Wednesday, March 10, 2021


 Late last night I decided to use the last of the passionfruit, and make another slice.

It is so quick and easy, 'baking' at 10 pm isn't hard or onerous.

ABOVE:  I changed it up this time and used half a packet of Malt Biscuits and half a packet of plain Arnotts Marie biscuits.  So it should taste a little different from me last one.

I also doubled the amount of passion fruit pulp in the icing again.  

I shall be testing it at morning tea time. 😃😋😜

My plans for today are:  the same as yesterday.

Housework.  Jig saw puzzle.  Maybe sewing.  Just bugger all really.

I am really enjoying having very little stress now, no 'deadlines', schedules, markets etc.  I needed to simplify my life.  At least for now.

I found out my Aunty Jean's funeral is this coming Saturday, up in Auckland.  Depending on a few factors, I may end up having to go on my own.

Not ideal, but if that's how it has to be, well so be it.  

I'm still finding it unbelievable that THREE of them have gone in a row.  Mum.  Charles.  Jean.

Gosh I hope no more do for a very long time.

Right, I might just roll over and grab a few more Zzzzz's until me feet start to twitch.

When THAT happens I know I have to get up!  It means my mind is going ninety to the dozen with things I should be doing. 

What do ya do when you get outta bed crabby as F*#K?  Why you eat Passion Fruit Slice.  For breakfast.

Then you get even crabbier when the Power Company (Mercury) rings you up to reply to your 'recent' survey response.

In it I told them what I thought about their meter reader letting our dogs out by not locking the gate. 

I also told him that I got a phone call last Thursday saying the meter reader would be reading our meter in the next three days, so I had to confine my dogs and make sure she could get in to read the meter.

SIX DAYS LATER she finally turned up, and had to knock on the door because I'd relocked the gate.  Ha ha ha.

8 minute conversation ended with plenty of So Sorry's, but nothing can be done.  
Next reading will be on or near April the 3rd.
Yeah right.
My gate is staying LOCKED.

Rant over.

I think I should eat more slice.

Anyone want a headache?  Time to cave in and take some Panadol.

ABOVE: This one just called in.  Why does she have such a 'cheesy' look on her face?

ABOVE: Because she literally ONLY came around for Passion Fruit Slice!

LYNDA:  It is a dual electric and gas meter.  It is old.  I asked the bloke today if it could be switched to a Smart Meter and he said no, because the gas can't be read any other way.

Does anyone know if that is actually true?

I might investigate our options in relation to if we can switch to another power company who CAN install a smart meter, if possible.

ANON:  I know I'm not looking after my diabetes right now... but I have a very bad attitude to myself right now, as in : I DON'T GIVE A FUCK.

2 pm:  I went out.  Cos I'm starting to feel like a hermit.
Spotlight had a 30% sale (as per usual, let's get real), and I got this lot:

ABOVE:  I was happy to find some more Christmas fabric is silver and grey.  And some plastic sheets for pattern making.

ABOVE: next stop was Animates, to get some fresh weed for the fish to eat.  I might have bought 4 more goldfish.  Yeah, I did.
And bugger me, they ain't cheap!
Though the guy tried to overcharge me for one of them by quite a few bucks, luckily I picked up on it straight away and got a refund.

After that I grabbed a pie and came home and ate it in front of the girls.  They were not impressed with me.  I didn't share.

5.10 pm:  I'm off walking in Cambridge tonight.  I'm actually starting to look forward to it.  But only for the company.  I hate walking!  Maybe I can walk off the two pieces of slice I ate this morning?  That would be good.

9 pm:  And I'm home from the walk.  It was lovely to catch up with so many friends, so well worth going.
My back didn't really like the first half of the walk and I nearly stopped at the half way mark, but pressed on and did the 2nd half.  I felt good for doing it.

I hope to do another one next week.

And that is me for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. The puzzle that you bought looks too complicated for this Puzzle Newbie! Yikes! 2000 pieces? What is your strategy? I think I would try to put the vertical and horizontal "shelves" in first. After the border of course! I certainly hope somebody can go to the funeral with you.

