Tuesday, March 23, 2021


 Can you see what's new in me fridge?

ABOVE:  I bought something different yesterday.

Felt like a change.  But not too much of a change.

NEXT:  If ya don't have something like this, you really should!

ABOVE:  This kitchen gadget is a game changer!

I love it to bits.  It chops up my veges, onions, eggs etc quick smart! 

I got it from Farmers from memory.  

I had my salad ingredients all chopped up in like, three minutes last night.

I'm sure there are several versions of it out there, mine is an OXO.  

Now, back to today.  I have no firm plans.  If I feel like it, I'll strip some paper off the walls.

Or I might sew or... do me latest jig saw.  I'm still sorting out the pieces into colours, edges etc.

Oh, and me laundry is a bit of a mess, so I shall spend some time tidying that up too.

SO.... anyone who thinks that bottle of WATER has anything to do with ME needs to go see their Doctor, cos clearly they be losing their minds!

The different thing is NO SUGAR Coke!
I tried it while I was stuck in Quarantine, and quite liked it.
So, I'm going to have it for a change.  NOT all the time, but just when I'm like, a bit over Diet Coke.
Which does happen!  

ABOVE:  Last night's dinner.
A Pasta 'n' Prawn salad, with a Garlic 'n' Cheese pastry roll up on the side.

I was tidying up the freezer yesterday and realised we had A LOT of pastry sheets.
So, I thought of a way to use some up.

Instead of garlic bread, I tried putting garlic butter and cheese on a pastry sheet, rolling it up and baking it.  And OMG!  Delicious.  I will definitely be doing that again.

Tonight is card night, so I've put a Pea and Bacon soup on in the Crock Pot (Slow cooker), and I'll leave a couple of Garlic 'n' Cheese Pastry roll ups ready for Stew to bang in the oven when he gets home from work.

Feeling pretty good today.  Thank goodness.  Some days I just wake up, think about life and just wanna stay in bed. 

BUT NOT TODAY.  I'm gunna go tidy up me laundry, then who knows.

12.15 pm:  Well all me jobs are done.  And now, I'm listening to a true crime doco on TV while doing this:

ABOVE:  I'm using my new puzzle board for the first time.  It's damn neat.  This puzzle is going to be very challenging!  So many of the pieces are a similar colour!  Yikes.  

This afternoon I finally got to visit Lacy's home.
She's got a cabin on a farm, not far out of Hamilton.

ABOVE:  Her cabin... it's quite a good size and very comfortable.

ABOVE:  A couple of her 'flat mates'... beautiful bulls.  

ABOVE:  I think for the first time in quite a while, Lacy is settled and happy.  
Even I liked this place.
I would happily live here too.

So I'm home again now (2.15 pm), and am going to keep working on me puzzle. 

Stew won't be having his dinner on his own now.  Brylee read about what's on the menu and she's coming over for dinner now!
She absolutely LOVES my Pea 'n' Bacon Bone soup.

10.13 pm:  And I'm home from Cambridge.  It was a very enjoyable evening... we played Gin for a change.  I'd never played 'Gin' before, so was surprised to find it was just another name for 14, which I can play.
I won tonight.

Home and just chilling out now till I'm ready for bed.  Which will no doubt be in about an hour.


  1. A red can of COKE? Not Diet Coke?

  2. Strange looking Coke in Cans?
    #Lacy 💙

  3. Coke No Sugar (rather than Diet Coke) ... or is it that bottle of water on the bottom shelf of the door? 🤣

  4. Coke no sugar instead of Diet?

  5. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Chris people do drink water why I have no idea....Diet Coke and zero all the way

  6. I much prefer Coke No Sugar. Can't really drink any of the others.

    Enjoy your good day and card night!

  7. Hahaha, I saw the water & knew it was not that. I guessed the no sugar coke was the most likely :-)

  8. Oooh which true crime doco? Im a wee bit obsessed with these!

    1. I watch so many on Discovery Channel! The one I was watching was about a Dr who killed over 218 of his patients, Dr Shipman, a British man.

    2. Oh yes ive watched lots about him - evil evil man!

  9. I saw your gadget and all I could think of was a chocolate chopper!
    The garlic pastry idea sounds wonderful. Enjoy card night.

  10. I didn't even realise you could still buy "Diet Coke". Every place I've been they only offer the no sugar Coke. I quite like it but can't drink any caffeine after about 5 pm or I won't sleep at night! I'm glad that Lacy is settled - where is the bathroom/kitchen? I'm presuming there is a house nearby for that?

  11. I used to only drink Diet Coke but have also recently been enjoying No Sugar for a change. My partner loves pea and ham soup but I hate it so I never make it 😂. Lacy’s cabin looks great! Is there a communal shower block close by? I always need to go to the loo once a night...!! Liz

  12. Kiwionholidays2:53 PM

    Good on you Lacy being in such a relaxing spot ,🌲
    Lovely catchup on here again

    Take care across the tassie there

    Cheers 🥂

    1. Omg i absolutely love it out here, i love the flatmates farm house (where shower kitchen and toilet ect are) its about a 5 second walk from my room, we have a burn pit out here 😁 🔥 oh and cows and soon pigs and other fur things xx
      I just love it out here xx
      #Lacy 💙

  13. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Wow, does Lacey have shower, toilet and kitchen in there? I need one like that for Ken then I can have my house back to myself. Kj

  14. Looks like an ideal spot Lacy yahoo

  15. Ha ha ... in relation to my comment about the water ... I saw my doctor on Friday and he said I was all good 😊. I love Lacy's little cabin ... it looks so cute, and in such a lovely location. As for your Pea and Bacon soup ... that sounds very yummy - I'd be inviting myself for dinner too if I lived in your area. I haven't had a decent Pea and Bacon or Pea and Ham soup since prior to our earthquakes when we had the most awesome wee cafe next door to us. Good luck for your card night tonight.

  16. Coke Zero (no sugar) OMG I love it. Yes, I do drink water, but I look forward to my CZ lolololol

  17. Your soup sounds delicious 🤤

  18. My dads famous pea n ham soup aka “farty soup”

  19. Favor please - can you please show how the guys attached your TV to the ledge? I need to do something similar and am trying to figure out how.

  20. I like you fridge. Our fridges are split either with freezer on top or bottom. Which does not allow much room for actual food. The one I have now is a utter POS anything at the back of it freezes in the food section. I hope to purchase something similar to yours IF I can ever find here. Looks like a lovely day in your part of the world.


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