Thursday, March 18, 2021


 Late yesterday afternoon I decided to have a go at assembling the wardrobe system in my 'new' wardrobe 'room'.

But I ran into a small problem:

ABOVE:  This is the metal strip that runs along the top of the wall, and everything hangs off it.
I couldn't get some of the screws off it.
So.... hmmmm.

I thought, I'll send a photo of them to Steve, asking him how to get them off.

And then I sat down and waited.
I didn't have to wait long.... within 15 minutes he arrived! 😄😊😉
I kinda thought he would.  
Bex and the little boys came too.

ABOVE: And BOOM!  Within half an hour my wardrobe system was up and ready to have all my clothes put back on it.

ABOVE:  Today I will sort all my clothes out and re-hang them.  That will give me a reason to get out of bed.
Gosh I've had that pink checkered shirt for YEARS!  And it still fits me.  It's one of my favourite shirts.

ABOVE: How cute are our girls.  They ran around and around the back yard last night, then Marley learnt how to run up the big rock!
She kept doing it, she was just adorable to watch.

ABOVE:  Steve enjoyed a refreshing swim after his work day.  And although I asked them nicely, the girls just would not sit and pose for a photo in front of the rock!  😆😅😂

So, I think it will be a happy day.  I shall just potter around doing some odd jobs. 
Catch ya later.

9 am and...

ABOVE:  It's done!  It took me an hour and a half all up.  

About a third of those clothes I've had for well over 10 years, so I'm thinking I might have to start getting ruthless, and give them to the Op Shop.

No point hanging on to clothes that I MIGHT wear again one day.  Who else does that?

Seriously, I'm not gunna wear them, and they are just taking up room.

ABOVE:  I am super happy to have enough space in this room for the PC.  I've constantly had to move it from room to room ever since we moved here.
It fits there perfectly, and I have a little, fold up stool to sit on when I do need to use the bigger computer, which is usually when I need to print stuff out.

Now that's done, I shall move on to getting the curtains from the family room/dining room re-hung.
I want to change the curtain rods, so am off to Spotlight shortly to suss out options.

1.55 pm: And I ended up going into Curtain Studio in town, where they had some old, obsolete curtain rail brackets for me.  They GAVE them to me!  Said they were so old they were not on their system anymore, so they couldn't sell them to me.  SCORE!
They only had enough for the family and dining rooms... so the lounge may end up with new curtain rails.

Then I went to The Base and got some wrapping paper at The Warehouse.

I was standing in an aisle, when I saw a small (14 month old?) baby standing up in the trolley, in imminent danger of falling out onto the concrete floor.  No adult around....
So I quickly head over to stop it falling, but it sat down again.  PHEW!

I look around for the mother... there she is, wandering back from a couple of aisles over.  I said to her "Hey, your baby just stood up in the trolley".

She replied "Oh did he?"

I shook my head and started to walk away.

Next thing, she's beside me saying "And what business is it of yours anyway, what my baby is doing?"

I looked at her like she was a friggin IDIOT, and said "Well your baby could have fallen onto the concrete floor and been injured".

Her reply?  "Well if that had happened I would have dealt with it".  

I was like, yep, not gunna argue with this goddam idiot, and walked away.

Some people simply do not deserve children. 

There are safety belts on all trolleys, to be used so ya baby doesn't fall out onto the floor ffs.  I'm still fuming about it to be honest.

ABOVE:  Lacy drove up to Auckland today to pick up Griffin.  He's down for a couple of days, hanging out with family and friends.

Some people are utter morons.  Seems I'm to be blamed for everything my kids do in life?  Good or bad.  Down to ME.  Hmmmm.
I do believe I shall just dismiss ANON and the next comment he/she left (NOT published), because you just can't argue with STUPID PEOPLE.

Moving on... I'm making a chicken stir fry for our dinner tonight, with a side of Chicken flavoured rice.  I reckon Stew will like that.

Awww dinner was so YUM tonight!  I'm stuffed, and going to just sit and blob out for the remainder of the evening.
It's getting cooler, so much easier to sleep at night now.  Bring on WINTER!  I love, love winter.


  1. It's looking great so far! Fun pic of Steve in the pool.

  2. How lucky you are to have a builder on call! It works both ways of course because Steve has you to help them as well, just how it should be in families :)

  3. Ohhhhhhh nice wardrobe refurb loving it now you can see all your clothes at a glance.
    How cute are those dogs lol x

  4. I love how that wall system is going to look! NICE! And now I am jealous, because I would love a system like that but I live in rental and can't do that. Dang...

  5. Gosh, you are lucky to have a son that is willing and able to help you when called. Your two dogs are just so doggone cute. I bet Marley thought she was something special, being able to climb that rock. That was quite a victory for her:)

  6. I am thinking of getting one of those wardrobe systems in my bedroom cupboard. I bought a shelf/drawer combo but it is actually too big for the space so was a disaster and so I have to rethink.

