Friday, March 19, 2021



ABOVE:  I am still in awe of our gorgeous fence!

And I'm so proud of it... one: for me designing it, and two: for Steve building it for us, with Stew's help of course.

It really was a family effort, with Me, Lacy and Bex pitching in to help with the hard work of painting it too.

Sometimes we get a bit complacent with what's around us.  A couple of nights ago I really NOTICED the fence again, with the setting sun behind it.  It's just beautiful and unique.

I really, really love this home of ours.  I hope we can stay here for many, many years.

Now, as for what I'm getting up to today?

I MIGHT go for an FBG walk over in Cambridge.  That will all depend on how I feel when I get up.  If I go, I will have to leave by 8.30.

Later on today I will be doing a little packing, as Stew and I are going to Tauranga tomorrow for the weekend.

It is our friend Jacqui's 50th Birthday, and she's having a get together tomorrow night in town.  So, a good reason to have a weekend over in the Bay.

We shall be staying the night at a Motor Camp, I've booked us an en suite Cabin. I'm really looking forward to getting away for a couple of days.  We need the break.

So, I've been very slowly putting a FEW paintings back on the walls, for now.

I'm not painting the interior of the house until next summer, so decided to hang my favourite paintings back up.

Yesterday afternoon I put my collection of 'WE HAVE LIVED HERE' paintings back on the hallway wall.

But, instead of all in a row, as I've done in the past, I thought I'd put them in a tight group, thus taking up less room.

ABOVE:  I have to say, I'm rather chuffed with how they look.  I also, for the first time, added the dates under each painting, to show how long we lived there.

I am thinking of getting the (WAY above) fence photo printed onto canvas and use it as our new HAMILTON picture.  Who thinks that's a good idea?
Or should I get some other 'iconic' Hamilton (scene) painting instead?

Right, I'm going to get up and see how I feel.  If I feel OK.. I'm off walking.

8 am:  and walking is a big, fat NO.  My back is killing me this morning!  I'm sure it's often down to how I sleep, what position.  My back hasn't been this sore in a while in fact.  Mid AND lower pain... so I'm going to take some pain killers and just slowly plod on with some household jobs this morning.
I should be right by this afternoon.

1.50 pm:  Oh my gosh, it's been a really busy morning.
Lacy came over and we went to Spotlight and got NEW curtain tracks.  The brackets for the old, existing tracks just would not hold up.  Grrrrrr.  Such a waste of time yesterday, driving around hunting them down.

ABOVE:  DONE!  Finally got curtains back up.  I've missed them.
I know they will have to come down at the end of the year when we do the painting, but over winter, I definitely wanted them back up.

After the curtain fiasco, I headed off to do some business, post some stuff off and so on.
Then I grabbed some lunch and came home.

I'm damn tired!  I had to spend over 40 minutes in the bloody post office, I ended up standing in the queue four times!  FOUR BLOODY TIMES!

1. Fill out this form and come back.
2. Here's your receipt, now fill out this form.
3. Here's your receipt, now go back and fill this out in CAPITALS thanks.
4. Here's your next receipt, and 10 cents change.

Leave, with steam coming out my ears.  πŸ˜–πŸ˜‘πŸ˜€ 

Going to the Post Office is a massive peeve of mine.  It's always a mission.

This afternoon, first migraine for the year.  Felt sick as a dog, lay on the couch for 3 hours.  Didn't help at all.
Finally starting to feel better and it's 8.18 pm.
Stew made his own dinner tonight.

He had chicken and salads in  Pita Bread Pockets.

I had some marshmallows!  

Now that I'm feeling a bit better, I groomed the dogs ears/tails.  OMG what a job.  I don't know how they get them so knotted sometimes.  But, it's a good job done.

I'm now going to relax, maybe have a small dinner?  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Your fence is unique and very cool. Have a good walk and a fun weekend.

  2. I think you should use that photo for your "
    painting" The gold of the sunset shining through the holes is very cool! I would be really shocked if you actually waited that long to paint. Ya - I don'
    t think so. ............
    Actually, thinking of the Hamilton Painting. If you are going to have it made yourself (rather than buying it premade). You could do a photo collage. I like the word Cambridge on the one painting. You could have Hamilton, a picture or two of Hamilton, AND the fence - all on one artwork.
    What is the Current Covid situation in New Zealand these days?

    1. We have NO community cases, and a few new cases arriving from overseas most days, who are immediately put into isolation.
      I can't believe people are not being tested before they are allowed into our country actually.

