Monday, March 22, 2021


 Got a list of things I want to get done today.

1.  Make a hair appointment.  I'm two months overdue for a colour and cut. Can't.  They are closed on a Monday.

2.  Get the washing done. That's on.

3. Move the shelving unit from Bedroom #1 to Bedroom #2.  10.30 am:  DONE

4. Strip wallpaper in the front door area, and maybe the remainder of the dining room and kitchen.  Meh. Maybe not today.

5. Check I didn't kill the fish! All alive, for now!

Yeah... last night I filled the pond.  It was quite low.  Instead of filling buckets and adding the de-chlorination drops into the bucket, before adding it to the pond, which takes ages... I just put the hose in the pond and added drops every now and then. 

I figured it would 'mix' in the same... right?  

Well... if there's some floaters this morning, I will know I probably shouldn't have done it like that!


Lacy is coming to help with the paper stripping again... thank goodness.  We get heaps done as a team.

And that's me for now.  I'll be back later.

9.30 am:  Lacy is here, and I'm already knackered from doing the basic housework.

Changed sheets, changed duvet cover, tidied house, got washing on etc.

LOL... then Lacy left and I carried on with a couple of smaller jobs.  
And then... Bex arrived.  So we sat and yakked for a while, then she left.
And now... I'm going to the supermarket for the week's groceries.

Wallpaper stripping can wait.  I'm not in the mood now.

Worth noting... we have no dead fish.  YET.

1.48 pm:  And the shopping is done, unpacked and put away.  And my back is fair killing me.
Time to relax, put me feet up and do nothing for a  while.

I had the MOST weird experience this afternoon!
I was sitting in the family room, minding my own business when I heard the front door open and close.
The dogs went nuts, running and barking like mad to the front door.
I got up, thinking "Who is that coming in?"...

I thought it must be Bex or Brylee, cos they have front door keys.  But no.
There is no one there!

But the key is rocking in the door.  So I look outside, and inside.  No one.

OMG.  The key is still rocking after TEN MINUTES!  I just stand there looking at it.  

ROCKING.  Back and forth, back and forth.

I check for a draft.  Nope.

I go back to my chair.  Sit there for 30 minutes and go check that freaking key again.  

STILL AS, no longer rocking.

So.  Who the fuck opened the door, shut it and disappeared in like, 10 seconds????????


I just told Stew about it now that he's home.  He's no idea either.

I think we have a ghost.  A smart arse ghost.  Cos I've had that happen before in this house.

BEC:  The door WAS locked!!!

Anyone worried about Ron over in NSW, Australia in relation to the flooding.  He is on HIGH ground, so very safe from flooding.  Though I do worry about slips because he's on a ridge.  But he assures me he's safe.

9.54 pm:  First time in forever, TV tonight was hysterical.  We watched a Billy Connolly special.  I haven't laughed that much in many months.
Time to sign off for the day, catch ya tomorrow.


  1. good morning!!!.... lovely pix from yesterday.... glad you both enjoyed xxxx

  2. Groceries can be a chore at times I did ours yesterday I get paid monthly so it's a big shop!

  3. Yay for the Happy Fishes!
    Don't show them that painting you got on the last trip!

  4. Kiwionholidays3:29 PM

    Good you have a list and tick ✅ them off as you get them done,,
    Chris,, Just been wondering if Ron is Ok in Coffs area ???as there’s lots of flooding in nearby areas ,
    Totally destroyed lots of places n people evacuated

    Lovely you have Bex n Lacy call in and lend a hand at times too , We sure don’t get time to be bored do we ☕️🥮Take care

    Cheers 🥂

  5. Oh gosh Chris, I hope you keep your door locked all the time when you’re home too. How scary!

    1. The door WAS LOCKED! That's what made it even weirder.

    2. Definitely a ghost then!

  6. It was not me.
    1. I didnt have a key
    2. I wouldnt be able to not tell bex or someone by now amd id be in fits of laughter.
    3. The Chicken in the fridge would be gone hehe

    Good luck with you believe in ghosts.
    Or its Granny trying to tell you something xx
    #Lacy 💙

  7. Anonymous6:27 PM

    If it happens again, video it!

  8. Oh Chris that’s spooky. Having had paranormal experiences in a house I lived in, I know how you may be feeling. It is indeed a real experience. Make a note of previous possible events and future ones to see if there is a pattern.

  9. Kiwionholidays7:13 PM

    Awesome re Ron , I was thinking of access in and out ,,,,,but he’s probably used to being stocked up food wise etc being quite isolated where he is,,,

    Gr8 news

    1. Ron could walk out if he had to, it's only a 15 minute walk to a sealed road. Or he can just walk in a direct line down the hill to the railway line and go from there.

  10. Did you change the locks when you moved in? Could be someone with keys?

  11. Weird things like that happen here too....doors open and close, things get moved just to name a few. We blame it on family that’s passed.

  12. It wasn't me lol that sounds creepy tho never staying the night in your place again lol must be your mate Casper lac lol 😆

  13. Anonymous12:10 AM

    Chris - I am sitting here safely, on my couch, in my own living room and my heart is beating a mile a minute!! How scary that must have been to hear the door open and close and for the keys to be swaying when you looked at them!!?? Well - I would take that keyed doorknob off and put a new one on. Where only you and Stew and whoever you want have a new set of keys. That is downright scary. XO, Ky Girl

  14. Any other busy few days for you! Sounds like you had fun at your party. How lovely to get away. Good luck with the ghost.

  15. Yep you have a resident spirit. My office mate has one at her house who loves balloons. Whenever she has any around (she has a granddaughter) the ghost plays with them and moves them around!!


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