Tuesday, March 02, 2021


 This morning Steve gets to see the Gastro team at the hospital.

He's been experiencing a mild flare up over the past couple of weeks, so I'm damn relieved his appointment has been bumped up to today.

I won't rest easy until I hear how it goes!

So Steve... ring me when ya get out.

I'm feeling keen to start another table runner today.  I really want to get heaps done so my stock up really UP.  That way when I'm ready to start markets again I don't have to stress out about not having enough stock.

Seeing Bex at the market on Saturday made me wish I was there too.  But nope, not yet. 

I have too much going on to be adding that to me schedule as well.

Stew fixed the old clothes airer last night, but it needs something more to keep it together.  I've got clothes drying on it right now... in the sunroom.  We are supposed to get rain for the next few days.  We will see about that.

Rain was forecast for yesterday and I swear we got all of 5 drops.

Now, just out of interest and to share, who watches heaps of baking videos on Facebook and You Tube?  I often watch them, thinking:  "Oh, I'd love to try that".

Well, watch this:

ABOVE:  Disappointing eh?  I have tried one or two things from those videos, and yeah, no joy at all.  And there I was thinking it was me doing it wrong.
Right, that's me for now.  I'll catch ya later.

11.24 am:  And Steve has reported in.  He's going to be monitored a bit closer for the time being.  He's had blood tests and has to have another colonoscopy in the next couple of months.  But hopefully this latest flare up settles down without him having to go back on steroids, or any thing else.

So, I'm kinda relieved he's at least been seen and they are aware of his on going condition.

I'm in the sewing room...

ABOVE:  A sneak peek... though now that I can see it from a different perspective, I might be taking that green fabric out.  It's jarring on me eyes.

3.10 pm:  And I've actually not worked on that runner any more today.  I just ran outta steam.
So I've been watching videos instead.

Then I get this sent to me:

ABOVE:  These two ran into each other just now while Amanda was picking up her kids from school.  Awww, so neat to see them together.

5.15 pm: It's card night in Cambridge.  I must go... as I have the Winner's Trophy.  I don't actually feel like going anywhere, lately all I really want to do is stay home.
When you don't sleep well at night, it really F*#ks up your entire day.
I haven't slept well in MONTHS.

So... I have put on me face, and am ready to leave in an hour.  Stew's dinner is also sorted out, he just has to shove it in the oven to warm up.
It's a Chicken Pasta Bake.

9.30 pm:  Home from Cambridge.  Quite a subdued group tonight.  I think we are all just tired... for various reasons. So, not gunna be doing much now, just chill with Stew till bedtime.
Oh yes, I was Runner Up tonight.  So I've got anther trophy.  Which means I have to attend the next card night. 😉😊


  1. Chris I do lots of baking, I have never bought a cake/slice/biscuit in my life so have made heaps of cakes etc from online but never had one that was a complete disaster. When I get back from gym will check out the video. A great sight for easy cooking is recipetineats.com Lots of easy stuff and great notes and videos. Marie

  2. The Horror! I like watching those videos. I have always been intrigued by them. No more!

    One of my Favorite TED TALKS is where a guy engages with an email scammer. He just keeps emailing back and forth to see how far the "scammer" will go. It's so funny! Do you ever listen to TED TALKS? I should listen to more of them They are short, intelligent, and interesting. Good for puzzles or when watching TV is not practical.


  3. I've never watched any of those videos! I do watch 'real' home cooks and am at the moment making Chicken Marsala from Kitchen Sanctuary. All of her recipes look great and so far it's looking good!

  4. I love watching those crap videos and working out what would work - pretty well none of them. Apparently you can grow all sort of veges from scraps as well - yeah right!!

    Love the new colours and agree with you about the green - it takes over.

    Have you thought about doing a penguin runner along the lines of your gnome ones?

  5. Kiwionholidays3:01 PM

    So pleased Steve was seen and assessed, Great he is on the radar and good news too ,,,,the colonoscopy isnt on the urgent list eg in the next few days ,

    So pleased too him and Bex n the lil guys. Live so close by now,

    Lacy n the others close by too means heaps of happy days n all

    Love the idea of the scones sounds like a must do plan for the ones here

    Take care n stay safe x
    Cheers 🥂

  6. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Honestly seeing your kids getting on together is the best thing ever, love your work. Jo

  7. It sucks that Steve has to go through this at his age, I hope things are okay with him. So glad he has a loving wife and mum to take care of him.

  8. Wonky Houses Everywhere!
    So - I have not done a single jigsaw puzzle in all my adult life. Until about a month ago. Now - I have had one going ever since I started. And because I am such a dork - I googled tips and tricks and such. One thing people recommend is sorting the pieces by shape. As in 1 knob, 2 knobs, 3 knobs, and 4 knobs. Then you lay them out in tidy little rows with the knobs all pointing the same direction. I want a "name" for each piece shape so in my head I think "Oh - I need a person shaped piece" (1 knob). Well, so far. I have a name for 1 knob (person) and 3 knobs (WONKY HOUSES). I just thought "this looks a bit like a house.... a Wonky House!".

    1. I sort them into edges first... then by predominant colour. Then as I go along, I also sort them into shapes... but not until I need to, like when it's getting harder to find the right piece. I hope your system works for ya.

    2. Oh Ya - I only do the shape sorting at the end. But I needed names, for the pieces. And Wonky House is definitely one of the shapes! Edges First! Always!

  9. I'm not sleeping either... it's crap. I wake for a couple of hours during the night then get up for work at 5.45am 🙄 .makes for long days.

  10. Anonymous1:35 AM

    Chris - I've been in a blue funk lately myself and I am done with it! I have to force myself to do stuff. Do the cleaning, do the cooking, do the laundry, do the shopping, do the, do the, do the...it is like I can't be bothered with it all right now. But one must eat...so I cook, one must have clean clothes, so I wash the clothes, etc. Boring!! I think part of my problem is that I have been tied to my house for a year now due to covid. I have had my 1st vaccine and I am waiting on my 2nd...then I will feel free to venture out and hopefully change my blue mood.

    Whatever it is...I hope your mood changes soon and that you are able to sleep better at night, that must be horrible not to be able to sleep through the night. I do not have that issue...my issue is that I awake before 6 a.m. every-single-day and can't go back to sleep....that makes for a long day...but we plug along...

    Peace and better days for you Chris, are my wishes for you and for me and heck, for us all, especially your Steve and his issues. I am glad that the doctors are going to keep a closer eye on him. I know people with gut issues and I am sorry that Steve must endure this.

    XO, KY Girl

  11. I like that the trophy made you go haha. Forced socialization. Sometimes it is good for us.


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