Thursday, March 11, 2021


 Today I am bathing the girls.

Cos they seriously smell bad!

I don't know why either.  So, I will be putting them in the shower and getting them nice and clean and smelling lovely again.

Hopefully that lasts for a week or two!

ABOVE:  Last night's walk picture.  I hid behind the sign!  I must check out the Events and see if there's another one at a good time for next week.

Back to the day ahead. After bathing the girls I think I will give my car's interior a clean as well.

It's looking a bit unloved.

Then I will get back into my sewing room and finish my latest runner.  I've got 4 days to get it done cos it's already got a name on it.

First up.  I slept in.
Then I leapt outta bed and immediately set up the shower/wet room ready to bath the dogs.
Then I commenced the job.
And an hour and a half later, it's all done.
The dogs are clean.
The cleaner (that would be me) is clean.
The shower/wet room has been cleaned and de-dog stunk from top to bottom.
The dogs bedding is all changed.
And I have two big loads of washing to do.

So, that's what I'm about to do.

Coco has an on-going ear infection.  I have medication from the Vet for it.  So that took me an additional half an hour to do as well.
She was SO GOOD for me this time too.  Usually, she cries and yelps and acts like I'm killing her!
But today?  She was just so good.  She got an extra treat after her bath.

ABOVE:  I decided to go have lunch with Bex.  We had a good chat and then I came home again.
Now I'm contemplating doing some more of the jig saw, cos it's still not finished.

ABOVE:  DONE!   And this one 'ONLY' has three missing pieces.
And I was PARTICULARLY mindful and careful with this one, and didn't move it at all.  And it still has missing pieces.

So we either have someone or some dog taking pieces, or they simply were not there.  And I really can't imagine one of the dogs jumping on a chair and nicking puzzle pieces, can you?

For my next one I have a plan to make sure NO ONE gets near it at all, except me.

Dinner is about to go in the oven, it's a pre-made Beef Lasagne from Countdown.  Fingers crossed it's nice.
Tomorrow night, I don't have to cook.  Yaaa.

And that's me for the day, after dinner I am going to put that puzzle away and start on my next one.
Obviously, I'm really enjoying doing puzzles right now.  It takes my mind off other stuff.


  1. I am so pleased you went for the FBG walk, it looks like a bit of a laugh :-).

  2. Kiwionholidays1:50 PM

    Those dogs are work aren’t they ?? but well worth the effort at the end o the day

    Great you are so close to Steve n Bexs now as well for catch-ups
    the baking looked great yesterday just as well Lacy is nearby as a good sampler as well otherwise we would have had to call in,,( only joking)
    Hope you’re still getting use out of the pool before the seasons fully change,

    Enjoy your puzzling,,,

    Cheers 🥂

  3. How far of a walk are you from Bex? Can the dogs walk that far with you and back? Or are they getting too old?

    I used to be able to walk to my mom’s, about a mile, but the walking bridge got over run when the creek widened. Bridge is still there, but I would have to wade to get to it. And now of course, we do not go anywhere . . .

    You were very smart to give your shop a good try and then let it go when it did not work.

  4. The passion fruit slice looks amazing. So near to see you with the walking group again.
    I’m an edge maker when doing puzzles then work in what do you do first.

  5. Well done on your patience with the jigsaw puzzles ... you have much more patience and determination than I do with those 🙂

  6. It is highly unusual for jigsaw puzzles bought new to have pieces missing. My guess is not the dogs. It is more likely Steve, Lacy or even Stew!

    1. I can assure you none of the above would DREAM of doing that to me. I think they value their lives too much! lol

  7. Sparklingmerlot could be right as hubby hides my pieces. He thinks it funny but not when he gets me mad and l turn on him. Great satisfaction that you have the dogs clean again. They are hard work but worth it.

  8. Kiwionholidays9:39 PM

    Puzzle looks fab
    Good rest n relaxing time for you ,

    Cheers 🥂

  9. I'm sure you'd find the missing pieces somewhere with all the cleaning you do so probably missing to start with?

  10. One thing that has happened to me, I lean over to get my nose right up so I can see and I have caught puzzle pieces in the folds of my clothes. Sometimes they fall right to the floor. Sometimes they are snagged, hang on and then drop other places in the house (where dogs might pick them up).

    We are putting together one right now where we think we might have a missing outer edge piece. We have thought that before though, and they turned up in the pile. . .


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