possibly easier than your cheese scones because you don't even have to grate cheese!

    1. ^^^^^^ thanks for the recipe Lynda. I love anything orange flavoured, will definitely try these xxxxx

    2. Lynda, that is a coincidence that you just mentioned Riverstone, my Mum just sent me photos of the castle this morning because her and my stepfather were there on the weekend (they live in Dunedin)!

      Also, what a double take I just took, I grew up eating Mainland Tasty cheese out of the red package and over here it is green, which took me some time to adjust to. Just saw Chris's photo above and felt like I was in an alternative universe (NZ rather than Australia).

      Will try these scones too, I'm with Christy, orange (and lemon) are the best!

  4. great family pix from yesterday!!!!! Awesome scone recipe but I can't really imagine jam and cream on a "savoury" scone --------- xxxxxxx

    1. You will be AMAZED at how delicious they are! They don't taste savoury at all.

  5. Thanks for the pics of the ingredients. That really helps! Might have to try it!

  6. That looks handy. Maybe you should buy another one for your clothes!

    1. I will be using the old clothes airer for drying clothes on now, just as soon as I can get it to stop collapsing.

  7. I love the clothes airer, perfect for runners!

  8. Will definitely make some scones with the recipe 😋 might add bacon and onion too! Didn't win Lotto so back to work today 😫

  9. Thanks for the scone recipe, I too cannot make scones to save my life and I hate rubbing butter into flour. Phill loves scones so will definitely try this. Family photos are lovely, you really are blessed. Thank goodness you saw "The Sign" re the airers. I had to giggle at the way you wrote that.

    1. Anonymous8:50 PM

      I dodge recipes where you have to rub butter into flour too

  10. Haha cute 🦆 bums 😂
    Night DCR
    #Lacy 💙

  11. I love cheese scones, the cream sounds a little weird but I’m up for trying it! Has Brylee settled in at her new place now? Great photos of the family.

    1. You must try it with jam and cream! And yes, Brylee is all settled now.

  12. I guess we will be making cheese scones - for the first time. 😁
    Love your family pics! 😉

  13. I want scones, preferably ones you've made ☺️☺️
    Bit late on this comment but loved Bex's knitted toys. My grandkids have asked me to crochet them mood octopuses. Tell her to Google on ravelry 'reversible mood octopus'. One side is smiley and one glum.
    Tell her the kiwi is truly awesome. Terrific tree deco!!!

  14. Wow what a busy weekend you had! Looks like you had quite the full house. Your scones sound delicious. I've been wanting to make some for awhile but have been too lazy to follow on through. Keep well, keep safe!

  15. The runners look so nice displayed that way


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