Saturday, March 20, 2021


 Today Stew and I are heading over to Tauranga for the weekend.

It is our dear friend Jacqui's 50th Birthday, and there's a little party being held tonight in town for her.

I remember going to her 40th in Auckland.

So, knowing Jacqui, it will be a neat party.  

I have booked Stew and I into a Motor Camp down near the city centre, I thought it would be nice for a change!

We need to pull our finger out and do some packing. Because I had such a bad headache yesterday afternoon, I got NO packing done at all.  Not that it will take us long to throw a few things in a suitcase for a couple of days!

Once we have done that, we will head off. 

I'd like to go for a walk on the beach if possible today. The weather is supposed to be good.

I doubt there will be any swimming going on though!  It really is starting to cool down, and well... there's sharks in the sea eh?

Just recently there was one spotted right up close to the beach in Papamoa, which is not that far from Tauranga.  No thanks.  I'm not into swimming in the sea anymore!

Crazy rationale really, I used to always swim in the sea.  But the past few years I've just gone right off it. So has Stew.  Paddling up to me hips is fine though (cos I'm short!).  πŸ˜‚

So... enough babbling.   I am gunna get up soon and start the day.

Catch ya later.

ABOVE: safely in Tauranga.  We've had a drive around and are now in Bethlehem for lunch. Then I'm  going to look in a lovely gift shop here. 

4.32 pm:  And we are at our cabin in Tauranga.  It's a really lovely motor camp. Lots of beautiful caravans, motorhomes and buses.  Right beside an inner harbour and only a few minutes from downtown Tauranga by car.
Love it here.
I'm now trying to talk Stew into us getting a caravan, so we can tiki tour all over the country.

Might take some convincing.

ABOVE:  The view one minute from our cabin.  People here are so NICE.  A man stopped and yakked to Stew while he stood and admired the view.
Then as we sat at a picnic table, a lady came out of her motor home and had a neat conversation with us.
We literally got her life story!  πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Š

ABOVE:  Our cabin is very comfortable.  We have a queen bed, plus a single. Our own little kitchenette and bathroom.  Table and chairs inside, and outdoor seating too.

We are thinking of getting an Uber (taxi) into town tonight so we don't have to worry about parking.  And we can then both have a drink or 3.

Bring on a lovely evening!

8.41 pm.... and I've had 4 Bacardi n cokes! Hee hee... feeling decidedly pickled.  🀣πŸ€ͺπŸ˜‚

11.26 pm:  And then I ate some food, and had about 4 more rum 'n' cokes.  And I'm as sober as a judge.  *sigh*
But, we had a good evening, and had some laughs.
Getting an Uber there and back was brilliant.  So quick and easy.  And damn cheap!

Gone are the days when you had to pay exorbitant prices for a taxi ride.
Thank goodness for competition.

And there ends our evening.  Lightweights, home before midnight.


  1. Enjoy the trip and have a fabulous weekend away πŸ’™

  2. Have a wonderful weekend away πŸ™‚

  3. Walking along the sand at Mount Maunganui rates as one of my most favourite things. Even along the boardwalk on the harbour side. Then getting an ice-cream in a waffle cone opposite the hot pools! Enjoy the lovely fresh sea air!

  4. Have a wonderful time away, please say hello to Tauranga for me.

  5. Hope you have a great weekend. By the sound of Martyn and Jacqui, it will be a blast! (Hope I spelled their names correctly) xxx

  6. Have a fab time πŸ’•

  7. Have a wonderful mini break together and leave your worries at home. X

  8. Have an awesome night xxx

  9. Great plan! Get an Uber and let loose!

  10. Let loose, I agree. Take care but have a blast xxxxx

  11. Kiwionholidays9:48 PM

    B&C a nice wee combo,🎸🍾
    Have a fab weekend
    Cheers πŸ₯‚

  12. Sounds like a brilliant weekend. 😊 as for getting a caravan..... do it!! We bought ours on a bit of a whim at the beginning of last year - best thing we’ve ever done. Even with the lockdowns (Melbourne!) we’ve had 49 days away in the last year, with quick weekends etc. So easy to share times with family and friends too, with cabins in caravan parks... we are looking forward to becoming grey nomads, and planning a trip across the Nullarbor to Perth next year. Could not recommend it highly enough!!

  13. I wonder if it would be smart to borrow or rent one first, and take a major trip, to see how it works for you.

    There are probably time share type options too.

    I would not like to have to store it. I am not sure how driving/parking would be. I know people who fly somewhere and then rent one there. Or they would rather drive car there, and then rent (vs hauling it) and travel with it in a set area.

    If we went very regularly, might be smart to have our own. If we went just a couple times a year, owning might not make sense. (I had a friend where it sounded so great, they bought, but then only went a couple times a year and storage was very annoying).

    Also families often rent somewhere big and all go to the beach to stay together or rent smaller places next to each other. That would be great annual thing too with your fun kids and grands. (Yes, I realize you like to get AWAY. But once a year might be wonderful family thing.)

  14. Gosh,it sounds like you are having a really fun, relaxing time in a lovely place. You and Stew deserve it but I am a little jealous:)

  15. They must have left the rum out of the 2nd 4 lol


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