Tuesday, March 30, 2021


 Most days I come on here and pretty much have an agenda for my day.

And sometimes that works, and I actually do what I planned on doing.

And some days, like yesterday, I end up doing nothing I planned on doing!

So, I have to STOP saying what I've planned on doing !  It doesn't always happen.

So... leading into today... I have no plans!

Except I have Card Night again tonight.

Yes, we only had it last week, but we are just getting back into the 'correct' rotation.  

I've gotta go as I have the winner's trophy.

We are expecting wet weather again today, so it's back to doing this:

ABOVE:  Drying racks in the sunroom.  Gosh we are so lucky to have this bonus space in our home.

It might take a bit longer to dry in here, but at least I'm not throwing it all in the dryer.

I only use the clothes dryer when I absolutely have to... and to air things like the towels.

ABOVE:  The girls begging for scraps of pork from Steve.  He spoils them.

And that is me for now.  As I said, I've no plans.

I will do what I do, when I feel like it basically.

Might sew.  Might shop.  Might do me jig saw.

AND.... finally for now:

ABOVE:  Just  a happy thought for the day.



  1. How the sunroom coping with the rain any more leaks?we have had torrential rain through 2 nights

    1. Yeah no more leaks. We too have had heavy rain all night long. Lovely, I don't have to water the gardens!

  2. Yum! A club sandwich sounds really good to me right now:)

  3. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Love that pic of Steve and the girls. So cute! Kj

  4. Hope the rain on your shade canvas doesnt give up under pressure i love rain like that havnt had significant rain in long while here

  5. Last time I had a Tupperware party (about 20 years ago!) the consultant made a club sandwich ring. Awesome idea!

  6. Hoping this comment works... have finally been able to get into my google account again! Oh my god that club sandwich sounds amazing... I love running in the rain too. Last week we had a huge rain event here, poured for days and some areas copped major flooding. It’s now gone though and hot and humid again. I’m in Brissie and we have just gone back into lockdown due to some Covid cases. It was only meant to be three days but with ten cases overnight I think it’s going to continue over Easter. I can’t go away to see family now but it is what it is and if it stops it spreading I’m all for it. Luckily I had a huge weekend last weekend and could do with some lazing about at home. I love your new hair it looks so good. As for the person making issues for you and your family, great idea to not let them get to you. Just remember if they are trying to bring you down they are already beneath you. Okay I’ve blabbed on enough. If I hit publish and lose this comment I may cry lol

  7. Sounds like a relaxing day which you deserve!! I've got a job interview tomorrow hopefully I can pull it off lol 🙂

  8. Weird things are happening. Did I comment this morning? I wrote one, but don''t see it. I hope I was not offensive or banned! Just now, when I tried to comment, it brought me to a weird screen. When I tried again it worked. Now - what was I going to say????
    AH! Puzzles.
    I had a custom puzzle made for my sons girlfriend (Shutterfly) and then to get free shipping, I also had one made of our Worry Stones. It is a 1000 piece puzzle with about 7 worry stones on it. I thought it would be easy because each stone is a (mostly) different color, plus they have words...... Well it is a freaking nightmare puzzle. The letters are fuzzy being blown op to poster size, and nothing about it was obvious. I guess I am still a puzzle newbie!
    Nine pieces in 2 hours is WAYYYYY to long.
    However, the other day at Goodwill (a second hand store) I found a puzzle..... It'
    s a brand you like. Wasijou? Or something? Lots of crazy people cartoons on a beach or something. But the puzzle doesn'
    t match the photo on the box. It'
    s from the vantage point of a seagull. That will be a first. Let's hope it has all the pieces!~

    My morning post was just going to say it doesn't matter if you accomplish the things you say in the morning. You can make plans, and chuck the same plans . No big deal. It happens to all of us. Not getting around to "
    . Every single one of us!

    1. Nope... no comment came through from you this morning Chick! It must have got lost in cyber space? lol

  9. I'm hopeless at playing cards. I need retraining each time, I can't retain the game or the rules! It's always fun though once I get going.


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