Sunday, March 21, 2021


 Photos from last night:

ABOVE:  Jacqui's party was held at Miss Gees, a small, intimate nightclub down at the waterfront in central Tauranga.  It was very nice.

ABOVE:  Looking towards the port... it was a lovely view with all the lights from the Mount showing through the bridge.

ABOVE:  A nice view of the inner harbour from the city.  

It was quite cold last night!  A very fresh breeze coming off the water.  I was worried I'd be too hot, but nope.  I actually got cold!

ABOVE:  Miss Gees is known for amazing cocktails.  This was Jacqui's Gin and tonic... I was quite surprised at the amount of fruit and flowers there was in her glass!  Why???  Ya want a drink, not a flower arrangement!  😃😂😅

Sooooo... anyway.  We both had a lovely time.

This morning we will be popping over to Martyn and Jacqui's to drop off her birthday present (today is her actual birthday), then our plans for the rest of the day are up in the air.

We might go for a walk around the base of Mount Maunganui, followed by an ice cream.

Dunno yet.  


ABOVE: Well..  we decided to drive over to Tirau for lunch at our favorite eatery there. 
We ordered lunch.. our order number is ... 22.
Today is the 21st of March. The 22nd Anniversary of my brother Vern's death.
Coincidence??? 😔🙄

ABOVE:  I just love the rocky hills all around the Kaimai's and Hinuera.  

ABOVE: Once upon a time you would see flocks of sheep EVERYWHERE.  Now?  Not so much.
This lot were at the bottom of the Kaimai's.

ABOVE:  The iconic little red brick house also at the bottom of the Kaimai's.  I can remember seeing this house when I was just a little child.

ABOVE:  I have to say it, this used to be my favourite interior 'bits n bobs' shop.   But today we walked through it and just thought... "Bloody hell they have bumped up the prices!".  AND there was nothing that screamed 'BUY ME'.  
I am in a de-cluttering mood, so buying anything unnecessary is off my list of things to do.

ABOVE:  I mentioned being interested in getting a caravan eh?
So for the hell of it we drove from Tirau to Ohaupo, where we knew there was a Caravan Yard.
Most disappointing.
It had very few caravans, and what he did have were old and OMG grossly overpriced.
Like ridiculous prices.

We didn't even look in any.  Just not worth the effort.

ABOVE:  It is gorgeous countryside between Ohaupo and Hamilton though.  

Now that we are home, we've unpacked and settled down for a quiet afternoon.  

8.34 pm: Well happy to say I stacked a few Zzzz's this afternoon.  And then Stew cooked our dinner, which was wonderful.
Now Brylee is visiting, and we are all watching the TV.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Kiwionholidays11:43 AM

    What fab pics n more memories for you both to treasure,
    The Mont n Tauranga have fabulous memories for us as well from way back when and so happy you ones can enjoy being there too,,

    Enjoy the rest of your day there n travel safe

    Love the way you capture the different places and that drink wow 💐

    Cheers 🥂

  2. What no hangover??? I had a couple of cocktails with a girlfriend a few weeks back OMG they were sooooo yummy but man I felt like a sack of doodoo the next day 🤣 no it's not a coincidence these things happen for a reason 💙

  3. Beautiful pictures!

  4. You unpacked already? I always procrastinate for ages! Good Girl!

  5. I adore the NZ place names, so pretty. Love that photo of the bridge and the lights. We are doing a NZ cruise for our 30th anniversary in a couple of years (if this Covid is over) and we will be docking at Tauranga so it's nice to see a few of the sights. And gosh I can see Steve in that lovely photo of Stew.

  6. Kiwionholidays7:21 PM

    Just caught up again n thanks for the last lotta pics
    Loving the memories

    Enjoy your evening

    we are housebound due to days of rain but all good n high n dry ,,,not like thousands of others in aus at the mo poor things

    Cheers 🥂

  7. Sounds like u both had wonderful couple days

  8. Thanks for sharing pictures of your weekend getaway! I can just imagine how nice it was to be able to just relax and enjoy life for a bit.

  9. Lovely photos, that is a handsome bloke at table #22. lol
    To us that is a huge flock of sheep, we only see a dozen or so.

  10. Looks like a great party and trip!

  11. Wonderful photos of Tauranga and the Mount, good to hear you had a great time. I remember that little red house too.


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