Tuesday, March 09, 2021


 Now that I've not got my 'shop' anymore, I feel FREE.

Free to do whatever I like, no ties.

Today there is an FBG walk in Cambridge at 10 am.  I might go. It will depend on how my lower back is feeling by 9.15 I suppose. 

I am feeling quite guilty.

Yesterday for the first time EVER, I forgot it was my Dad's birthday!  He would have been 87.  AND it was Coco's birthday too, she is now 11.

I think I had too much on my mind yesterday.

It's a nice sentiment eh?

Shame it doesn't happen with everyone in our lives.  

I know my dogs love me to death!   Yesterday I inadvertently forgot to unlock the back door, so they couldn't get out to go potty... ALL NIGHT AND DAY.  And those darlings HELD ON!

It wasn't until Stew got home from work that we realised they had been locked inside for 20 hours... so I let them out and they went potty IMMEDIATELY.  Poor girls.

I've never done that before.  I was damn surprised we hadn't had an accident all day, that's for sure.

Stew reckons they were too scared of my reaction if they had 'gone' inside.  He might be right. 

Yeah, he's right.

So ... enough about that.

What else can I blither on about?
Not much.
I suppose I should get up and get the last load of washing on the line.  It's been sitting in the washing machine since yesterday.  WHOOPS.
I am a lazy tart.

I saw this on Facebook last night, and seriously, I am quite sure I did ALL OF THESE THINGS as a kid.  ALL OF THEM.  It really made me smile watching it.

9.45 am:  I've canned the idea of walking today.  I'm booked on a 7pm walk tomorrow night, and as my aim was only one a week (for now at least) I'm gunna stick to that.  Plus, my back... goddam it.  I have been sleeping on my stomach lately and OMG do I wake up with a terrible backache when I do that.

So, the washing is done, bed made, dinner thawing (chicken 'something), and now?
Might go to The Base and get a new jig saw... my current one in about 70% done.

I'm hoping to find one at Farmers, as I  have a $20 voucher about to expire. 
And Lacy just turned up, so I'll drag her along.

11.20 am:  And Farmers was a complete waste of time, so was Whitcoulls.  Neither place had any bigger jig saws at all.
So we went to the one shop in town I was sure would have some.

And he did.  I chose this one:

ABOVE:  With 2,000 pieces, I think it's the biggest one I've had.
BUT.... OMG!
This was in the window:

ABOVE:  Forty THOUSAND + pieces!
That's like 10 X 4,000 piece puzzles in ONE.
But... the price kinda put me off. ($1,599.00)  
And the size of table you would need to set up in your garage to actually do it!
Might have to just leave it in the shop, FOREVER. 😆😅😂

ABOVE:  A slightly better photo of the monster puzzle.  It's AMAZING.  Drool worthy even.

2.15 pm:  And I just had a lovely girlfriend from Raglan call in.  Lots of yakking, dog patting, laughing.  So nice.

Now... I shall continue doing my current jig saw, cos I'm actually itching to get on with my new one!

Brylee just called in as her new GHD arrived. She's a bit excited I think.  I bet she's gone home to wash her hair and straighten it. 😆

5.15 pm:   Probably time I put some dinner in the oven.  Baked chicken tonight.

10.15 pm:  I didn't like dinner tonight.  I baked the chicken in a Honey/Soy marinade, with added red onions.  It just didn't do anything for me.  Stew seemed to like it, so not a total disaster.

We watched the Harry/Megan/Oprah interview tonight.  I don't think I'll comment on it because no matter what I say/think, I will get shot down in flames for having an 'opinion'.

I just hope they are happy and continue to be happy.


  1. OOH. I hope you get to go on that walk. You really like those walks and it will probably help loosen up that back too!

  2. Thanks for the laughs Chris, probably did them all myself LOL

  3. Oh my gosh... $1600.00 for a puzzle? Sure makes me glad I don't like working on puzzles:)

  4. OMG a 40,000 piece jigsaw puzzle is my idea of hell --- wwwaaaahhh

  5. I'd buy some at the thrift store, they are super cheap there.

  6. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Quote: So, the washing is done, bed made, dinner thawing (chicken 'something), and now?

    Chris - I swear, we must be sisters...that is my life. Haha

    I'm sorry your back is hurting and I hope that changes for you soon.

    Ky Girl

  7. Good god 1500 buck for a jigsaw

  8. That is a VERY expensive jigsaw!! I wonder if you'd get most of your money back if you then sold it on Trade Me. I wonder if there is a second hand one on trade me, although I guess the risk is there might be missing pieces. Once you've done it, unless you framed it then would be no point leaving it sit in a cupboard to gather dust.

  9. Maybe you can suggest the family pool their resources for your birthday & get you the 40,000 piece puzzle :-).

    1. That's a nice idea Tracy but can you actually see Mum being able to wait till October for the puzzle lol 😂
      #Lacy 💙

    2. Before anyone goes CRAZY, I don't want the 40,000 piece puzzle! It's far too big.

    3. Excellent point Lacy :-).

  10. That puzzle sounds like a nightmare to me, imagine slaving away at it for months to find you are missing a few pieces 😂 I hope your walk goes well! Once a week is a great goal and you’ll feel great after it’s done! Steak and potato bake and veggies here, I hate thinking of what to cook for my family! My boys are always hungry.

  11. Kiwionholidays10:06 PM

    Love the HD good for Brylee now cooler weather is herev

    I find summer n blowdriers not the best

    Love the smaller jigsaw idea

  12. Anonymous10:35 PM

    You are entitled to an opinion but as you say what is the point if people attack you for it. It never ceases to amaze me how nasty some people can be about people they have never met and are basing their opinions on other people's opinions. I agree with you that I hope they will continue to be happy despite the fact that unfortunately there will probably be a backlash for bearing their souls on television. Audrey

  13. Enjoy your new puzzle. Hopefully your back feels better.


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