Tuesday, March 16, 2021


 Oh man!  The birthday cake we had last night was THE BEST CAKE I've had in years!

ABOVE: It was a Banana Salted Caramel Cake from Countdown.  I kept it on the kitchen bench all day, rather than in the fridge, so it was soft and moist, and the icing was super soft and just delicious.

ABOVE:  So ... there's Bex with her cake, and the Table Runner I made for her.  I'm pretty sure she loved both the cake, and the runner.

Because I have a big day tomorrow (more on that tomorrow), I'm going to have a fairly lazy day today.

I will probably potter around in the house, tittivating here and there.  I might even strip some more paper off, maybe the front door area today?

12.20 pm:  Lacy came around to give me a hand today.

I decided we would strip paper off the Family Room walls... and maybe the dining room too.
That involved taking down curtain rails, which was neat cos I want to replace them.

ABOVE: Stripping wallpaper is an utter shit job.  An Uncle asked me today if I was putting up new paper?
Like HELL!  I'd never put up wallpaper.
At least with painted walls you can touch up marks.

ABOVE: As we finish a wall, I put back a painting.  No where near all of them are going back up though.

ABOVE:  Lacy is still plodding along in the dining room, meanwhile I'm taking a break!
This was supposed to be a 'lazy day'.

I think I need to make her stop for lunch....

6.10 pm: And we both stopped for lunch.  And then Lacy went home, and I put me feet up.  I was exhausted.  So much for taking it easy today!

Exciting watching the America's Cup!!!  New Zealand is ONE win away from winning the cup again.  
But that will have to wait until tomorrow, as there is not enough wind for the 2nd race of the day.

I'm making a silly bugger dinner tonight.  Fish cakes, mashed potato and baked beans.  It will be lovely.  😅😏😋

9 pm:  Well, dinner was OK. Food is food at the end of the day.  Watching mindless TV till bedtime.
Off to bed soon, tired as.


  1. Aw - your words are so darn cute! Pottering and tittivating.

  2. Anonymous8:05 AM

    Happy Belated B-Day to Bex! That cake and runner both look fantastic!

    Ky Girl

  3. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Beautiful runner Chris. I bet that cake was delicious. Kj

  4. Well, this way you will get the walls finished up just the way you want them. I know you won'
    t live with unfinished walls for long.

  5. Kiwionholidays1:56 PM

    Fab you have Lacy on the wall work today
    Well done you 2 time poor but gr8 to catch up with you all
    🥂 Cheers

  6. From pictures, no idea there was all that wallpaper. Was it painted over or very small print/texture or what?

    It will be so fresh looking when you are done. Great project.

  7. Oh the energy u girls have im exhausted just thinking about all that

  8. Wow... but like Vickie wrote, it will look so much "fresher" when you're done. I too much prefer painted walls, I think it's a more modern look.

  9. My son in law got up at 5am to watch America's cup. The way he described it the race was really exciting, nail biting! Go kiwis .
    That cake looks amazing. Happy birthday Bex. Lovely runner. You're a talented lady

  10. Happy Birthday Bex!!!!


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