    Love the doggo's new trick, they look so happy with themselves :-)

  7. My clothing rule (in theory) Is to get rid of 2 items for each new item I buy. But, I also go through my closet on a fairly regular basis to chuck the things I don't wear.

  8. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Honestly Steve is amazing and so talented but you already know and appreciate that. The dogs are cute on the rock. Have a great day.

  9. I would get a cute little desk to put that computer on and a proper chair - you might be surprised that it gets more use then than you thought. I have hardly any clothes and they would take up around 1/4 of that space of yours. I clearly need to shop more but now that I stay home most of the time I simply don't need many fancy clothes.

  10. Darn it. I want a blog. I started one about a year ago. Figured I would at least write about how I spent the Pandemic. There are like 3 posts in it. I just don'
    t have the whatever it is. I like your blog, even if it'
    s just a baby in a trolley (cart) - because it is like a diary. It is such a great idea. Yet.... I don'
    t do it. And my keyboard goes down a line whenever I type apostrophe. Sorry about that.

    1. ^^^^ make a blog Dogstars.... we'll all be your friend :)

  11. That woman was an idiot - the correct response should have been "Thank you so much for ensuring my child was safe, I had a brain fart & left him for a minute unsupervised forgetting how quickly small children can move".

    It will be nice ti have Griffin visit :-)

  12. I see kids in trollies doing that too and always stand close by in case they fall... or at least make sure the parents can see. That parent was a complete idiot. When Fletcher was little he did actually fall out of the trolley and I was nearly paralysed with fear. He was OK but I sure learned my lesson about how quick kids can stand up and fall.

  13. OMFG really??? Bet if the poor child fell out she'd blame you for not assisting prior!!! Some people 🙄 gosh Steve is a great guy and he's cute too DON'T GET A SWELLED HEAD STEVE hahaha sorry Bex I know he's yours 💙💙

  14. Wtf some people should be made infirtile at burth

  15. I used to work in a supermarket. Saw many kids fall out of trolleys or tip them over on themselves. Parents are so dumb sometimes. Worst one was a kid playing beside the electric doors and the door opened over his foot! His parents sued the supermarket! Weeks later that kid refused to walk on that foot. They came through the checkouts one day and dad was carrying him. Went to put him down and he screamed. Poor kid. Stupid parents!

  16. Anonymous4:34 PM

    No offence but your daughter has given away all 3 of her children. People in glasshouses and all that jazz.

    1. NO OFFENSE? Fuck off. I have given away NONE of my children, and I live in a perfectly normal house. What others do (including my own ADULT children) is NO REFELECTION on me as a decent, honest, caring person. Go away you f'ing troll.

  17. Yeah fuck off troll....really you say no offence!!

  18. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Honestly anonymous troll, Chris did the right thing watching out for this child and mentioning it. She in no way accused the mother of anything. Just gave the mother something to think about. Chris is an amazing parent and from raising so many children lives and speaks from many years of experience. So crawl back into your hole and grow some manners and respect. Also you had no right to even bring up the topic of her child giving away children because looking at the bigger picture it’s not the same and no reflection on Chris. And for another fact the daughter did so obviously out of care and not to have the children’s up bringing compromised. They have and are all growing up in the family still. Sorry for the rant Chris but this synonymous really annoyed me.

  19. What the hell Anon ??? Yes Chris babies do not bounce and thankfully you watched to make sure it didn't fall. Great score on the curtain rods. have a great couple of days with Griffin visiting.

  20. Oh fuck off Anon. What the hell was the point of your nasty comment. Get a life of your own & stop being a gutless wonder hiding behind “Anonymous”.

  21. I have seen a little one topple out of a trolley and years later I can still hear the sound that their head made when it hit the floor. You absolutely did the right thing and the woman should have been grateful for you caring.

  22. I know I dont often comment but youre so right with that child. My eldest toppled out of a supermarket trolley when he was probably just under two - almost 40 years ago!. I had his little brother in the front part of the trolley. Anyway he ended up with a cracked skull - no lasting damage fortunately but like you I cringe and can't help reacting when I see kids bouncing around in a trolley.

  23. Anonymous12:54 AM

    Chris - we have a saying over here....You can't Fix Stupid....haha People are idiots and nowadays it is best to just move along. Good that you made sure the baby was safe. XO

    I am jealous over your new closest. And I am glad your weather is starting to cool down, I was going to ask if it was.

    Happy day!! Ky Girl

    1. Anonymous3:03 PM

      Ky Girl, we say ‘you can’t fix stupid...but duct tape sure muffles the sound’


  24. Poor kid could have died because she was being stupid.

    Griffin looks like an adorable man now! Amazing watching him growing up.


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