Thursday, March 04, 2021



Today I am determined to have a better day!

I am going to make a passionfruit slice (Thanks for the recipe Tania) and then I am going to sew.

I did NOTHING yesterday afternoon except yak with family and sit on me bum!

I am going to do everything I can to be more positive.

Nothing is gunna change unless I try harder.

So, I'm gunna get out of bed BEFORE 8, turn the   music ON and get moving.

Let's be doing this.

9.50 am:  I woke up this morning with a very clear vision of what I wanted to accomplish today.
And I'm happy to say, it's in progress.

ABOVE: This gorgeous daughter arrived and we did some work.  She got to do most of the heavy shit.  Now I just have a few hours ahead of me doing the fine tuning.
I will divulge all... later.

AND no, I've not made the passionfruit slice yet.  That will now happen either this afternoon or evening.
But... it will happen!  πŸ˜‹πŸ˜†πŸ˜ƒ

So, I'm working in my sewing room, and this happens:

ABOVE: It absolutely bucketed down!  I felt like dancing in it, it was so wonderful to see.  It is going to cool things down a bit, and of course, water the gardens for me. 

Next thing, while it's still bucketing down, Bex arrived.  She got pretty wet getting inside from her car.

ABOVE:  Next thing I know, she's helping me too!
Thanks girls.
Love you lots.

So.  What have I been doing?
I've closed my shop.  It wasn't getting enough people in to keep it open really.  And I didn't want to be tied to it for hours and hours for nothing.
I will concentrate on building up my stock, and do summer markets only.

ABOVE:  I now have room to swing quite a few cats.  And I like it.

After it was finished, Bex and I went to the supermarket to buy the biscuits for the Passionfruit Slice.

After lunch I will make it.

Ky Girl:  here is your answer:

ABOVE:  You buy very plain biscuits (top left), crush them like you would if you were making a cheesecake base or similar, then add the butter, coconut and condensed milk.  Mix it all together, press into a lined slice tray, put in the fridge to set.  Make the icing with butter, passionfruit pulp and icing sugar.  Pour on top of the base and return to the fridge to set.  It is THAT simple!
The actual recipe is in the comment section on yesterday's post.

ABOVE:  Mine is made and setting in the fridge.  It took less than 10 minutes to make.

3.45 pm:  And OMG!
We have just had the most violent thunderstorm I have ever witnessed!
I took a video, it is downloading.

ABOVE:  My sunroom ceiling sprang several leaks!  All the windows suddenly fogged up from the extreme change in temperature outside.

ABOVE:  Ice stones, not hail stones!

And it's now 4.10 pm and it has all stopped.  It's eerily silent.  Except for the dripping.
And the bloody sun is even trying to come out!

Today has been THE BEST day I've had in over a week!  I've been busy all day.  The thunderstorm was exhilarating!  I have dinner planned.  I've cleaned things that I've not cleaned in ages (the kitchen sink for one... it just got a sound scrubbing), and I just feel good today.
Clearly keeping busy is the key to getting on top of my mood.  
And having the girls visit was really nice too.

Stew is on his way home from Rotorua, I hope he doesn't encounter any vile weather!

Stew got home safely and we had dinner, watched some TV and so on.
Usual sort of evening.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I agree with everything you just said - except getting out of bed before 8. Too early! Then again, I am a night owl and that is probably worse. So get up, rock out, and get through this day. Never discount the importance of yakking and bum sitting either!

    1. I am a night owl too. Virtually never go to bed before 11 - 12.

  2. Oh yummy! Let me know what you think! That VJ cooks website is awesome and has some really good recipes

  3. Leeann9:25 AM

    Yes we need the slice recipe if it turns out good. How is the new treadmill? You could ring friends and talk while walking on it maybe? I find light exercise helps when I'm feeling down.

  4. Anonymous9:43 AM

    And don't forget to give yourself a hug, Chris. It can be done, do a hard squeeze hug. You deserve it. And everyone loves a hug, even from ourselves it can feel good. So do it! {{{HUGS}}} Ky Girl

    p.s. I am hoping your morning has been fine and continues to be.

  5. Good on Lacy, she is a trooper :-). Have a great day :-)

  6. You should have gone and danced in it and Lacy could have taken a video to post 🀣🀣

    1. I had gone by then xx
      #Lacy πŸ’™

    2. You know I'm George's Mum aye Lacy?? I took your advice and created an account πŸ‘

    3. Oh good on ya George's Mum xx aka Robin πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
      #Lacy πŸ’™

  7. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Chris - what does this actually mean? to buy the biscuits for the Passionfruit Slice - are biscuits cookies? Is a slice a piece of cake? If so, why would you combine the two? Help an American out. I am confused! ;-) Ky Girl

    1. A slice is just a term for something that is a sweet, but not a cake. The answer to your other question is on the blog now.

  8. Shot Bex xx 😊
    #Lacy πŸ’™

  9. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Might try the passionfruit slice with butternut bikkiesπŸ˜‹

  10. We've had rain like that here today (Matarangi) but not the hail. Wow, that's some huge ice/hail!! What crazy weather we are having.

  11. We had it too it was crazy rain and lightning thunder....
    So pleased you had an awesome day

  12. Glad to hear you have had a great day. We had the thunder and downpour that lasted about 5 mins- no hail. Soon after the sun was shining. How crazy!!

  13. So glad you’ve had such a good positive day. Go you πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ That was some storm. We get those frequently where I live (Sydney Australia). They can be very scary and cause lots of damage in a short amount of time. Enjoy your night and hope you are on the mend and can string a run of ‘good days’. Fingers crossed 🀞

  14. Yea shit that weather turned crazy so quick....poor kids and anyone else out in it at the time, it freaked the kids out here, and we were in doors lol... trying to help keep kids calm while im secretly freakikg out myslef lol i dont like lightning 🌩
    #Lacy πŸ’™

  15. Anonymous1:04 AM

    Thank you Chris for showing and telling me what your dish looks like. I totally understand now. It looks so refreshing and I bet it is really appreciated on a super hot day.

    That was an exhilarating hail storm. Glad you are feeling better. XO

    Ky Girl

  16. Usually when we get weather like that there's a tornado running about. You dessert does look yummy. Take care keep safe.

  17. Goodness! Lovely hail storm there! Yes, hail is ice... regardless of size... but WOW! How exhilarating are storms like that! Scary! Thrilling! Scary! Loud! All of that! Sad about the sunroom leaks but fortunate that it's only in very heavy storms like that.

    Oh, and that slice looks awesome. Might have to have a go myself!


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