    2. What? Did they stop the 2 week mandatory quarantines? Oh, I hope not!

    3. No. People still have to do 2 weeks Quarantine. But I think they should have to test NEGATIVE before they even board a plane to come here.

  3. Awesome photo and it would look amazing as a canvas on the wall πŸ‘πŸ½

  4. Yes, use the photo of your fence! I too have a bad back lately so I'll have to visit the doctor soon as it's going on too long. One suggestion for when you rehang your pictures in the future is to use those 3M picture fixtures (velcro). These are especially good for groups of pictures. My father-in-law has just used them throughout his entire house at my suggestion and the pictures stay flush to the wall and once up, never move so you never have to readjust them. You have to remove the hooks etc in the back of the pictures of course.

    Have a wonderful weekend away, it sounds lovely!

  5. Anonymous9:01 AM

    I'd go with a Hamilton scene in keeping with the theme of the other paintings. Plus it will be fun hunting for oneπŸ˜‰

  6. Hello DCR

    So would like to say to Annons comment yesterday re me ect.

    I feel sad for you, is youre life that sad and borring and pathetic that you feel the need to bag on mine amd others lives.
    Lol 'no offence' my left butt cheak, my Patents have done an awesome job of bringing the 6+2 of us up.
    As for my 3 kids, that is absolutly none of your sad ass bloody businesses, go crawl back under the rock you have come out of lol πŸ˜‚
    Now go on have a go at me Annon keyboard worriour, you have not affended or upset anybody, you have simply shown what a patetic twat waffle you are πŸ˜‚
    #Lacy πŸ’™

    1. Anonymous10:13 AM

      Lacy, don't give this very unpleasant anon person oxygen. As you say, none of their bloody business and anyway totally unrelated to your Mum trying to prevent a baby from falling out of a trolley on to the concrete. Some people (anon included) don't appear to any sense at all. Audrey

  7. Kiwionholidays4:06 PM

    The pics n work you ones have done are fab ,
    First glance the fence pic looked like a distant skyline then with my glasses on got what it was lol

    I agree enlarged and framed would be fab with Hamilton underneath

    Have a fab weekend ,,,Jealous much where you are going πŸ‘πŸ’

    Cheers πŸ₯‚

  8. Definitely photo of your fence. It is stunning and represents a united effort by you all in this beautiful home.

  9. I have been away for 4 days with shit internet. The first thing I did when I got home? Poured a glass of wind and checked DCR! Talk about withdrawals (from DCR - NOT the wine!!)
    Love the photo of the fence and love the idea of it as your Hamilton picture cos it's so you.

  10. Anonymous11:54 PM

    Chris - I'm sorry you've felt so ill and I hope today is a better day for you.
    My left hip has gone out and it catches as I try to sit...what an f'n bother!

    Can you send Lacy over to me for a while? I have chores she could help with.
    I'll offer free room and board!

    Here's wishes for better days for one and all. XO, Ky Girl

  11. Have a fun and relaxing weekend Chris! I really like the arrangement of your paintings in the hallway.

  12. I love your gallery wall. I am fond of that style, especially when there is a theme. (I am currently doing a gallery of birds on my living room wall and it has kept me occupied (at home!) for months, first finding frames, getting them arranged, then finding prints. I ordered from two artists on Etsy who were willing to work with me on orientation/sizes, and then did free Audubon downloads and had them printed in 11”x14” matte. So I have been thinking a lot about gallery groupings all winter here.)

    I don’t know how expensive canvases are there, you might want to print as a larger photo first, to see how it reads. (I wonder if matte rather than glossy would be closer to the look of canvas - ?).

    You may have to play with the settings to get the color to read right on a larger scale. I don’t know how expensive larger photos are there, either, here I could do 16”x20” for under $20 and 11”x14” for $10. So maybe you could start with 5”x7” and just see how it reads in print. Or maybe play with the photo settings and print a lot of options at 5”x7” to find the right one. I have done that and it is effective to see what works, how it reads, on a wall. You would be able to tape a photo up in your gallery to see what the color looks like next to the other pieces.

    I wondered about having an artist paint an interpretation of the fence. That would give you a lot of freedom to work with color and scale, of course I don’t know how expensive that is there either. Here, the whole world is available on Etsy, usually with free shipping. Do you have any painters in your circle of friends/family?

  13. Have a good weekend away.


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