    1. Funnily enough, I thought about it last night. I will find all the edges and put them together, then sort into colours and yes, the horizontal shelves too. The harder a puzzle is the more I like it!

  2. I would be frustrated with Mercury too - that is BS! How did the slice turn out with the mixed biscuits, i thought about making it with Krispies once to give it that hint of coconut also but never have so will be interested to see what happened for you!

    1. It's even nicer! And you add coconut to the base mixture already.

    2. Yeah i know i just love coconut ha ha but hate the gritty bits! Might try it with malt biscuits this afternoon :) Hope your feeling better chick xx

  3. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Swap your headache for my visits to the loo. I’m putting it down to metformin 🤷‍♀️

  4. Anonymous11:54 AM

    From one type 2 diabetic to another, please look after your diabetes.

  5. Is it an electricity or gas meter? How come you don't have a smart meter? I thought everyone had them now, we've not had a meter read for years. The other option many power companies let you do is read your own meter and let them know, that way they only read the meter a few times a year.

  6. I don't even know what passion fruit looks or tastes like but I want a slice. Good job on keeping the gate locked.

  7. I did not only come around for the slice, i came around to see the girls (marley amd coco) and you ya twat 😊💙
    #Lacy 💙

  8. I'd come around to visit too for some of that slice....I'd even drop around some more passionfruit too, plenty of them here.
    Actually going to try this out on Thursday.

  9. Yep, gas can only be read on the meter. You can still phone in your readings though, maybe ask about that?

  10. Passionfruit slice for breakfast - yum!! I didn't get breakfast until lunchtime today so it was a piece of cheese & some spicy broad beans :-(.

    Telling you that you have to have the dogs locked up for 3 days is ridiculous, surely they can at least pin it down to a specific day. Definately ask about being able to do your own readings.

    Before I read your comment I knew Lacy would have been there for the slice - quite frankly I do not blame her in the slightest.

    1. Xx 💜 re the slice 😉😊
      #Lacy 💙

  11. This is off the Mercury website regarding reading your own meter.

    "Yes, you can enter a customer meter read through My Account or head to our app. Don’t have My Account? Register here.

    Please note: we will need to read your meter at least once every four months as we are required to by Government legislation. Remember that only one customer meter reading will be accepted in a 23 day period, and multiple meters/registers for the same premise must be entered all at the same time."

  12. Here in Auckland, we too are with Mercury, we are also dual: electricity & gas. We have a smart meter for the electricity but the meter reader comes to read the gas. Is there an option where you can put your own gas meter reading in to the website but they still send a person twice a year... I'm sure I read that as an option. When we had our dog, we NEVER left the gate unlocked it just was not possible if we were at work the gate was locked. Sure we got the reminders but I just ignored them and sure enough about once or twice a year their meter reader would knock on the door and I happened to be home so she could take the reading. THe fact that I always had a locked gate never escalated into a problem, they just billed us on estimate readings.

  13. That slice looks so good!!!! Love that your girls live close and pop around regularly x

  14. Wish I could have some of that passion fruit slice. Looks damn good. I've almost forgotten what passion fruit tastes like, almost. And anything malt.

  15. Oh for crying out loud.. what a JOKE with the meter readers / utility company. Anyways, that passionfruit slice looks AWESOME. Oh and I have been meaning to ask you forever - the painting on wall of tropical floral - is that something you bought locally or online? Because it is GORGEOUS and exactly what I am looking for to put over my headboard in my bedroom!!!

  16. Your slice does look ever so good. Both our gas meter and electricity meter were transitioned over to a wifi signal with out a problem a few years ago. The technology is there if the company is invested in it. I figure in the long run it costs them a great deal less money not having all the staff to physically do the readings. The open gate was always a problem. Good to hear you enjoyed your walk with friends. Take care.

  17. we have both gas and electric smart meters they were put in at the same time as we get both of these utilities from the same company. we still have to read the damn things and tell them the results they email each month. I dont know if this is to check the meters are working correctly or because they dont believe we dont use that much power? (I live in Scotland)


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